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@riostarwind: @marino: Ok thanks for the help, I will do that.

Edit: I emailed those two email addresses and haven't gotten any reply, and still no badges...

Edit2: I got a reply today. They said their record shows that they shipped on March 8. If I don't get my badges, I should take a copy of the email and my registration to the show.

Posted by allenibrahim

I'm so damn excited, it hurts when I pee a little. Seriously, 2012 was my first PAX ever, and it was one of the greatest days of my life. I can only afford to go Saturday, but I plan to make it as jam-packed of a day as humanly possible. Can't wait to see all you Bomb Squaders again this year, and I especially can't wait for just the general awesome atmosphere that surrounds PAX East!

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I'll be at this shindig as an Enforcer. Hope I get the chance to help some GB members have a fun time and a great weekend! (Really, that's all Enforcers are there for, so please treat us gently.)

Posted by Epidehl

So it doesn't seem to be in their FAQ, but what's the policy on bringing food to this? I'd rather not have to spend a bunch of money on random con food when I can easily bring some small bags of chips or something with me. I'd also like to bring a refillable water bottle with me.

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Great read and awesome pics.

Posted by Marino

@epidehl: Yeah, you can bring your own stuff.

@drshakes: Thanks. You can see hundreds of my other photos on the individual PAX pages on the site.

Posted by jaxjaggywires

My first time at PAX...or, really, any gaming event, to be honest. Looking forward to it.

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Is that ... Vinny with hair???

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Sigh, there is always, Prime.... and next year.

Posted by Sen0r_Awes0me

Make sure you've broken in any new-ish pairs of shoes, be they for comfort, costume, or otherwise. And bring lots of socks.

Oh the foot horror stories I've witnessed

Posted by HalfDane1975

Great article.

Posted by Bollard

Been to Eurogamer before, but doesn't really compare with the scale of a PAX. One time in the future I'mma have to bite the bullet and buy plane tickets to go to one of these things... It's between this and a Dreamhack. Going to Sweden would probably be cheaper, however.

Posted by sarge1445

@gaspower said:

Sigh, there is always, Prime.... and next year.

I feel you dude, I can't go to Prime anymore because it's on Labor Day weekend and I work for a casino. Which means I have a better chance of riding a real unicorn then getting Labor Day off to go to PAX Prime and PAX East is on the exact opposite end of the country which means a plane flight will be super expensive. Anyway hope to see you at East 2014.... unless it falls on Easter weekend.

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