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Posted by Wilshere

Never enough Brad Muir.

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this really was an excellent tnt, thanks guys

Posted by Quarters

Always a party when Brad Muir's around!

Posted by MeatSim

Thursday versus Brad Muir's Ska band.

Posted by DjCmeP

Posted by joshthebear


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Brad's ska band

Posted by Novis

Dudes, this could be cool doing every once in a while. Getting someone who worked on an old ass game in and watch it being played or something. This is a nice treat.

Posted by MilesElrich

Oddly want to play XCom: Enemy Unknown after watching Alter Echo.

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This was such a fun show to watch. Absolutely brilliant.

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Rifts got a shout-out. That's my favorite part of all this. Eric Woljyk (spelling?) was the MAN back in the day writing for Palladium.

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Posted by Patman99

I don't think I stop smiling when I see Brad Muir. That guy is great.

Posted by peritus


Posted by MjHealy

Ska AND Brad Muir? Two of the best things.

Posted by CrashTanuki

That better not be the current Brad Muir on the left in the snapshot or I'll be sad.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Excellent show! Brad Muir pulling his weight yet again. He really does seem more like a semi-regular GB dude than a guest at times. A lot of really good discussion as well.

Posted by Fatcat222

Is it just me or is Brad Muir, like, the nicest sounding guy of all time?

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: D

Posted by StarvingGamer

You guys should pay Brad Muir to come be in a video every week.

Posted by Traegan

Love the developer commentary. As a Computer Engineering <pushes glasses up> graduate circa 2002, very interesting to see an alternate career path and game development shop talk.

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Man there is so much Brad in this TNT.

Posted by bobfantastic

It seems like you guys probably know enough long-established developers to put together a pretty good series of retrospectives, particularly as the generation comes to an end and people are thinking back over their own gaming history.

Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

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That song at the end sounded an awful lot like something you'd hear in a Borderlands games. ...was it from one of them?

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I love that Brad Muir explained in the politest way how he was fired, and then later about some internet asshole bumming him out. Never lose that positive flow, Brad! :D!

Posted by AssInAss

It's so awesome to see Brad Muir as a developer flashback to his game history.

Posted by JordanaRama

Brad Muir has incredibly white teeth.


Posted by johncallahan

I literally shouted "Oh shit, The Bouncer!" when they put The Bouncer in.

Posted by PhilipDuck

Great TnT having Brad Muir in was a fantastic move! Cool guy as always and good laugh.

Posted by Nekroskop

Double Brad is the best kind of Brad.

Posted by mithhunter55

Oh god this one is scaring me.

@assinass said:

It's so awesome to see Brad Muir as a developer flashback to his game history.

Posted by JoelTGM

this was amazing

Posted by SuperUltra

This was such a great TNT. I loved the Brad Muir commentary for Alter Echo.

Posted by AssInAss


Is that what Inverse Kinematics are? When the character's hands or feet are actually planting on stairs or other surfaces? Man, I love that in games!

I learned something new today, thanks Brad Muir :D

Posted by TorMasturba

This was fucking hilarious. I wish Brad Muir was a permanent member of the Bombsquad

I agree! He should at least be an honorary member of the staff!

Posted by Residentrevil2

TeamBRADS is the best.

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Ryan talking about the shared Japanesedness of many PS2 games and Sax Man talking about lore wrapped around and spawned from different elements of the game in production are very much related phenomena.

God, I forgot how big a turd Oni was.

Posted by nelson1tom

You guys should like play PlanetSide 2 for a TNT. Some of the servers are being merged this week.

I have 12 days of game play on it. Catch up.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

I think Tommy Tallarico did the music for Alter Echo, I remember him talking about it on Judgment Day.. ah Judgment Day...

Posted by Vortextk

THANKS FOR COMING BRAD. So great to see him.

Posted by Zero_

This was really fun. I hope they spawn a new series of developer restrospectives; with episode 1: Jaffe.

Posted by Rox360
@assinass said:


Is that what Inverse Kinematics are? When the character's hands or feet are actually planting on stairs or other surfaces? Man, I love that in games!

I learned something new today, thanks Brad Muir :D

It's technically not the only meaning, but yes! There's basically two types of joint control used in 3D animation; Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics. Simplified, FK basically means that you have to rotate a joint to get it pointing where you want and anything attached to it just follows along, like a series of sticks joined by stiff hinges that you rotate one at a time. IK means that you position the end of a joint or chain of joints, and everything along the chain adjusts automatically to allow the motion to happen. If you do that on the fly in-engine, then yes, IK is what allows for the dynamic planting of feet or hands on surfaces. It is also used in the animation tools to easily make pre-animated motions look natural. A handy technology!

Posted by indieslaw

1:14:48 - "americanime" thank you very much

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Posted by ZHabermann

Wait, beer DOESN'T come in can's that big in America normally?

Hell yeah UK better at being alcoholics

Posted by Xbox420

More Brad Muir pleassssseeeeee :D

Posted by KevinK

@maajin said:

It seems like Brad Muir is the only thing the internet is unanimous about. He's the chosen one to bring us peace, guys!

He's the savior we need but not the one we deserve!

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I need more Bra:D Muir in my life!

Posted by Sidewalkchalk


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That's a nice Brad background...bradground? Okay I'll be leaving now.

Posted by HellknightLeon

Such a good show. I said it once and I will say it again. Brad Muir needs to work for GiantBomb. They need to pick him up and I feel like if anything happened with his job at DF I bet they would. It would be awesome to have someone that worked on games and know the tec like Brad. MAKE IT HAPPEN!