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Posted by phantomzxro

Great read! I'm wrapping up tomb raider myself and I have had the same feelings as you. I agree the story is a little weak but i was getting hung up on all the comparing to the uncharted series because tomb raider is great in all the ways uncharted is not but tomb raider does not out uncharted uncharted. Also not living up to the tomb raiding part of tomb raider kinda bummed me out that all the optional tombs are just puzzle rooms.

I also feel the emotional struggle of Lara dealing with the wild of the jungle fell a little flat to me. All the emotional set pieces quickly fade once the set piece is over and does not have any lasting impact. All an all its a great game and loved the use of environments and mood that the game sets up.

Posted by armaan8014

@phantomzxro: Thanks :) I haven't played any of the Uncharted actually (don't own a PS3) so I think i'm pretty happy I got to experience a similar game if not Uncharted itself :P

Yeah if the exploration and the raiding had been built upon as a bigger priority, the game could have been much more satisfying.

In any case, I think they've set up a nice scenario for any upcoming games in the franchise, and they'll probably and hopefully focus on more than just combat in the future.

Posted by nail1080

shit emo music in the tribute video, no thanks

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@nail1080 said:

shit emo music in the tribute video, no thanks

Thanks for watching then, I guess :P You might enjoy this one too

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@armaan8014: This song seemed to coordinate with all the explosions rather well. Great selection.