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Posted by zoozilla

Man, the animation in Darkstalkers 3 is insane.

That must be CPS3, right?t

Posted by The_Ruiner

That werewolf has nunchucks BTW...

Posted by Jugg4n4ut

man jeff was totally sandbagging that whole time, ikno he's secretly amazing at this game and didn't want to embarass vinny live. good man jeff

Posted by joeshabadoo

love the sound of fight sticks in the morning

Posted by mrcraggle

@mocbucket62: TNT this week is Brutal Legend on PC with Tim Schafer

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

I can't wait to get this, I'm a huge Darkstalkers fan.

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So are we gonna have a Darkstalkers TNT this week?

Also, congrats to Vinny for beating Jeff in a fighting game.

Posted by Vuud

Darkstalker and the Warriors from Hell?

Posted by weegieanawrench

@bourbon_warrior: A user that was banned from the site a couple years back. His/Her avatar was B. B. Hood.

Great quicklook, duders!

Posted by rebgav

Aerial chains or no aerial chains? Which version of Darkstalkers 3 is this? The original is a buy for me while I'd pass on a Savior 2 port.

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Posted by Snigs

YouTube video is set to private... btw.

Posted by AngelN7

Weird I actually like that smoothing filter on the characters they looked ok to me

Posted by RichieJohn

@milkman: They need to stop doing it. I never looks good.

They should either redraw all the sprites or just use the originals as they are.

Posted by GodlyOne

" Get leady, FIGHT!"

Seeing a non-jaggy font on the speed select really freaked my brain out.

Posted by Karsh

Regarding fighting game tutorials on Twitch, UltraChenTV does a weekly show called First Attack showing newer players some basic concepts and advanced strategies universal to most fighting games. It's worth a look if you're serious about getting into fighting games: http://www.ultrachentv.com/shows/first-attack/

Posted by Milkman

oh shit, this is a Dave Lang joint?

Posted by Ravelle

@milkman said:

Sweet jesus, that smoothing filter is TERRIBLE! Who plays these games like that?!

It's the same filter the Super Nintendo emulators use, 2xSAI It's called I believe.

Posted by EarthBowl

A very unique Fighting series and one I hope Capcom continues to support going forward from this. Also, if successful, they can bring back the cartoon initiative that made the franchise as a whole recognizable to a wider audience.

Posted by Hockeymask27

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Over the shoulder view! Heck yeah~

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

@andrewb said:

Oh man, it's LinkyShinks!

What am I missing here?

Posted by JeanLuc

I get that they put in both games to make it a better deal but why would you even bother playing Night Warriors when Darkstalkers 3 is clearly the better game?

Really excited to play this.

Edited by Y2Ken

That over the shoulder view is fantastic.

I really like that they tell you stuff like "this character doesn't have a good high/low mixup but is good at crossups", that sort of basic strength/weakness stuff is cool for newer players to the series.

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@andrewb said:

Oh man, it's LinkyShinks!


Posted by mintyice

When you try to watch this video via youtube on the player it says the video is private.

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I'm stoked for this release! DS 3 is the definitive version IMO. Including 1 would be a novelty. Used to play the shit out of 3 on the Saturn with my friends. These are direct Arcade board ports so that's awesome. Only thing that sucks is DS 3 is missing a few characters in the arcade version that were included in home console releases. Arcade boards didn't have enough memory at the time to have all the characters so they released two versions in arcades!

If you are new to fighters or experienced and want helpful basics/techniques check out UltraChenTV on twitch. Here is their youtube channel which they update every week from twitch. FIrst Attach is their show aimed for beginners while Lvl 3 Focus deals more with intermediate stuff. They also do a show just talking about the Fighting game scene and past tournaments.

Posted by ScreamingFist

Yay! Vin and Jeffy!

Posted by Sooty

Morrigan Kreygasm

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Sweet jesus, that smoothing filter is TERRIBLE! Who plays these games like that?!

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Love watching fighting games, since I'm definitely never going to play them.

Posted by fox01313

Glad to see this but what kind of mental problem happened to get the rights for 2 & 3 on this and not the first one. Just seems freakishly odd but glad this is coming out.

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Posted by Wes899

@petiew said:


Chris G no pls.

Posted by XChairmanDrekX

I can't believe no one has commented on the fact that Vinny actually beat Jeff in a fighting game for what seems to be like the first time ever on a quick look! Has this actually happened before? I think it might be a first.

Posted by AndrewB

Oh man, it's LinkyShinks!

Posted by BabyChooChoo


Posted by Fruitbird


Posted by Bravestar

Playing on the stage Fetus of God: that's what I call a proper quicklook of Darkstalkers.

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Where is the lobstah monstah?!?

@Petiew DansGame --> PogChamp --> SwiftRage

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Vinny and Jeff!

Posted by Petiew


Posted by leejunfan83


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