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Posted by IcarusFoundYou

I am so surprised we didn't see any pictures of Ryan Davis with his old hair style

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@citizencoffeecake said:

I think Tommy Tallarico did the music for Alter Echo, I remember him talking about it on Judgment Day.

No, he did not. You're more than likely thinking of Advent Rising.

Posted by Red12b

Such a good show. I said it once and I will say it again. Brad Muir needs to work for GiantBomb. They need to pick him up and I feel like if anything happened with his job at DF I bet they would. It would be awesome to have someone that worked on games and know the tec like Brad. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

how the hell could they afford him, plus, he's doing what he loves.......,

Posted by Ryleknuckles

Anyone notice Brad was stroking his Macbook?

Posted by SpikeDelight

I get the impression that Brad Muir is the nicest guy on the face of the Earth.

Posted by SquareTheRoot
Posted by iragequit

Worth ever penny!

Posted by Mercanis

I am 100% on board with Thursday Night Throwdown transforming into Guest Developer Memory Lane.

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Man, The Bouncer is such a post Final Fantasy 7 game.

Posted by AlexeiK

So are the boys not coming to PAX Australia? That was the main reason I got tickets to the event...

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Brad Muir (aka Smiles for miles) is amazing. I could listen to that guy all day, his stories are pretty great! I love hearing all of the crazy inside stories that you wouldn't hear normally.

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@dan_citi said:

Man, The Bouncer is such a post Final Fantasy 7 game.

I think Ergheiz is the most post.

And holy shit Brad Muir is killing it in this TNT. Young Brad Muir is a total nerd though.

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Muir 4 president 2016

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yo Ryan. When you invite a guest you gotta let him finish his sentences, man.

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Love how Brad Muir is basically wearing the same shirt 10 years later

Posted by Sammo21

Man, Ryan's laugh is so damn incestuous infectious.

Posted by theManUnknown

Ryan's look to the camera at ~1:04:35 is just perfect.