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Posted by BeachThunder

I don't see The Whispered World. Up there with some of my favourite adventure games in recent years.

Posted by Video_Game_King

I think the jester actually is NiGHTS, although I may be misremembering the Wii sequel (Wiiquel?).

Posted by StarFoxA

You're missing Chrono Cross! It has both Skelly and Harle!

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Posted by Sjupp

Oh man, me and my sister played Pandemonium! as a kid so many times. I remember it very fondly. Great game.

Posted by Mento

Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Since lists have suddenly become high profile, I imagine this'll become more common.

@yummylee: I'll just add... hey, wait a minute. That doesn't look like the clown we hir-*hurk*

@starfoxa: Wouldn't say I was "missing" Chrono Cross, necessarily... but seriously, doesn't Chrono Cross's roster kind of have at least one of everything? Seems like a cheat.

Posted by StarFoxA
Posted by Brackynews

This list is my safe word.