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Awesome work Squiggs!

Posted by CornBREDX

Nothing but good things here. =)

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Great job! You get to keep your job for another week!

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2 things. when I add a comment here, the add-a-new-comment box goes away. It appends my comment to the list, but doesn't let me add another or see comments between my viewing the page and my adding a comment (live comment updating) :)

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You know this thread is just going to turn into people testing out the GIF functionality, right? ME FIRST:

Posted by eccentrix

@dhechler said:

live comment updating

I don't think I've really seen any site other than Facebook do that.

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@dhechler: Thats intentional, we don't want people to just be having 3 or 4 posts in a row (or at least try to make it harder to do it)

@mattyftm: God I hope so.

Posted by dhechler

@eccentrix: It would be nice though since it adds my comment as if it is the latest, but really there could have been 10 posted since i read the article. Just a thought.

Posted by dhechler

@ltsquigs: That makes sense. I'll just reload a bunch :)

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It begins.

This is probably the most sleekest system when it comes to this kind of stuff, easy on the eyes and super functional~ Keep up the great work!

Posted by aurahack


Posted by joshwent

We're comin' back, better than ever!

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And just when I am getting big into gif making.

Posted by Video_Game_King

@ltsquigs said:

  • Animated Gifs now work through our uploader, so you guys can stop embedding the images directly and making me cry.

Posted by Fobwashed

Works. Tyty

Posted by blueneurosis

@ilikepopcans: All the GIFS will be for naught if you cannot use an image stabilize filter before busting out this Cloverfield looking stuff. Jeff looks like he's not giving two rips about the seismic event going on there.

Posted by adoggz

Posted by FLStyle

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Animated GIFs. Anyone can use them. Anyone.

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Good job guys.

Posted by BlackLagoon

@ltsquigs said:

  • If you upload images by url on your gallery page, they will now append correctly to the gallery without a refresh

I'm afraid this doesn't seem to be properly fixed. Yes, they now display properly, but if you try to tag them or make them default image you just end up getting a big red error bar up top. Something about the image not existing or some such. Still need to reload the page to do anything with them.