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Posted by HerbieBug

Not auto-pausing game while providing tutorial information is very bad design mistake. Very very bad. Witcher 2 does this in some places as well. Pops up a bunch of rapid fire tutorial boxes while you're in the midst of combat, virtually guaranteeing that you will die as you read the boxes, or live having completely missed a large portion of information the boxes were trying to provide.

Posted by crusader8463

I think Ryan's contributions to this QL can be summed up in this video.

It's always sad when the guys don't give a game a fair shake because they can't be bothered to see what's on the screen. While not all of the stuff he was complaining about was invalid, it's annoying to see him crap on a game because he doesn't understand obvious/basic gameplay elements that are very obvious. Just makes the QL boring to watch. Vinny did his best but Ryan's constant complaining just just seemed to over power even Vinnie's bright attitude.

Posted by cavemantom

The Dr. Evil finger? Really? Really? Fuck.

Fuck everything.

Posted by Cloneslayer

Seems like a Evil Genius with goblins

Posted by Lobster_Ear

Vinny keeps it YOLO.

Posted by oasisbeyond

I don't like how the video player is on the right... Doesn't look right.

Posted by NoisyToster

Ryan seems desperate to hate this game.

Posted by Jodski
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This looks like a game like EVE Online where everyone says it's confusing but it's all pretty intuitive. For example, Ryan not knowing where Vinny was clicking when there was a cursor on the screen.

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I keep wanting this game to be awesome, but I also keep getting disappointed when I play it.

It's really annoying!

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This QL needed a lot more Dave and a lot less Ryan "This game isn't doing a good enough job of leading me by the nose and allowing me not to think about anything" Davis. It probably isn't great, but I feel like there's probably some infodump codex menu in there somewhere explaining all the rooms and resources that they never looked for.

I really love the name, though.

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@sixpin: You just sold me on this game.

Also I feel as The Ryan Gamer, is the reason gaming has gone down the rabbit hole of spoon-feeding you every god dam detail or mechanic.

On the other hand The Vinny gamer is what this industry needs more of, optimistic, willing to learn, and not jaded by their own ineptitude.

Thankfully, due to indie gaming, and a resurgence of Demon/Dark Souls I'm hopeful for more of these games.

To be fair, not allot of games can pull off what Dark Souls does. Also, if you are saying Dark Souls is the kind of game that doesn't take you by the hand, then that's valid. However, that's something else entirely from being overwhelming or confusing.

To make a point, Dark Souls is definitely not overwhelming. It eases you into the type of game that it is. You don't bust out of jail and immediately fight a dark knight without any context. You actually get out, can practice melee (and the game tells you) on enemies that don't strike back, then you move up to easy enemies fighting back. Each step a new move or concept is introduced (stamina, running, heavy attacks, jumping attacks etc.)

That's different from: alright, all of this is going on right now, go!

Posted by Icemael

What are they talking about at the beginning?

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@icemael said:

What are they talking about at the beginning?

there is a chat in the bottom right, they are commenting on the internet

Posted by Beomoose

Getting an Evil Genius vibe

Posted by FoolInjection

@sixpin: I was just about to type the same thing. It does have a whiff of the Evil Genius about it. Initially I thought it might have been made by the same people but then I did a bit of research.

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Posted by selbie

If only they made a high quality 3D version of Dwarf Fortress. Somebody Kickstart that shit ASAP

Posted by Matoyak

@selbie said:

If only they made a high quality 3D version of Dwarf Fortress. Somebody Kickstart that shit ASAP

There are a few things attempting to do that, actually. Towns is one, as is... Gnom...Gnomio? Gnomarion? Dunno it's name, but it's literally "Dwarf Fortress done in 3D with Gnomes instead of Dwarves". Factorio does something similar-ish, but adds in a puzzle/time management game aspect without the multiple-person party aspects.

But eh, I dunno, every one I've tried (except Factorio, as that's a different thing entirely.) just makes me want to play Dwarf Fortress itself. With the Lazy Newb Pack and Dwarf Therapist, Dwarf Fortress is pleasant to look at, and not nearly so crazy with the menus due to avoiding them using third party stuff. And it keeps the depth that game is known for, which I find most of the ones trying to do it with "good graphics" lose quite a bit of that.

Now don't get me wrong, a texture pack goes a long way. I wouldn't be able to play it in ASCII (not because of the art, I like ASCII stuff, I simply can't tell what's what without it being sprited out). And it could REALLY use some mouse support, and at the VERY least a reworked UI.

Posted by trayntastic

funniest video description, love your work drew.

Posted by Tordah

This is a perfect example of how frustrating quick looks can be. Instead of taking some time to getting to grips with the basic concepts and mechanics of the game, they just jump right in and undeservedly give it a poor showing.

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@cloneslayer said:

Seems like a Evil Genius with goblins

i.e. Dungeon Keeper.

Of course there's no harm to it, but I'm finding it quite surprising how many people are referencing Evil Genius and not Dungeon Keeper, considering the former was a spiritual successor to the latter, only with a different theme (Dungeon Keeper having had exactly the same theme as Impire). Elixir Studios (the developer of Evil Genius) was founded by Demis Hassabis, who was one of the main guys at Bullfrog, who made Dungeon Keeper.

I guess what's so surprising is that I was under the impression Evil Genius didn't do too well, and that Dungeon Keeper did. I guess Evil Genius is six years more recent than Dungeon Keeper 2, though.

I don't really have a point with any of this. I guess you guys should look up Dungeon Keeper. It was a cool game made by some of the people who made Evil Genius before they made Evil Genius.

Oh, and Demis Hassabis, who at the age of 17 programmed and was co-designer for Theme Park, now has a PhD in neuroscience.

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J.K. Rowling gonna sue somebody

Posted by shodan2020

Now, I have a skeleton room. ho...ho...ho!

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Dunno. Maybe it's because they're still in the tutorial but not really enjoying what's looking like Tunneler: The Video Game. Does anyone know if it opens up later on? Or if there's a free-build mode or something that isn't part of a campaign? Not really liking having rooms pre-built and the build area itself seems extremely small...

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@jasonr86: It's like a shitty, unfunny version of cracked.

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It looks clunky, the dialogue seems terrible, and the AI looks like it behaves horribly but I must get my Dungeon Keeper fix.

I'll get it when it goes on sale

Posted by datarez

This was an interesting game. I'd love to see a review to see if it gets rewarding once getting past the learning curve.

Posted by TatsurouXIII


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Yowza! Ryan said it. This game is way too complicated up front. Crazy! Lot going on.

Posted by Gutterkisser

Unnecessary snark from both the voice actor(s) and Ryan, otherwise seems interesting but beyond my current attention span. Too many games.

Posted by ScreamingFist

I would really like to play this but it looks so overwhelming! D=

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Ryan's constant complaints about "PC Gaming" when referring to "this game is not idiot proof it's not telling me what to do constantly and pondering to my lack of interest in researching any sort of instructions to either installing or playing this game" is getting ridiculous.

But then again, he does like console games and Apple products.

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Love the way Ryan lost interest near the end. Vinny screams "how did you get all the way up here, your destroying my shit", Ryan "don't care"

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Whew, Ryan did not come to play for this one. Here's to Vinny, as always, for trying to stay upbeat and engaging.

Whatever internet fluff you fellows looked at beforehand, don't ever look at it again. :P

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Quick Looks are way more helpful when the players know what they are doing.

From watching it, they obviously needed to send their squads to the kitchen to heal up and thus survive multiple fights and level up. I could clearly tell without even pausing the video, when they looked at the squad menu, that there was a button for sending workers to the kitchen, and to train (once they captured what was OBVIOUSLY a training room which they didn't bother doing until the very end).

They also couldn't tell at the end that they'd acquired treasure and could finally upgrade to a second squad and all that, though they might've been able to kill that fire-wizard if they'd healed their units between fights and thus leveled them up. They seemed bewildered as well that there's a strategy game with multiple resource types, and couldn't seem to manage that.

Come on guys I know it's a bad game, but give it a fair shot and apply yourselves a little.

I almost feel tricked into considering to buy this thing. It's obviously not a very good Dungeon Keeper clone (though way better than 'Dungeons', which amounted to running a chintzy, ugly themepark for heroes and then bopping them on the way out), but seeing that there's so much depth that Vinny and Ryan didn't even tap in the quick look..

Posted by MoonwalkSA

There is one great thing about this game, and that is that it inspired me to download and replay the original Dungeon Keeper.

Posted by Undeadpool

Jeez, some people will leap to the defense of ANY game based solely on it being a PC exclusive... or whatever console exclusive. Based on the reviews this pile of crap's been getting (and based on the ABYSMAL, 90s-era voice acting), I'd say Ryan had the right idea.

I mean I'm all for giving games a fair shake, but I saw NOTHING with any appeal in this entire video.

Posted by BisonHero

I had to make 3 separate attempts across 3 different nights to finish watching this video, because I kept falling asleep.

That's not a knock against Vinny and Ryan, as it's partially my bad for always watching Quick Looks around midnight or later, due to my schedule recently. But still, this game just seems painfully slow, and no amount of Vinny's enthusiasm was enough to convince me that it was worth checking out.