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Posted by ItalianStallion

Thank you for everything you've given to Giant Bomb, Dave! I will miss you very much! :/

Posted by i69edUrGpa
Posted by SAPDADDY

Good luck Dave, you will be missed

Posted by JimmyPancakes

I just found out from reading Patrick's leaving post. Too much to take in both of these great guys leaving. Dave you were the heart of GB, I hope you go onto to great things.

Posted by thugg1280

wow I didn't know this had happen feels like a sucker punch for the love of god please come by and see us all from time to time. Congrats and best of luck we will miss you.

Posted by Demokk

Congratulations Dave, and thank you!

I loved your quick looks, hopefully we will still be seeing/hearing you on GB once in a while!

Posted by IzzyGraze

The one newsy/blogpost I don't take a look at. So It is true. Dear Dave isn't with us anymore. I hope the PC coverage continues on with Rorie. Those were my favourite features. Random PC Game was a god send. Love that stuff. Well, good luck to you Dave and congrats on the new child. Wish you all the luck with your future endeavors.

Posted by PistolPackinPoet

The end of an era D: Take Care and Good Luck with your family!

Posted by BlaineFromMaine

Congrats and best of luck, Dave!

Posted by peritus

Happy for mr Dave. :) sad for myself :(

Posted by TenStoryMother

Congratulations Dave! You will be missed as your personality and hard work have been a staple at GiantBomb and one of the reasons I visit this site each day. Good luck with your next endeavor and enjoy your time with your new child...you've earned it!

Posted by Xymox

I've no words, but hearing this:

@snide said:

As for me. While I officially don't work here anymore I've decided to take a page from Gary Whitta's playbook and show up anyway. I'll still be popping in on podcasts, quick looks and the like as usual. I just won't be getting paid for it. All my friends work here, so it's kind of impossible to really leave.

Makes it better.

"For right now I'm just digging making goofy faces at my kid."

Take care, hardcore Dad.

Posted by dougbrit2

Throw me on the list of being terrible at sad goodbyes; Dave my friend, getting to know you and being part of the community that you've help make what it is...

Well you'll always be welcome back at my home, on GB, twitter, or whatever wonderful surprise life has next for you.

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Best of luck Dave! All these twists and turns, people coming and going... it's almost like video game websites have supplanted the void left by the Monday Night Wars.

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Thanks for shaping GB into what it is today Dave <wimp…ôr> .

Best of wishes for this next exciting chapter of your life.

I will be rooting for you to come back further down the line.

Posted by Hardtarget


this makes me super sad

Posted by The_Grindilow

All the best duder, we will all miss you. Looking forward to the odd appearance on casts/vids. Take care

Posted by Sammo21

Goodnight...and good luck.

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Thanks Dave for all of the great memories and for making Giant Bomb awesome. Good luck with parenthood and all future endeavors.

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Sheeeeeit. This is too bad. Hopefully we can get a Hardcore Dave poster up in the unprofessional lounge.

I am happy to see Rory back. Ryan's fingers went untouched for far too long.

Posted by enshi

Bye Dave, don't usually post things but you will be missed, hope to see you often on the site.

Posted by BenRoyTurner

Goodbye Duder

Posted by ildon

I don't know how I missed this news for a whole week. I'll miss you. :(

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

Guys ... I just realized ... with Dave gone we will probably never see Karen again ... now im really bummed :(

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we'll miss you dave, hope you'll stay with flight club and the like and best of luck to you and your family

Posted by Wholemeal

Noooooo DAVE! You were my favourite duderr!!!! You were the chosen one!

Will miss your presence man, good luck with anything and hope Veronica grows up knowing how much of a cool dude you were.

Posted by WickedCobra03

This is the worst... Flight Club is dead, but I really hope Hardcore Dave can live on.

Thanks for all of the memories and the years of making this site what it is duder!

Good Luck and Have Batman! You are a certified Topman and we will miss you! Please keep us updated and I want to see you around as much as possible!

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Why is @snide still given a place in the Staff Tweets section when he isn't part of the staff anymore?

Posted by BcBarker

Wow, Dave will be missed!

Let the re-watching of all Daves Quicklooks commence.

Enjoy the little one, they do grow up fast.

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First off, I'd like to say thank you Dave. You, along with the rest of the crew(s) have provided me (all of us) with entertainment and wonderful sites to explore for quite a long while now. I wish you and your family the best.

Posted by rockhardalibi


Posted by a_beluga_whale

@snide Good luck with everything! I'm I'm not alone in saying we'll miss you. Make sure you come back and play some old PC games with @vinny once in a while!

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Aw man, now who's gonna make fucking incredibly sick looking chat dragons?
No, but seriously, much love, Dave... I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

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Dave, you were one of my favorite people on the site, and you really inspired me to learn more about web design. Best of luck with wherever you go, man...

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Sad to see you go, so please come around whenever you can.

Posted by SlamVanderhuge

You will be missed, Dave. Please come back for quick looks!

Posted by Noli

Goodbye Dave, Hope to see you again in the middle of quickloocks, endurance runs and many many more :)

Posted by AllThatBacon

Well cripes! Your presence will definitely be missed, Dave. I always loved your love of obscure (PC) games and random quips about Star Trek.

Best of luck with whatever the future holds for ya, duder.

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its like the end of cowboy bebop or something.

all the best on fatherhood and whatever is next! Please come back for random pc games from time to time. You are already missed!

going to play some stronghold and freespace in your honor

Posted by avantegardener

Just found out! You will be missed.

Posted by Devil240Z

This is not the price I expected to pay to get Rorie back...

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It's so sad to see you leave!~ You will be sorely, sorely missed Dave, and Good Luck, have Batman! #GBFlightClub #RandomPCGame #Fungineer

Just realized that this means we probably won't see Karen again on the show. :'-(

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Damnit, i listened to the song. I thought it was going to be funny, but it actually made me even sadder D: Cannot be more stoked about Rorie coming back though.

Posted by Cloudenvy

You will be missed, Dave. <3

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Man, this is a real bummer. You'll be missed a lot, Dave. Thanks for everything you've done for GB and for us! Good luck with everything in the future. And we better see you around here often!

Posted by HeghmohQib

Oh man, I hit play on Boyz II Men while I was reading. Went from "This is a bummer" sad to "All my friends and family just died" sad, instantly.

Curse You B2M and Your Histrionically Smooth Acapella!

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Man, good luck Dave!

Posted by Griffinmills

Will miss you.

Posted by fetchfox

I'm sad to see you leave, but I wish you and your family the best onward! And we shall all welcome the puppy king back with open arms, he's been missed (a bit more physically by Ryan I'd imagine).