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Posted by OneAndOnlyBigE

The level of detail here is awesome and also fucking crazy.

Good work duder.

Edited by Matthew

@oneandonlybige: I'll be honest, I was a bit hesitant on actually doing this one, so much so that I passed it over and did the next couple episodes after it before coming back knocking it out. It wasn't even 80min, but the amount of stuff that could be noted was just as much as a 120min Bombcast. Also, the crazy part of it all was Rorie and Alex are both back with the site obviously...was weird to think of them as working for different companies while I was taking notes.

Edited by Pie

I heartily endorse this bombcast breakdown

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Sexual and lecturer. Entertainment of the brain and brawn.

Posted by huser

@matthew: Spectacular work. I've had an on again off again interest in their off the cuff predictions. Stuff with a clear time frame, but obviously random, like Starcraft II coming out in 3 years, (or the timing of the various next expansions) and stuff like that. I just rarely keep notes and just encounter them as I go through the back catalog so kudos to you.


Nice. Very nice.

Very very nice in fact.