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Oh, man, I love the designs for that Dean's animation! That mess hall design makes me smile.

The Seoul Fashion Week poster also looks like an intense piece of work. I really like the triangle-focused design, and the color palette is awesome.

And congrats on studying Wing Chun! One thing I'd like to do if I get back in shape is to study kung fu.

(Unfortunately, I haven't played any of the games you've been playing.)


Posted by Daveyo520

Fire Emblem is definitely the first game I will get for my 3DS. It is really the reason I got one.

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@little_socrates: CEEEEEEEEELEBRATE (Good catch!)

Thank you for both those comments. c': That Fashion Week poster was a killer, yeah. The character, modeled after my stupid obsession, took a good 10-15 hours to sketch, line, and color. The rest of it must have taken a similar amount of time since my teacher had more revisions to "suggest" than there are stars in the sky.

You should totally take up kung fu if you want to, though! I was horribly out of shape (see: winded after a flight of stairs) but it's done wonders to me in such a short amount of time. I feel super energized when I leave from it instead of being strained and exhausted. I can't speak for other disciplines, but Wing Chun is far more of a mental workout than it is a physical workout. You spend your time focusing on what you are doing far more than actually doing anything altogether. Understanding what you need to be doing to execute it in the most direct and efficient way possible is what will strain you more than throwing punches will.

Which is good, because you'll probably throw close to 1500-2000 punches per 1 1/2 hour session in Wing Chun. :'D Seriously. I've counted.

@daveyo520: Certainly a good reason to. Get Crashmo, also! Fun little game, especially for like... $8 or however much it is.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Yes, those twists were insane, but not in a good way. Like that Q thing. Even knowing Japanese, I found it really dumb.

Posted by aurahack

@video_game_king: I dunno, I thought it was a pretty clever way of tying the hex code stuff. I could see why one wouldn't appreciate the way that story goes, (A friend of mine didn't like it so much due to its reliance on heavy sci-fi like stuff) but I loved it.

Posted by Video_Game_King

@aurahack said:

@video_game_king: I dunno, I thought it was a pretty clever way of tying the hex code stuff.

Even though Zero said the word nine, thus negating any sort of reasoning he may employ (that door was a 9 not two seconds ago)?

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@video_game_king:I think that's when the "kyu/q" thing ends up working better but I don't know. I feel like by the time everyone has reached the boiler room, everyone has obviously understood that the numbered doors/escaping is not what the nonary game is about and Zero would know they'd come to that conclusion. The 'q' ends up being more of a puzzle for them to actually leave after accomplishing their goal other than it just being part of the numbered doors thing.

Posted by Video_Game_King


No, I mean that doesn't change the fact that the door changes values for the sake of a superfluous plot twist. (Add up the other party's numbers, because there's no way that shit's gonna equal Q.)

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@video_game_king: That's what I meant, though. By that point, the doors did kind of lose their meaning. I think that Zero would know/knew that Ace would attempt and escape with a 9 digital root and she had to change the value of that door accordingly. To use the hex system, which subsequently changes it to an addition thing, is a little jarring but probably necessary.

Posted by Video_Game_King


I was going to say that he escapes, but I had to look it up again because I didn't remember entirely. Turns out Santa and Ace go through the door on their own, despite this making absolutely no sense. AND WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO JUNE!? The game's prompting me to ask so many questions, but not in a good way.

Posted by aurahack
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No, I didn't, mainly because:

  1. I didn't know it existed.
  2. It's the developer's responsibility to put the answers to such large questions in the game itself, not my responsibility to seek out said answers when the game throws up such large questions.

*reads it* Damn it. They did plan for a sequel. That neverworks out, you guys. And #56 asks me to ignore a plot hole! *breaks down into laughter*

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@aurahack: Those designs look dope I hope your animation project goes well. I'm sure it sucks now but the experience of leading a team will look great on a resume and will really help on future projects. I never really thought about having to create in such a way that other people can mimic my creation, but it does not sound easy at all.

Posted by Ravenlight

I'm totally jacking your Seoul Fashion Week poster for potential future background purposes. Great work!

Posted by aurahack

@video_game_king: Ehhh I dunno. I think most of what he talks about was answered, if not more generally hinted at. It really comes down to personal opinion, I suppose. I know I liked the ending a whole lot.

@thatpinguino: Thank you. c: The prospect of having it as a bullet point on my CV is why I've tried to stay headstrong throughout. All our animations were handed in a few days ago, so now it's just a wait for the finished product.

I can't speak on what it's like to draw like someone else would, but the rest of class seemed to abhor it. I got a lot of pretty snappy comments about character design and stuff directed at me, though I chalked most of that up to frustration over animating in such a short amount of time... According to my animation teacher, Disney artists will get a giant batch document that contains character sheets and such for an upcoming projects. Those are all drawn by the project's art director, and all of the artists need to trace and practice drawing everything in the documents for around 6 months. That way, they learn how to draw in that art style for the movie they're working on. It sounds pretty brutal.

Posted by TruthTellah

@aurahack: Well done! I really enjoy your designs for the Dean, and the Seoul Fashion Week poster is quite cute.

And you have a good attitude about the project. Your hardwork is fantastic preparation for professional practices. Even the concern and frustration you're feeling is normal; just the stresses of having responsibility and working with a team that really relies on your skills. I look forward to seeing the result of it all. :)

Posted by thatpinguino

@aurahack: Yeah that sounds like hell for a creative person, "great so you can draw, now draw like Steven for the next 2 years while we crank out this movie." Though I suppose one could embrace the freedom that they have within those inherent constraints and try to make their own mark while staying in the established style.

Edited by aurahack

@truthtellah: We just got the result in our emails! I don't think I can post it (it's extremely low quality and there's still scene annotations all over it) but the finished thing is... it's pretty special. At least, it is to me, considering everything is from my designs. :') Thank you, too. I've done my best to keep a good attitude throughout and it seems to have payed off. The teachers are pleased with the final result.

@thatpinguino: You'd think that, but putting in your little mark will throw the entire bandwagon off. I think that comes more in the form of like, easter eggs. (like stuff written on walls/signs or whatever) If they don't stick to the designs as strict as possible, they can sure as shit find some animators willing to work for Disney that will.

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@aurahack: animation seems like such an unforgiving field. I've always leaned more towards comics simply because I felt that animating would make me hate the design by the end of the project. I'm a very impatient artist and like to finish something and move on. To stick to the same concept and repeat it ad nauseum through hundreds of frames seems like torture.

Posted by aurahack

@humanity: If you hate repetition then yeah, animation is probably not for you. I can't say I'm entirely fond of animating things all hand-drawn like, but I found a tremendous amount of fun in doing cut-out animation. It saves a TON of time and, with a bit of clean up, can offer some really stunning results. Instead of drawing each frame by hand, you draw a model, split it into parts, and keyframe those parts into position along your timeline. It's how I did this!

It is pretty unforgiving, though. Like anything, you settle into the motions of it but doing it as a straight job day-in, day-out sounds... tough. I don't know if I could do something where my only task is to animate.

Posted by Humanity

@aurahack: animating a T-ara song and NOT choosing either Hyomin or Jiyeon? Criminal..

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@humanity: Ain't no one gonna prevent me from unleashing more Eunjung into this world.

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I came for the yoko, but left for the lack of yoko.

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The only thing relevant in this article is Donnie Yen That is all.

Posted by Halberdierv2

Hey Aura, it's been a while. are you gonna get Luigi's Mansion?

Posted by aurahack

@jz: Oh no~

@paindamnation: Donnie Yen is pretty great, even if Ip Man was my first exposure to him.

@halberdierv2: Probably yeah, but not any time soon. No money for it. :(