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Posted by RetroVirus

Lordy lordy that was amazing. Dog's Life!

Posted by zoozilla

Anyone have the link for the Gamasutra article Patrick was talking about? The things that have been lost in the LCD era or something?

Posted by Vod_Crack

Ya, I remember Dog's Life. I still have that game. It's a surprisingly great game, but 7 is appropriate. It gets repetitive a little bit.

But ya I liked it too. I didn't expect it at the time to be as good as it was.

Edit: Manhunt was also great. I played that on XBOX. I loved how you could use the set to hear the director (Brian Cox) over the head set, and could use your voice for distraction. And ya, on my computer that's what the game does too- crashes on that exact part. Cant get past it. Kinda sucks.

There's a fan patch that fixes it.

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Posted by SilverTorch1

I remember owning Dog's Life a loooong time ago and loving it. I don't remember it being so goddamn insane.

Posted by Pop

@nerdware said:

Why is it that Jeff looks to the right to look at the rest of the crew when they split the video, but at the beginning of the video, he is sitting to the right of the whole group...? Blowing my mind.

they flip the image I think so it would look like Jeff is looking at the game and not the other side.

Posted by Nerdware

@pop: Thanks. I just thought it was weird.

Posted by Feikken

dogs make me happy

Posted by PhilipDuck

That dog shit was fantastic!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I love the stunned silence that happens when they're watching that Dog's Life ending, followed by Patrick saying "This is a kids game?" Kind of sums up my reaction exactly once I saw where it went.

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@ike7779: Xbox Live has one free to play game: Happy Wars. It is a bit like Fat Princess.

Posted by CornBREDX

@vod_crack: oh, really? I need to find that. I've wanted to play it again. Thanks!

Posted by Jedted

That image of the dog pooping should be the graphic for all their 1 star reviews. 2 stars would be the dog eating it's poop.

Posted by Mendelson9

That ending..........I can not comprehend what I just witnessed.

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EDIT: Its like Blue Peter with all these animals in here.

Posted by Icecreamjones

Been playing UnReal World for ages, before it went free. It is intense trying to survive a year on your own. Way more intense than say 'Don't Starve'

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How can Patrick not read the mandatory tutorial text that stops the game for 10 seconds in Manhunt? Twice! You keep the button pressed for the more brutal murders. And you always want the most brutal ones!

Posted by JamieOD

(From 1:28:55 onwards) This is the worst episode of Game Of Thrones I have ever seen.

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I'm kinda happy that they finally get to see what a real rogue-like looks like.

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I'm from the UK so Newkie Brown makes me happy! Also, massive can of Asahi! BEER! For me this is BEER Friday!

Posted by Koolaids_Back

Can't concentrate on anything anyone is saying. Alexis and Dave's dogs got my almost all my attention XD

Posted by Max_Cherry

If you remember Manhunt helped refine GTA:SA combat system.

Posted by FierceDeity

@fiercedeity said:

@evanbower said:

@fiercedeity said:

Sony explicitly mentions supporting the free-to-play model on the PS4.

Patrick: "I never heard anything about free-to-play..."

Come on Patrick... :(

Well he didn't say, "They didn't say anything about free-to-play," he said he didn't hear it. So... in the future hear everything, I guess? Is that the point we're trying to make?

I'm not asking anyone to be perfect. But it is frustrating to listen to him base his opinion on something that isn't (objectively) true.

So, why is this not about Brad not hearing it, Ryan not hearing it, Vinny not hearing it or Jeff not hearing it?

Because they didn't base their argument around it? What are you even getting at?

Posted by Nudelwudel

I'm in love with Drew.

Posted by Rox360

@mrfluke said:

@rumour said:

So whatever happened to Titan? Whose dog was that?

@rox360 said:

@rumour said:

So whatever happened to Titan? Whose dog was that?

Coonce's, wasn't it?

@rexicon said:

@rumour: I thought it was Shelby's dawg

nah it was andy's dog

the bearded guy thats holding hands with coonce.

glad that i have an excuse to embed this perfect video, cause it is perfection. :P

That makes sense! I just associate it with Coonce because whenever Titan was around, so was Coonce. And that association just cannot be undone. Giant Bomb is Coonce's website, right? And he's the one who made all the SSX games? Yeah, thought so.

@paulunga said:

How can Patrick not read the mandatory tutorial text that stops the game for 10 seconds in Manhunt? Twice! You keep the button pressed for the more brutal murders. And you always want the most brutal ones!

That's so Giant Bomb. I hope they find a way to make that game work and learn how to do the kills, I really want to see their reactions to what you can do a bit later in that game... Like, even more so than the ending to Lords of Shadow, believe it or not.

Posted by ScorpionRespons

Patrick looks kind of... evil.

Posted by coldblood

Scanlon is lookin' extra sexy these days.

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Loved seeing the dogs. Duders, Drew is the best! A true renaissance man!

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@pootpoot: That's why you have a beard so you can stroke it, don't you know this already? a beard is like having a living thing on your face it needs TLC.

Posted by ICantBeStopped

Jeff Gerstmann bringing back ostensibly.

Posted by ripelivejam

fuck now i want a newcastle

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I love that "Brodyquest for 10 hours" is bookmarked on that computer.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Serious poop technology.

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God how lucky is Vinny? His wife is at home with the kid and he is at work getting drunk and hanging out with friends playing video games Haha. "Honey I'm home! Honey you don't know what I had to put up with today at work"

Posted by MHBroly

I have to say, sometimes Jeff's intros to these videos can be funnier than the videos themselves, and that's not me putting down the videos believe me. I now wish I had been in New York with Jeff just to see Alex's face.

Posted by ikusaba

Love this new feature. Almost like a video podcast except playing games as well.

Posted by MoonwalkSA

Does anyone know what music was playing at the very start of the video, while the Please Stand By was still up? It sounds familiar but I can't place it at all.

Posted by SpiderJerusalem

Ghost poop.

Posted by dvdwalker8

Oh man. I had that Michael Jordan Space Jam figure when I was a little kid.

Posted by UncleBenny

I feel like the guys has played a dog's life some time ago during a Whiskey Media Happy Hour, but I can't for the life of me figure out which episode it was... also, I think they may have made Rory play it... god damn it, why am I thinking that that has happened?

Posted by KlUMZeE

Wow that was incredible! I laughed my ass off

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I totally have Dog's Life still sitting on my shelf.

I completed it too.

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Posted by AssInAss

I had to Youtube the best moment, had me crying from laughter.


Posted by chikin_n_rofls

I love the resume feature on these videos. Awesome work, Top Men.

Posted by ColonelXanders

'Resuming video from saved position'

MIND TOTALLY BLOWN. Many thanks team!

Posted by sopachuco13

Does anybody know the name of the website is where Jeff bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 for cheap? I can't seem to catch the name of the site.