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@dankempster: Thanks, it's really cool to hear someone say that. I do kinda regret not sticking Assassin's Creed on there now, that was a pretty big series for me.

Edit: Fuck it, I switched out Fallout for AC.

Posted by dankempster

This is an excellent list. It serves as a pretty comprehensive summary of the generation in terms of trends and advancements, while at the same time retaining the games' clear personal significance born from your own time spent with them. I think for the most part, my list wouldn't look a whole lot different. I would probably throw the Assassin's Creed series into my own list somewhere, mainly because those free-running mechanics and densely populated cities had me in awe the first time I saw them in action, and I will always associate them with this generation of consoles. Great write-up.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

No Disgaea? Permaban!

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