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Posted by SpikeDelight

Daaaamn judge

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Posted by gbrading

Is Jeff going to wear jean shorts to jury duty?

He said on the Bombcast that the Judge won't allow it. ;)

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Is Jeff going to wear jean shorts to jury duty?

Posted by xxizzypop

I don't think I've laughed harder at anything in the past week than Dave's impression of Ryan.

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Posted by selbie

I keep reading flight sticks and get my hopes up for another Flight Club video :(

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Free fight sticks for everyone!

Posted by Slither_Maggot

LOL! "They're in the corner of someone's office and they just go, Get these outta' here!"

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Looking forward to Brad's review of Tomb Raider. The snippets I've seen make me think I might want it, but I'm not quite convinced. I want it to be good, but saving ~$50 and just going back through Anniversary/Legend could be ok, too.

Last time I got called in for jury duty, I was ready to do it. It was a serious, intriguing case, even. But I wasn't biased enough and the prosecutor dismissed me after just a minute or so of yes/no questions.

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So excited for Blade Runner tomorrow! Already clearing my schedule so I can catch it live.

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All the videos stopped working for me.

Posted by CaLe

Dave has gained body mass.

Posted by Qlanth

Is this video not working for anyone else? I can watch any other video but this right now.

Posted by NPfeifer

You guys seriously need a shotgun mic or scripted ILMs again.

Posted by Jdiggity88

@thedoorman: that's the first thing i thought when i watched this

Posted by PhilipDuck

Blade Runner should be a treat! Can't wait, Wednesday sorted!

Posted by hollitz

I'd love to hear "Ryan Davis", "Brad Shoemaker", and "Vinny Caravella" do a podcast with real Jeff.

Posted by TekZero

@harabec: I was a federal juror once. I made $600 and the verdict was not guilty.

It definitely was a unique experience and I think everyone should do it at some point.

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What French game were they talking about?

Brutal Legend retrospective TNT, hell yeah! Downloading the game right now, gonna be sweet.

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Damn Mondays, your luvvin is soooooooooo goooooood

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So far, I've heard that Tomb Raider is a great game but from the videos I just don't see what makes it so good. I look forward to Brad's review.

Actually, when I read the Eurogamer, Gametrailers, and EDGE reviews they were far more damning but then the score was much higher than you'd expect. It sounds more like an Uncharted clone than a Tomb Raider game. Machinima and Rev3 reviews paint it in a unfavorable light, or at least a game that's not appealing to me as a Tomb Raider fan who's more into exploration/platforming/puzzles than filler collectathon/feature creep/combat and a disappointing story.

This is not even mentioning the ludonarrative dissonance between cutscene Lara and gameplay Lara, where you go from vulnerable victim to trained killer in under an hour.

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Posted by Harabec

I almost had jury duty. My number was really high and they didn't even need me to come in. I was disappointed, I wanted to see those delicious tears as I pronounced everyone guilty.

Posted by Paindamnation

@landmine said:

Jeff is going to review your court case. 3 stars.

Judge Judy

Posted by Kinapuff

@thiefsie said:

Quicklook Lawnmower Racing Mania YESTERDAY!


Posted by Thiefsie

Quicklook Lawnmower Racing Mania YESTERDAY!

Posted by Th3irdEye

Oh look, a stack of games. They have a boxed copy of XCOM. That's cool. I never get boxed copies of PC games anymo...

*Double take*

Lawnmower. Racing. Mania.

I require a quick look, now.

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@agent47csim2 said:

@the_ruiner said:

Looking past Brad and not seeing Sarah is kinda depressing...

What happened to Sara??

She left to NY for Comic Vine's east coast coverage.

I say it's fine, no sense in having Comic Vine people (what, 2?) be in the office of what is dominated by GB. Not that I work there, but it was a little weird anyway.

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Looking past Brad and not seeing Sarah is kinda depressing...

What happened to Sara??

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That Ryan impression was uncanny.

Posted by Crixaliz

Still no word on FUSE? I thought that was also out in early March

Posted by Krathoon

If they have any of the Metal Gear Rising lamps they should light them all up around the office.

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So far, I've heard that Tomb Raider is a great game but from the videos I just don't see what makes it so good. I look forward to Brad's review.

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Dave's impression of Ryan was so spot on

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Suddenly everyone is shaving!

Posted by Slab64

@amyggen said:

That last TNT with Brad Muir was super interesting and entertaining, and if they can get more developers like that, it would be great.

Hell yeah, that shit was great.

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Brad sounds super excited about Tomb Raider.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Judge: Is there any reason why you feel you can not be a part of the jury?

Jeff: Well the murder and robbery in question sounds a lot like this videogame Kane and Lynch. And well your Honor I have a history with that game.

Judge: So you feel you can't preform your duties as a member of the jury because of that?

Jeff: Well that and the accused is named Brad Garrett so I probably do not like him. He was an ex-boxer that worked at AppleBee's. The guy looks like a hippie. Plus I only saw warm milk and vinegar in the lunch room.

Judge: So?

Jeff: I hate all of those things.

Judge: But I am the LAW!

Jeff: F#&K it i'm in!

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Lawnmower Mania! I don't know what that is under XCOM but that needs to be played pronto.

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Posted by gunstarhero

i did jury duty once luckly i did not get picked , and i got £5 for food for the day and a day off work :) and a 3 yr wait before i am put pack into the hat agien.

Posted by marbleCmoney

Blade Runner!

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Excited about Tim Schafer!