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Posted by GunslingerPanda

Really wish I had been able to go. It sounds great and the EU LCS is being played there tomorrow. At least I'm enjoying seeing all the coverage. Pretty happy to hear that the Black Flag sailing feels good.

Did you happen to get any codes for League of Legends skins? They're giving away a pretty cool skin there and it's making me even sadder that I was unable to go.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

@gunslingerpanda: Tried to check it out but the whole League of Legends area was so full! People were going nuts.

Posted by steelerzfan101

Yeah Ryse: Son of Rome doesn't seem like an interesting game. I feel like it is just unoriginal in different aspects!

Edited by asantosbr

I went there. Besides the usual suspects you mentioned above. I got really exited with:

X Rebirth

Diablo 3 expansion


Also Some PC hardware stuff.

On a side note i also liked the new skylanders, my daugther will love that.

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Thanks for sharing your impressions. I'm really curious about Driveclub, it looks so much better now and I might even get it as a launch game now.

Edited by Uberjannie

Yep, I was there from Thursday to Sunday. Soooo many people O.o

Also, almost nobody spoke English in Köln (Cologne) so I had many problems with communication.