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MasterSplinter said:
""Come 'ere Timmy. Come sit on papa Mario's lap."
Have a seat over there.
Posted by tec3297

Mario die will never die, even after Nintendo dies, Mario will live on.

Posted by Arkthemaniac

Wait . . . how are there posts from 10 months ago here!?!

Posted by TheJollyRajah

Good job.

Posted by OmegaPirate

*grabs gun*

In about 
*Checks watch*

20 minutes if i have my way

*walks out room*

Posted by TeflonBilly
Tarsier said:
"Mario is already dead."
Yeah, the ending of Mario Galaxy more or less confirmed that Mario is in Hell, doomed to suffer through the same quest and the hardships therein for all eternity. Whenever he thinks he gets some respite, it all resets and he has to go through the same torture again only harder.

I wonder how many children he killed to deserve that fate.
Posted by Systech

Irrelevant picture:

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