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As a side note I was just playing Uncharted 2 and I realised why I never finished it a second time. That game is cheap as hell with bloody rocket wielding maniacs and shotgun toting trolls, I found it to be total luck whether I was standing in the right place or not so I survived. I will be buying Uncharted 3 but will only play it for the cutscenes because the gameplay is just kinda ughhh

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What is this even about? Also, your images are repeated.

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Holy shit dude.

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You're a beautiful and unique snowflake.

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This is either a poor attempt at satire, or we're going to be reading a story on Kotaku next week about how someone is going to marry Lara Croft

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Soooooooo you dont like Nathan Drake?......and every game is Uncharted? and you dont like Uncharted? Yet like Uncharted when its not Nathan Drake....so you play Tomb Raider...and then go on about Tomb Raider.....then...........what sorry got lost.

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You have completed a videogame article .

And prooved the lameness of our culture .

Now go and write for Kotaku !

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...what? I believe this is the first time I have hit the flag button.

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Not the sort of write-up that flies on Giant Bomb, it's strange and doesn't make any sense, better luck next time.

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allllllrighty then

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My mind just cannot comprehend what it just read. Am i in the Lang Zone?

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Wh... what?