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Posted by Brad
Selleck approves.
So here we are, coming up on the end of week one at the new Giant Bomb. Almost 14,000 of you have signed up for accounts and submitted tens of thousands of wiki and image contributions to our rapidly expanding database. Needless to say, we're stoked and totally flattered that people are taking to the site's concept in such a big way. We've been working feverishly to keep up with this flood, but we're only human, so now we're turning to a mix of newly knighted moderators and smart technology to help us reach equilibrium on your contributions, working toward the eventual goal of a flat 24-hour turnaround time. (As with most trying situations in life, robots are going to save our asses here.)

Man, I am so glad we didn't launch before E3.

The biggest compliments I've seen paid to Giant Bomb so far revolve around just how much there is to do on the site. It all starts with adding information and pictures to the wiki pages (and racking up points for doing it) and y'all have, of course, been absolutely blitzing that stuff. I'm also especially proud of the stupendous community features snide, coonce, andy, and Ethan have built for you guys to play around with. With the friends network, image galleries, blogs, a what-I'm-doing-now status tag, RSS feeds for everything you do...well, it's a lot to absorb, innit? So much that you might miss something.

Lists are one piece of the profile puzzle that hasn't gotten much airtime yet. You can add anything--a game, person, character, location, or whatever--to a list, right from that thing's wiki page. There are the obvious built-in lists like game collection and most-wanted games; you can probably figure out what those are for. But lists are also, like, totally useful for ranking all the cutest boys in school! (I nominate Kyle for 14th place, does that sparkle with everyone?) Um, what I'm getting at is, you can create a meaningful list about anything, as evidenced by this phenomenal group of the greatest mustachioed figures in gaming our friend and moderator MrJared assembled. Seriously, check it out. If that doesn't communicate the power of the list feature, what does?

Truly, our hearts have been warmed by the creativity, inventiveness, and just plain hard work you people have displayed this week. Here's a few noteworthy examples:

  • User DarthStone has vowed to translate all of our reviews into Spanish and post them on his profile blog, because all the game coverage sucks in Latin America, or something.
  • We knew the various Halo pages would get a lot of attention right off the bat, and indeed the MJOLNIR Armor wiki has come together nicely. It's a good example of what devoted fans can put together on the site. User MaSuTa also went buck wild on the Fire ProWrestling Returns page. (Dude, stick some images in there!)
  • As noted on the Bombcast this week, the Hamburger forum remains shockingly on-topic. There are now hundreds of threads STRICTLY ABOUT HAMBURGERS. Remember, every single wiki on the site has its own forum. Personally, I'm planning to camp out on the Roberta Williams board at some point.
  • If you're looking for some ways to make this world a better place, why not add information to some of the mindblowing concepts some users have come up with, like Unreliable Narrator or Games With Numbers Where Letters Should Go?
  • I have to recognize the serious effort our first wave of moderators have put in so far, working tirelessly to approve your submissions and keep the forums relatively civil. The initial popularity of the site caught us with our collective pants down, and the mods are helping us get things under control while we figure out exactly what the hell we're doing here.

Lastly, as Ryan just noted on the news blog, we've rolled out a new crowd-based image moderation tool that will let you, the people, help us push submitted images into the system at a much faster rate. You'll even earn points for doing it (soon)! The more images you guys deal with, the more wiki submissions we can focus on. Now is the time for every good user to come to the aid of his web site. Won't you do your part?
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Giant Bomb survived week 1

Posted by Foxdemon2k

hehe great :)

Posted by Tarsier

cool! Now all you guys need to do is get rid of the Top Posters list! ^_^

Posted by AndrewB

Everything is great so far. I'm loving the community-driven aspect of this site. Just wish I had the time to be a bigger part of it.

Posted by the_illuminati

Great stuff Brad, and thanks to all at Giant Bomb for making a kick-ass website.  I think we all look forward to the future.

Posted by Brackynews

Super glad to hear you're also a Roberta Williams fangirl Brad.  I'm workin' on it!  ^_-

Posted by Cowman

I knew I should have made a mustache concept page!

Posted by Berkie

Good stuff

Posted by spoa

I'm pleasantly surprised how great GiantBomb is turning out. I'm shocked at how you quickly you guys are dealing with this major flood of submissions. Cheers!

Posted by Lepuke

It's all coming to a head, the site was already amazingly vast at launch. And now with the collective input from thousands (or a lot more) gamers were going to see crazy obscure niches fleshed out.
Try to catch a little sleep here and there guys, you've earned it.

Posted by 354g3evwdwdw

Ok , Giant Bombers, keep going!

Posted by MrJared

Cowman: I have merely unlocked the door to mustache potential! It's up to you to walk through it.

Posted by ZombiePie

This site is GREAT! All your hardwork is starting to show!

Posted by piecat

This site just keeps impressing me. Good work everyone.

And to the guy who said "first!", why would you do that?

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Sad at the lack of Jason Giambi's mustache.

Posted by CrazyCraven

Selleck approves!  Amazing.

Posted by brukaoru

The new image voting is a great idea. I hope this will be implemented to other areas as well. Great work guys, keep it up!

Posted by Dude_What

Best 'tache ever is clearly Viggo Mortenson's in G.I. Jane

Posted by imayellowfellow

site coming along VERY nicely i am excited for more video features and blogs like this

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Yes another way to get points! (I don't know much about games.) Thanks for the update!

Posted by KimFidler

There is literally a million things you can do on this site.  Just pick a game and post the strangest things about it.  You can also take it one step further and post where the idea of those strange things originated from, and so on.  It's pretty addicting.

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Very nice idea, this should help you guys deal with the information overload.

Posted by Orange_Pork

This site is so Pringles.

Posted by calf_exercises

giant bomb = awesome x comunnity³

Posted by xXLunchBox87Xx

keep it up guys. this is by favorite gaming site on the net.

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I'm pretty sure Giant bomb is the greatest website in the history of mankind.
Does that sparkle with everyone?

Posted by breton

Selleck has a fine 'stache, but I've always had a thing for Burt Reynold's.

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Giant Bomb is awesome.

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You rule, Brad. Seriously.

How could you not anticipate how popular this site would be when it opened? I know this industry isn't like the music or film industry, where money is made on sheer popularity, stars are untouchable and incredibly rich, making money just being a living advertisement and the whole world knows who you are.
The Video game industry hasn't yet reached the masses in such a way as these industries have (it will), because even if it might hurt someones PC feelings , most of us ARE "geeks", "otakus" and whatnot. The Jocks in your high school aren't here posting in the forums I'll tell you that right now. But even so, you guys are celebrities in your roles as gaming journalists, and Jeff Gerstmann is by far the most famous video game journalist in this industry. I'm surprised the invasion slowed down rather quickly, not the other way around. We all know who you were, what you've done, and what you're doing now. I've been reading on Gamespot for almost 10 years now, since I was a young boy in High School, or maybe even before that. There just isn't any chance that I wouldn't be here right now.

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So much to do on this site. Awesome. Keep it up!

Posted by Mjolnir

Yup...gotta love that MJOLNIR armor.

Posted by Jett

i don't quite like the idea of having the community decide whether or not my image submission should be accepted. the main reason for this is not because i think people would see "oh, this image really ISN'T that good" and have it denied, but because the average person would look at some of the recent Marvel vs. Capcom screenshots i took and say to themselves, "jesus, this picture is so small" and deny it. problem is, it's at the resolution that the game actually runs at before it blows the picture up to fill a screen. sure, i could do that in photoshop, but why bother? all it's doing is reducing the quality.

so, eh, i dunno.

Posted by Ilias13

Thanks for the heads up Jeff :) The voting thing is an amazing idea, working on it as we speak :)

Posted by chililili

darthstone's right I'll ahve to proofread his spanish tho.

Posted by ThomasP

Sweet. Time to watch Simpsons.

Posted by TomServo

I was under the impression that doing the image moderation would get you points! WTF!!!!!!

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Btw y did u upload that pastmania pic, do u hate hulk hogan or something?

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Posted by SeymourBewty
Creepy mustache guy approves of this post.
Posted by Scorched

you should give darthstone some points

Posted by robbob88

I love this site! Its so awesome! :)