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Posted by ColdsnapBryan

Dave, you will be missed. I wish you the best of luck in raising your kid. Cya duder!

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Oh man, I really didnt expect this at all. I'm really sad to see you go, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you still come around and bring us the laughs and entertainment you have been for the last couple of years. This is a sad day however.

Best wishes Duder, and stay hardcore.

Posted by Rodiard

You will be missed Duder - best of luck!


Posted by Sveppi

The king is dead, long live the king. Best of luck to you Dave and welcome back Rorie.

Posted by Grilledcheez

I will really miss you, but I'm really happy that Rorie is taking your place!

Posted by Meepasaurus

Thanks for all the fun times, Dave! Best of luck to you.

Posted by MeatSim

So conflicting! It's the end of a era with Dave leaving, but the return of Rorie is such exciting news.

See ya around Dave, it was a hell of a ride.

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Posted by Raven10

Damn. So sad to see you go. You've always been my favorite part of Giantbomb. I wish you the best in the future!

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Wow... that's crazy.. :( Good luck Dave!

Posted by 6n00bkilla9

gonna miss you man one kewl dude. i remember you talking about programming with your macbook pro with no battary and just teh charger so you would always lose what you were working on because it would get unplugged lol. good times.

Posted by The_Vein

Bye Dave, you and Drew and Vinny always had the best quick looks and goofy videos. I'll miss you and your D&D love.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

We're are going to miss you Dave, make sure to come disrupt the workflow at Giant Bomb as often as possible!

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Gaahhh so many feels.... damnit.

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Holy shit! Dave, NOOOOO!

I really wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for providing such immensely entertaining features and thank you for all the work you put into making this site so slick.

Take care duder!

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Just read this now.

All the best to you Dave. Glad that you'll still be hanging around ever now and then here. I'll be curious to see what you do next. You know, aside from being a dad, which is a full time job on it's own.

Posted by datarez

Congrats on fatherhood and being able to take the time to enjoy it. Really sad to see you leave the sites but glad you'll be stopping back by. I'd still like to see the finish of Bladerunner. :P I guess I picked a good day to wear my chat dragon whiskey shirt.

Posted by Bob_Loblaw

Wow. I can't believe none of this got out beforehand, you are all such sneaky bastards.

Dave, you will be seriously missed but who know's, maybe we'll get more of Snide being allowed to just goof off and hang out with all the guys when he drops by. (which will hopefully be so ridiculously frequently it feels like he never left)

But holy shit, Matt Rorie is back and that is seriously amazing and the only thing that makes any of this not feel awful.

Posted by Flameinc

You're an awesome dude! Hope you do still get to guest star on podcasts and videos! Enjoy the kiddo.

Posted by Itwongo


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Sad to see you go, but I totally get why. Make sure you do show up on podcasts and stuff. Dave episodes were always awesome.

Thanks for everything!

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Cheers buddy, you'll be missed!

Posted by OmegaPirate

@snide I still remember spouting our hopes and dreams for a potential new SSX back in the sites infancy, all of the ideas and potential ways the game could go filled an entire afternoon with you, me and other users getting worked up - and then the rocky road announcement and everything thereafter.

Things like that are reasons why a lot of people stay around on this site, a place where even the technical staff are hospitable and interact with the community like no other - you are a marvellous bastard and will make a brilliant father, of this i'm sure.

Hope to see plenty of you in the future, but enjoy your time off! you've damned well earned it. Take care of yourself, and thanks for all the work youve done xx

Posted by Rrang

Thanks for everything Dave! Looking forward to your return to Random PC Game~~

Posted by Questionable

Hats off to the Snide,
Enjoy you're vacation and may the future bring you lots of puppies.

Another monumental day in GB history.

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Best of luck to you and yours, Dave! Hope you have an amazing time on your new adventures in Parenthood. Thank you for all your hard work and congrats on being such a major part of something so awesome. We will miss you!

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Dave, this is an amazing thing you're doing for your kid. Thanks for the laughs, and the site(s), and I'm looking forward to what you do next.

Posted by Mezmero

Very sad to see you go duder. Thank you for everything you've done on the site, from audio, video, editorial, and design you have truly been one of the coolest personalities attached to Giant Bomb and Comic Vine. Go and teach your daughter of the important things like Icewind Dale and Zardoz. Thanks for all the fish.

Posted by Castiel


I don't... well I guess I understand. Good luck Dave.

Posted by ruhkandae

Like everyone else, while I am super stoked that Rorie is coming back to the fold, I hate to see your official status change to guest. Good luck duder!

Posted by AssInAss

Alexis has been doing great work.

Although if you guys can just fix the "1 character space before typing", or maybe I'm OCD at WYSIWYG editors if the post comes out fine.

Posted by chrispti

Hey Dave. While it is a pity to see you leave I wish you the best with your new family and whatever job end up doing when you are ready.Thank you for all your work on the site. It was a great trip!

Posted by Szlifier

Holy crap, what's going on?! I've found this post just now and only from my own website's link referrer. Crazy.

What an example of mixed emotions this is... Good luck, Duder! I hope you'll make an appearance on Flight Club soon, they've got so many games in a recent mailbag!

Thanks for all the inspiring talks on Radio Dave.

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Like everyone else, while I am super stoked that Rorie is coming back to the fold, I hate to see your official status change to guest. Good luck duder!

Dave is essentially the "WWE's The Rock" version for the Giant Bomb community. He makes sporadic appearances till Wrestlemania.

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Best of luck in your future endeavors. You'll be missed, duder!

Posted by solidlife

Sad to see you go but happy your retaining a whitta role, see you soon! Also Matt Rorie wooooo!

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Such a bittersweet ending. Good to see Rorie getting a job, but sad to see you leave Dave. Good luck!

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Dammit Dave, I'm gonna miss you. But Godspeed, duder. See you in the future.

Posted by HarlechQuinn

Don't know what to say, so I just use some "lame" quote like:

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"

Enjoy your free time.

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This announcement could have been a huge bummer, But even as you leave the Giant bomb crew you had the community in mind when choosing your replacement. A true class act, All the best Dave, enjoy your rest.

Posted by LangarN

This is the worst....

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Happy trails, Dave! Best of luck in parenthood and future endeavours. :D


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I can't help but be bummed by this news, but I'm trying to stay strong. You're the original duder, Dave. Please visit us as much as you can.

At the same time, you guys finally hired Matt Rorie. About damn time. It doesn't fill the giant Dave-sized hole in my heart, but it comes close.

Posted by Vager

Ah, man.. This hits me hard. You talking about new/upcoming web features for Giant Bomb via videos and the Bombcast many years ago was a major influence that got me into web design. That all pushed me to teach myself how to build something other than a basic html page. It became a hobby at that point, and now it's my job.

Best of luck in raising your daughter and I look forward to what you'll be doing next.

Posted by Chuddy

Love your presence, dave, will miss you!

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

I'm gonna miss you a lot, Dave. You were an irreplaceable part of this site.

Posted by lclay

This is terrible news and this is great news at the same time

I am happysad

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

Thanks Dave!