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Posted by velt

nice to see the spanish guy going for the translation, latin america sucks to be a gamer.
But pretty much anyone who is into the gaming here doesnt have a problem with english.

Posted by avgbountyhunter

I think the new site is great!

Posted by Superchris129

Wario's stach is better than marios...

Posted by Dauragon


Posted by RHCPfan24

Thanks for the update jeff!

Posted by Bombzilla

Thanks again for the great site Giant Bombers!

Posted by fistfullofcats

Oh mustaches, how I love thee. I have worked hard on mine. Thanks Giant Bomb for supporting mustaches.

Posted by coonce
Posted by thefjk

Does this qualify?

thefjk, Simpsonize Me
Posted by MisterMouse

Haha Mustaches, the great mustaches come from the mustache festival!!! they have some crazy ones

Posted by Ennui

This site is so Pringles.

Posted by Mikewrestler5

Hogan is hilarious in that picture! ha

Posted by Boomadang

Please more man hair that falls under the nose but is above the mouth

Posted by Luberik
extremely happy moustache guy with a Winni de Poe Bag :). Picture taken in Marocco.
Posted by sculsoldi3r
Posted by spaded

i am growing mine, jus you wait, i want to look like magnum pi by the end

Posted by zerohero
America Approved
Posted by pikamookie


Posted by DarthStone

LOL... love the "or something" part...

Posted by Benjamin_Sisko

This site is amazing.


Posted by Canberra

cpt. price had a pritty bad ass 'stash

"Ello love im bloody cockney i am"
Posted by CreamyGoodness

only giant bomb could you have all this dedicated to mustaches. god i love this site

Posted by ISmoochyI

Hercule Poirot is the man


Posted by MisterMouse

how can you leave out this 'stache 

(i decided that the 8-bit mario, and the new mario were different enough to post this mario)
Its interesting how his mustache is black while his hair is brown i wonder what a beard on him would look like...
Its Mario from the bad game Mario Sunshine!!!

Posted by HibiscusExplosion
there's nothing quite like a nice wholesome moustache.
Posted by CrazyRalph023

Mustaches are amazing, and should be respected as a true form of superiority. Looks like you're growing some peach fuzz on that upper lip? Thinking about shaving it off? Think again--males and females alike show your human nature and sport that ravishing stache, it's sexy!

Posted by Linkyshinks

Captain Price CoD 4 *ahem*

Posted by Linkyshinks

Captain Price Call of Duty 4

A monumental oversight I believe, this guy has the best tache I have seen in a videogame before. It looks like it's from another era, possibly Edwardian or Victorian, it's hard to tell.
Posted by The_Icon

Awesome site! I hope Jeff u guys can do a weekly mail bag? We ask questions, u guys answer

Posted by LordAndrew

Ethan is Andy. That is so not cool.

Posted by pplus0440

k so i was never a forum guy or one of those dudes who had to leave my opinion on everything in the stupid comments section of gamespot, i just went there for my reviews bc i like to spend alot of cash on games. But what im getting at is this sight is gonna be awsome once it gets going. and im digging the south park allusion in the thing up there. does that shine and sparkle with everyone?

Posted by reflekshun

This is a phenomenal website!! I seriously think this is one of the best websites on the internet right now. The perfect place to reminisce on old games and keep tabs on new ones! The community is totally amazing and so powerful! Better than any corporate scum out there hehe :) Much respect and love to GiantBomb!

Posted by ocdog45

shows the power of the community when they  are not acting like dicks.

Posted by Koof


Posted by skywing

i was just watching the good the bad the ugly and my god are there some good staches in that movie

Posted by NihonTiger

Where's Luigi on that list?