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Posted by alsnuts2

I propose that Unprofessional Friday serve as an Unprofessional Retirement party. Gold watch and all.

Posted by Fistfulofmetal

Sad to see you go, Dave.

But happy to see Rorie's got a job.

Posted by DantronLesotho

What in the good god damn. Can't you just bring the kid in to do roguelike quick looks with you? I mean congratulations and all and I'm sure you'll feel like Hardcore Dave Unchained while leaving the place, but... but... I guess I'll just go through my stages of grief now.

Posted by spencer_twin

Godspeed duder! Your crazy antics is what helped me to get a subscription for the site. Much luck for you and yours. You have our heartfelt thanks and love.

Posted by K3vinkha0S

Much Love Dave, I wish you well on your journey. Thanks for everything!

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@snide: I haven't been this emotionally conflicted in years. I believe the example Dave leads is one of the main reason that the community tries to take the high road/chill out some times. He's also generally awesome.

On the other hand, Matthew Rorie's personal vision quest between companies recently has been saddening, and I'm excited to see him return to the fold. I expect there to be 1000% more handholding on live streams now. Also, puppies.

For Dave: I vote that they bring in the big red phone 5 hours a week and pay you to man it. Come ooon.

In all seriousness, you're awesome, you seem like you are/will be a fantastic dad, and I'm sorry to see you go, even if it doesn't mean you'll be gone.

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Remember folks: In these times...Life will find a way.

Thank you for your hard work Dave.Hopefully now no one will tell you that the sites down when, well... the sites down!

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Posted by kamuz

Best of luck Dave! Looking forward for another episode of Random PC games.

Posted by Manlyzar

Best of luck dave. Loved all the stuff you did on camera with GB through the years.

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Random pc game & flight club will never be the same. You'll be missed Dave!

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Dave, best of luck duder.

Posted by Mad_Matt

Best of luck to you Dave.

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THANK YOU! thank you for everything Duder! you will be missed.

Posted by Foil1212

This is great news and awful news. I loved the random Dave sightings, but I also love Rorie. Good luck, Dave, and I hope you show up on the site as much if not more frequently than you did before.

Posted by Chaser324

Dave, congrats on all the excellent work you've done over the years. You've managed to build something that's truly special and rare here on the internet, an honest-to-god community.

Keep up the great work! Be an excellent father & husband! All around, just continue being awesome!

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Pretty cool for all the right reasons. Take good care Dave and thanks for all the Radio Shows. ;) (If only duders knew what was in the works a year ago... IF ONLY.... ahh, life.)

You will be an enviably awesome father. Also I want more Dave reviews. Also your signature will live on my WM shirt forever, and I'll get Wrorie to sign right next to it. :D Love ya man.

@mento said:

I'll just concur that he's a worthy replacement indeed. Welcome home, Matt.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Dave, you will be truly missed. Thanks for everything you've done for the site and its users.

Have fun with your daughter. And, if at some point your kid accidentally sets fire to the living room rug... go easy on her.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Dave. :( It won't be the same without you, man.

Posted by Breadfan

Best of luck, Dave. Totally stoked that Rorie now has an official position at Giant Bomb.

Posted by Rudeboy217

Bummed that Dave is gone.

Excited that Rorie is back.

Best of luck to both of you.

Posted by digitaldiatribe


Posted by villo

Good luck duder, and thanks for creating a great thing.

Posted by psylah


also :)

Posted by zolloz89

Good luck! Thanks for the effort you put into the sites!

Posted by radnaksidamha

Thank you Dave. All the best for you and your family.

Posted by Fobwashed

Everytime a door closes, a Rorie opens.

Sad and to see you go Mr Snide but happy that it's on your terms. As graceful an exit as I've ever seen. You've created what I consider to be the best gaming site on the internet and grew it into what it is today. You're leaving it all in terrible hands and I mean that in the best way possible! =) Hope you stop by often!

And for fucks sake, Rorie. Good show!

Posted by Carousel

Maybe now we'll get some proper coverage of the Souls games.

Rorie's article about Dark Souls is some of the best content on the site.

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Dave! I'll miss knowing you're guiding the site. Love Rorie and so excited to have him at the site, but you've made it so bittersweet. Good luck with fatherhood! I hope you've got something to pay the bills that is fun and lets you spend time with your family.

Posted by Elwoodan

Good luck man, and thanks for making this site so friggin' awesome!

Posted by neek

Thanks for everything Duder! Especially the chili recipe. Best of luck to you and your family!

Posted by MisterMouse


Dave you are incredibly awesome, and it is sad to see you go, but I understand it is for the best for you.

Also that is cool that giantbomb picked up Rorie, I was hoping they would.

Posted by Atom

Sad to see you go, but it's great that you're taking some time out to spend with your family.

Best of luck, Dave! For Krom! *raises beer stein*

Also, congratulations Rorie!

Posted by therealnelsk

Didn't think you guys could top the CBSi acquisition, but god damn.
Thanks for everything Dave. This is the best site on the internet, and you're a big reason why!

Now I'll just be in the corner for the next year desperately trying to work through the intense cognitive dissonance resulting from simultaneously gaining one Rorie, and losing one Snide.

Posted by fishmicmuffin

Whaaat.... if Dave ends up showing up on stuff as he claims, that means this is a net gain of Rorie. And that is fantastic news. Best of luck to you Dave!

Posted by FoolishChaos

Dave no :(


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Posted by 49th

Bye Dave, you're a cool guy. Good luck in the future.

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Retiring early. Living the dream. Congrats to everyone

Posted by SuperJoe

Collusion! Thanks Dave for all your hard work over the years. Rorie, fix the video player.

Posted by Kaiserreich

I don't know what to feel! Yay Rorie here! Boo Dave gone! MY MIND!

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This seems to be the best of all worlds. You get what you want, we still get you from time to time in content, and we get Rorie back! Congratulations on a beautiful child, and enjoy your new life! I'm sure it'll be awesome. Thank you for all of the awesome stuff you've done just to give us giggles and entertainment.

It's a cop out to just quote someone, but I'm not thinking great and this guy worded my thoughts better than I would have right now. I look forward to your next appearance Dave!

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I will miss you Dave. You're great. ;_; Best of luck.

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Thanks for putting together a kick ass site and enjoy being a dad, Dave.

Posted by Seraphim84

There's not one person in the world that I'd rather see take your place. Matt Rorie was, I think, a perfect fit with you guys, and as sad as it is to see you go Dave, I bet you feel good knowing that it's not some newcomer businessman taking the spot.

I hope everyone takes into account that Dave, above even Jeff and Ryan and Vinnie and Brad, made this website what it was and the philosophy behind it. And for that, you'll always be my Duder.

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

God Speed You Magnificent Bastard.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Everything I just read is god damn crazy. Good luck to you and your new family Dave!

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Good luck, Dave. We love ya! You built a amazing site, and for that I am forever indebted to you! Thanks for everything, and don't be a stranger!

Posted by Falconer

This bomb the night before two finals? THANKS OBAMA!

Rorie will be a great addition, but there's no replacing you Dave. You'll be greatly missed. And I'll echo what I sent to you on twitter. Your radio shows were some of my favorite Giant Bomb things. I've never been able to go to PAX, so being able to chat with you a few times over the years (or however long you did those for, it sure feels like years, but it was probably just like one year) on Skype was rad. You're one cool duder.


Posted by Cazamalos

duder you have to come back as a regular guest, i already miss your weird quick looks from Russia, and you are probably the best guest the bombcast will ever have/had
but i'm really happy for your family, i'm sure you are going to be a great dad and make the right decisions and i wish the best for you all!
and i'm also happy for Rorie, dude welcome back!