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:( Good luck, Dave!

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Thank you for everything Dave.

Posted by Lelcar

no, no, no, no! this can't be happening! no! dave we need you! seriously! fight for this job! you're part of the crew!

Posted by Ducksworth


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Congrats to Dave and Rorie. ... Buuuuut...

Not like this... not like this...

Posted by coribald

This is the definition of bittersweet.

Posted by Xtrememuffinman

This is both the best and worst news. Love me some Rorie, but I can't imagine a Giant Bomb without the Snide man. But I gotta respect you here Dave, even if I never got to talk to you over Skype. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision for you to make. Wherever you go, make sure to keep everyone up to date on Twitter- I'll follow you like I followed Rorie.

Gonna be rocking that hardcore Duder shirt tomorrow, and I'll pour one out for the coolest/most engaging designer out there. The amount of love Dave, in particular, gave to the community was outstanding.

Posted by JJOR64

Sad to hear you leave Dave. You have been awesome over the years. Good luck in life man and take care of that baby! Also, hi Rorie!

Posted by colonelpopcorn

Good luck, Dave! It's been real.

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We gain one Rorie in exchange for one of the most awesome duders around. I hope Dave will pop in from time to time though to maybe do a random PC game or Flight club. I was only thinking earlier what was next for the site now that the new design is up and running.

Posted by Outrager

I'm so happy you'll still come in for quick looks and stuff!

Posted by Hayamo

*pours one out for Dave*

We'll all miss you here, Dave, and you'll always be a pleasure to see, but you know what they say.

"It's been a long road."

Posted by Dauragon

Dave, I never thought I would ever use this phrase in a positive light but: Go home and be a family man.

Godspeed, duder!

Posted by coolvee

Best of luck, Dave! You will be missed!

Posted by CLinendoll

"intensive purposes"

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@dalai said:


I mean, NO!



That summarizes this quite well.

I never expected we'd get Rorie back, but I would never have guessed we'd be losing Dave, but I guess his "job" at GB is done. Really a shame; always considered him interchangeable with any of the regular bomb crew. Well, as long as we get cameos.

And Rorie gets to give us Dark Souls 2 content~

Posted by Signus

I am completely devastated with emotions right now. My brain can't even function. As long as this means that we get more Rorie and Dave, I guess it's fine? But shit.

Best of luck in the future Dave, you'll always be Lord Duder.

Posted by vexing

Gonna miss you Dave. Thanks for everything.

Posted by SeanFoster

Very bittersweet news. Hope this isn't the end of the Flight Club.

Thinking about some of the video hijnks we'll be in for with Rorie though, oh god...

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I blame all the people begging the staff to hire Rorie. "Well? Are you not entertained?!"

Seriously though, this was definitely mind blowing. I just skimmed through the post and only picked up that Rorie was hired, so I was like, "Cool". But then I decided to read it thoroughly and just got sad. First we lose Coonce and Horn, and now we lose Dave. God speed, Dave!

Posted by alsnuts2

But.. Blade Runner? Dragons?.. AVIATION CLUB??? Good luck Dave. You did damn good work.

Posted by stalefishies

Man.Wasn't expecting that as an announcement.

But Dave, you've built some amazing fucking websites, and, more importantly, an amazing fucking group of people. I really can't think of anyone who could come close to replacing you other than Rorie though.


Posted by Deltan

Um, wow... well. Best of luck to you Dave, you make good stuff. You will be missed!

I'm not super keen on Matt Rorie taking over. If he were good enough, would he not have survived the transition to CBSi the first go round? Kudos for getting someone who knows the community at least.

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@snide is our Lord Creator, may we never forget.

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Sorry to see you go Dave. Good luck and godspeed.

So pumped to have Rorie back.

Posted by Mento

We gain Rorie but lose Snider? I don't know how to feel right now. You've been a phenomenal presence on Giant Bomb Dave - on and off the proverbial stage - and I'll miss your candor. Don't be a stranger, all right?

Man, I want to be pleased about the Rorie hire but it doesn't feel like the time or place. I'll just concur that he's a worthy replacement indeed. Welcome home, Matt.

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HOLY WHAT this is crazy i'm happy and sad at the same time.

Posted by AllanIceman

WHAT!!!! I'm Sad and Happy all at the same time!!! I am so confused?!!!???!!

Posted by Fluttercry

I don't know how to feel. SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO FEEL!

Posted by crovaxpso

Super sad about Dave leaving, super glad about Matt joining!

Posted by conmulligan

Sad to see you go, but I can't think of a better person to fill your boots.

Posted by LassieME

Holy shit!

Posted by brandonleedy

:( Byee Dave! I actually teared up a little! You will be missed by this duder, be sure to visit!

But I'm also really excited that Matt Rorie is back!! This news is the definition of bittersweet!

Posted by Rmack

This is both the best and worst news.

Sums up how I feel too. But I'm happy for everyone.

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Take care, Dave. The Giant Bomb website kicks truckloads of ass, and we all have you to thank for this. Don't be a stranger!

Posted by Hailinel

I don't know how to feel. SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO FEEL!

Intense melancholy.

Posted by Duffyside

Dave, I hope whatever you do brings you more happiness.

I wonder though, would you ever consider coming back to Giant Bomb/CBSi, once you've had a good break? Or are you looking for something new?

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This is bitter sweet. Sad to see you go Dave. Always enjoyed all of your hard work as well as your dulcet voice. Going to miss seeing the random Eastern Bloc content you brought to the table. Good luck doing the father thing, that'll keep things interesting. I hope we still hear from you plenty!

In other news. Welcome back Rorie!

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Can the baby be on a podcast?

Posted by jesterroyal

Hey! Congratulations on the new direction in life! I had a feeling when some of the hiring things went out about the same time you went on vacation that it might mean you were on your way out. At least you have a damn good reason! I came late to this site compared to others but when I really dug into giant bomb and saw how much you and the rest of the engineering team really cared about the site, and not just in a "we got ads on it and it works pretty okay" way. Its rare to find a site this large that has such a small community feel right down to the development of , often stupid but amazing, features. I think the community is going to hold you to your word about showing up. I look forward to hearing you talk on another dad cast a few months/weeks out. Glad that you got someone who will care just as much about the community as you obviously did. Take it easy, Dader.

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Dave we are going to miss you, but I as long as you still pop in for quick looks and podcasts then I am sure we will live =P

Posted by galenblade

I don't know what to say, man. You made GB one of the best sites on the internet. Best thing I can say is simply... Thank you.

Posted by DBoy

Very sad to see you leave Dave. Enjoyed the Flight Club videos and random stuff you did with these duders, and especially the great site you built and helped maintain. Best of luck in your future endeavours my friend.

However, I have to say that I'm extremely, extremely happy to see the return of one Mr. Matthew Rorie. Welcome back!

Posted by GreggD

I'm happy, and sad...BUT HEY! Now we have Rorie on board, and Dave's still gonna show up in videos and podcasts! WIN/WIN!!!

Posted by IrrelevantJohn

Bye Dave! Hope you and your family do well! I'm really gonna miss bothering you when the Site is down... :(

Posted by kuz101

It's been a long road Dave, and you will be missed.

Posted by Anim8td_fan

Good luck to you Dave, your family, and your future endeavors.

Posted by Shivoa

Wow. Bombs dropped.

All the best Dave in whatever you get up to next. I hope you continue to have some customer facing element to what you're up to next as you've got a real talent for it. Amazing job over the last few years.

And welcome (back) to our new puppy overlord.