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Zeno Clash has been sitting in my Steam catalogue for quite a while now, and although it piques my curiosity almost every time I scroll through my collection, I'm still yet to take the plunge. After reading this, however, I don't think that I'll be putting that dive off for much longer. Here's hoping it'll run alright on my modest laptop when I do (if I'm right in thinking it's a Source Engine game, that shouldn't be an issue).

Best of luck for this endeavour Mento. Here's hoping it turns up a fair number of gems like this for you. I'll be following with keen interest.

Posted by Animasta

@mento: it did indeed, unfortunately I do not own a sick pre historic diving helmet

Posted by Video_Game_King


From what I could gather, the HTML on the old site was a lot looser than it is now. In my original Breath of Death blog, I posted this as a link on top of the Katawa Shoujo picture. Couldn't do that with the new site. Believe me; I've tried. (The old link doesn't work anymore, by the way.)

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@animasta: Timing was a tad fortuitous, I'll admit. My plan this year was to go Z-A anyway (it was A-Z last year) and this was a better time than any to finally play it. No doubt one of the crew or the game itself will reveal key plot points from the first game in the Zeno Clash 2 QL (I mean, they'd pretty much have to since it's a direct continuation, and four years is a more-than-acceptable window for spoilers).

Also, forgive me if I'm wrong, but did you happen to come across your name inspiration in this game? I did a double take when "Animasta" started swinging at me.

@perfidioussinn:There's definitely a few uneasy aspects. I'd equate it to something like Dark Crystal in that there's just so much inadvertent (or maybe it isn't) nightmare fuel that it makes for a hard watch for some. But then you have some of the most stunning backdrops I've ever seen in a game and it becomes this weird dichotomy of ugly and beautiful.

Also it's motion-sickness-y as hell. You get spun around so much during the fights and it's disorienting at the best of times.

@video_game_king: I'll give that a go. Used to be I could just copy a table and then paste it and it would still be a table. No idea how the engineers pulled that off though, or if it was just something my browser was able to do with the old site's post-editing code.

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Just in time for the sequel, eh?

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I played the demo for this last year and was so completely creeped out by it that I couldn't finish. Something about the odd character design and the perspective being used for jump scares made me really uncomfortable.

Still, I'm intrigued enough to try it again, because I can't think of another game that got under my skin in that way.

Posted by Video_Game_King

@mento said:

(Since you can no longer copy/paste tables, I'll have to find a new way to link all these blogs together. I'm thinking just a pair of forwards/backwards arrows. Optionally you can just stick May Madness More into Google and you'll probably find everything I've written. Google's useful that way.)

I imagine you could go into the site's HTML and copy/paste directly into that. I've had some success with that?

(I'd say something about the game if I'd ever played it.)