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Posted by Hamst3r

Thanks, duders! Glad you're diggin' it. :3

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The drums around 45-50 seconds in are fantastic~!

Also, this has Meat Boy vibe all up in it!

Posted by DrFeelgood38

Such a sick track, man :)

Posted by Hamst3r


@bassman2112 I use software for everything. I think all of the synths in this one are NI Massive, with one of the atmospheric noises being NI Absynth. Most of the other things are NI Kontakt and the drums are Battery 4 (I thought I'd never say this with how much I dislike Battery 3). :)

Posted by bassman2112

Great job! I really like that synth you bring in at 3:08 in the video, it reminds me of some of the stuff used in Feed Me's "Whiskers." Are you using softsynths for these or analog stuff? =)

Spectacular stuff yet again, though!

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Love it.

Posted by Hamst3r
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Holy cow, Hamster. That's awesome!

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I wanna give this another chance to be heard. :3

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Thanks, duders! :3

Posted by Tireyo

All I can say is wow. This doesn't even need any vocals to be great! I like it just as it is.

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This... it just transcends boundaries maaaaaan. I don't know what to feel. It's hit my euphoric receptors on so many levels I think I'm in overload. I have to go stare at kittens to relax now.

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I didn't know you were in a 90s Nu Metal band Hamst3r

just kidding. But seriously, this is awesome like you always seem to be- that opening tho... fuck you =P

Posted by Hamst3r
Posted by Ravenlight

Posted by Hamst3r
Posted by ProfessorEss

...and new belly hair for what was just air-guitared off.

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Thanks asshole.

Now I have to buy a new office chair.

...and possibly a new floorboard for under it.