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Posted by Systech

Irrelevant picture:

Posted by TeflonBilly
Tarsier said:
"Mario is already dead."
Yeah, the ending of Mario Galaxy more or less confirmed that Mario is in Hell, doomed to suffer through the same quest and the hardships therein for all eternity. Whenever he thinks he gets some respite, it all resets and he has to go through the same torture again only harder.

I wonder how many children he killed to deserve that fate.
Posted by OmegaPirate

*grabs gun*

In about 
*Checks watch*

20 minutes if i have my way

*walks out room*

Posted by TheJollyRajah

Good job.

Posted by Arkthemaniac

Wait . . . how are there posts from 10 months ago here!?!

Posted by tec3297

Mario die will never die, even after Nintendo dies, Mario will live on.

Edited by BloodRavyne
MasterSplinter said:
""Come 'ere Timmy. Come sit on papa Mario's lap."
Have a seat over there.
Posted by chililili

I really hope that the Zelda and Mario series get some resolution I mena for example look at Superman and Batman those characters are over 70 years old! Fans of them have died before them. I just hope to see some resolution before I'm 87.

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Mario dies a TON..... At least when i play mario games. Damn koopas.

Posted by Mario_Galaxy_Fan

Mario is the most recognisable character in the history of videogames. Mario is gonna be going anywhere anytime soon and a gaming world without Mario would be unthinkable.

Posted by DanGuy

When you see 'Game Over'

Posted by epic_pets

Untill it makes about 5 crappy games in a row

Posted by Jensonb

Every time he runs into a Goomba when he's yet to eat a Mushroom.

Oh, you meant permanently. Never.

Posted by DappaDizzle
DarkLegend said:
"He dies when Nintendo dies."
na EA will buy his ip
Posted by Termite

Mario should die in some sort of epic battle with Bowser.

Posted by DJ_LaFleur

Mario will die when luigi gets fed up with being in his shadow and finally decides to take the spotlight away from him, and not in a  pretty way...

Posted by DarkLegend

He dies when Nintendo dies.

Posted by sdodd02


Posted by tariqari

When Bowser learns to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Posted by Spizzy

Mario will never die, but if he does they will just go back in time to get Teen Mario... they already got Baby Mario.

Posted by mastergiani

When peach gets mad and poisons the cake she makes for him. 

M rated Mario confirmed.

Posted by AndrewGaspar
Josh said:
"Mario will never die, for Mario is eternal.

Unfortunately. I hate the little bastard."
Beat me to it...
Posted by Harrison

tommorow afternoon

Posted by ShigeruMiyamoto

Never :)

Posted by BlackWaterCO

He's immortal, and besides, nintendo could never make an original game if they wanted, so they are lucky they have this franchise

Posted by DappaDizzle

after nintendos last press conference ...... start the countdown

Posted by BoG

That picture.... wow. My jaw dropped. At first it was unsightly, nut I warmed up tot he deformed old man.
To contribute to the ... discussion... Mario will never die. He's too popular, and the main series games are too good.

Posted by nasie

Posted by Hanabi

As long as people purchase Mario they'll make games. And if they can continue to make good games there's no reason fans won't purchase them. :)

Posted by akskiller


Posted by asskick3r

 Mario will die when little kids grow older.
But then other little kids will play.... damn it's a loop.

Posted by wizeguy

hopefully never, hes been one of gaming biggest stars along with sonic the longer they stay around the better i say, but that dont mean nintendo shouldnt make new IPs.

Posted by RowdyRob

He hasn't seemed to have aged in the past 20 or so years, so it doesn't look like anytime soon. But you must remember, Baby Mario will grow up one day...


Posted by Toseph

As long as nintendo exist Mario will never die

Posted by Pikachu

probably never, i mean mario has been around forever :P

Posted by elektrixx

When you run out of 1UP mushrooms.

Posted by roylink

Mario will die when gaming or Myomoto dies.

Posted by SSbabel

As long as Nintendo exsist mario will aswell, so if u wanna c mario die u best be killin nintendo first.

Posted by RabbitKarrot

The question is: When he actually does die; Will he shoot up into the air and then fall into nothing-ness?

He fucking better, man.

Posted by Peewi
Soopy said:
"if mario shoots up viagra then he might.


The clouds are white buses.
Posted by Alpha1

the question is will mario ever have children has he got a medical problem or is princess peach not putting out?

Posted by Soopy

if mario shoots up viagra then he might.


Posted by Joker

He will not die. Or at least until Super Mario Shooter comes out. Than he will die a lot.

Posted by Link

When Nintendo can think of something better than
'A plumber that jumps on things'

Posted by MasterSplinter

"Come 'ere Timmy. Come sit on papa Mario's lap."

Posted by CitizenKane

Kids should be taught to stay away from people that look like him.  He's a child lover, no doubt about it.

Posted by Ryan


Posted by Daniel

So this picture doesn't really have much to do with the question of Mario's mortality, but I figured it was pretty damn creepy and worthy of a post.


Posted by Josh

Mario will never die, for Mario is eternal.

Unfortunately. I hate the little bastard.

Posted by coonce

can i post rihtnow!

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