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Posted by stratedge

Looks like a pretty version of 'Excite Truck' to me.

Posted by Stealthoneill

Unfortunately Off road racers tend to be a little dry..

Luckily this looks to change that trend and really does look beautiful. Definately worth a go just to see how it plays!

Posted by Koof

Looks like a mix of SSX and Excitebike 64. I'll be looking at this one for a while: too bad I don't have a 360 or PS3. This might be the game that could push me over the edge.

Posted by MindChamber

Wtf was that last part? with Ryan crying over Braid?

Btw, shame its such a shitty vehicle for such an awesome looking game.

Posted by Video_Tycoon

It looks pretty cool, but it doesn't seem like there are a lot of tricks.

Posted by Ebisch

I'm getting a deffinity SSX meets Motor Storm vibe from that.

Also what the hell was Ryan doing at the end of that.  Some reminate of the Braid video review?

Posted by Liberum

I live is west virginia and every redneck here has an atv. If this was what driving an atv was actually like I would do it alot more... It had a good sense or speed and air and the locations looked amazing. The palms tree theme and stuff kinda made me want to play some jet moto.

Posted by HazBazz

Vinny, get the hell out, we don't need you any more. Brad is the new 'Video Guy'.

Posted by brew

It looks ok , not great. It just makes me appreciate Motorstorm even more because you get a chance to race with all kinds of different vehicles and that keeps a racing game fresh ...... this would get old to me very quickly.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

How well do they simulate brain and neck injuries?

Posted by Aaron_G

Looks like a pretty descent ATV racing game.

Posted by Thinktank

Does anyone know what the electronic/dance song playing in the video is?

Posted by RobDaFunk

Great Braid finish.......ATV's......Meh.

Looked stunning tho.

Posted by NoGamesForOldMen

Over the top racing, button mashing tricks just for the sake of it.  I'm old. Another game for the young crowd. 

Posted by swamplord666

Believe me or not but i've been focus testing this game for a while in brighton and although i can't say anything, what i can say is this game is probably my favorite racing game of all time! especially the freestyle mode! Definitely going to buy this when it comes out! (anyone who wants proof, PM me and i'll show the shirt and USB keys i got from them)

Posted by ImperiousRix

First time I've seen video for this as I must be the first to admit that if it's not Kart racing, I'm not the biggest fan of racing games.  However, I have played my fair share of motocross and atv games, and this one actually looks damn good.  I always like when tricks are implemented into the racing itself.  This one looks kinda like MX Freekstyle, which was basically SSX on motor bikes, only Pure looks a lot more polished.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Pure kinda reminds me of Sled Storm, which is a good thing.

Posted by Kohe321

That looked awesome! The light effects were great!

Posted by Paul

Preloaded... Irraguardless, that's a dumb word. 

Posted by banned8921

My friend got his head smashed riding one of these and dies he was going 80 mph to show off. and wasnt wearing a helmet.

Posted by sweetpotatoes

i want mario kart to look like that

Posted by War77Machine

I think I will wait for the reviews on this one.

Posted by reversethedevil

that game looks fcukin' dope! trick system does totally look like ssx! which where the hell has ssx been anyway?

Posted by get2sammyb

The graphics are amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Posted by GalvanizedNails
Posted by Razor

Not to bring everyone down here because after watching that video (U DID THIS BRAD?? RYAN?? VIN?? GOODWERK BUDDY) I feel like I'm completely done and over with games in that genre.  That genre being racing games with slight twists to them but still CLOSED WORLD racing feels so much like 1996 to me, like on my n64 with Waverace64 that I'M COMPLETELY DONE WITH GAMES OF THIS KIND.
Ya there I said it, sorry but that games is boring to me, its a very generic racing game with a twist, the physics is non-existent even for a racing game when you jump 50 feet in the air and the 4wheeler doesn't even bounce even a bit when it hits the ground..... only good thing I can say about the game is that its got DECENT MUSIC and DECENT GRAPHICS(decent graphics as in 1st generation x360 games like PGR 3 graphics).

Posted by FLStyle

l337 imovie skills right there.

Posted by Nintendude

This is something I'm ready to buy for 360. For me Motor Storm looks really boring next to this.

Posted by samcotts

I was about to say this looks like SSX on wheels, but quite a few people beat me to it. Screw this, give us a new SSX game already!

Pure does look like a lot of funny though.

Posted by Kilzombie

Game looks slick, I like it.

Posted by MB

Looks like a better looking, more fun version of Motorstorm...but for the 360.  I'm normally not interested in racing games too much, but this has my attention now.

Posted by Ossi

Looks cool, visually stunning - and Ryan...WTF?!

Posted by Scroll

Yeah that kinda looks great.

Posted by SaitenMar

Looks nice, reminded me of Motorstorm a lot! thought it does look a lot of fun and nice music aswell.

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

Man, I was all ready to be all dismissive and snobby about another ATV game but this looks really neat. With EA apparently shelving the SSX series, this might be something to help fill that void.

Posted by DaveKingston

Dude....Pure Looks....FUN!!!

Posted by Mister_Snig

Looks like SSX on wheels. Which reminds me.

Where the hell is my SSX, EA?

Posted by Rio

gamer sure does look purty

Posted by Hexogen

This looks awesome. I think this will be the first ATV racing game I've owned since the original ATV Offroad Fury that was part of my PS2 bundle back in the early 2000s.

Posted by superezekiel

Boss indeed, you hungry hungry nun.

Posted by coonce

i am totally buying this game! i seriously can't wait for this puppy to hit store shelves!

Posted by Jiquk

Racing games ewww.

Posted by joslop500

haha nice

Posted by Wright

looks like a pretty slick game. though those landings would no doubt shatter his balls =)

Posted by TwoOneFive

this is definitely a big competitor for motorstorm 2. 

having tricks makes the game a lot better. i wish motorstorm2 had something like that going for it. having not played the first one, i am not sure if there even is a point system involved. motorstorm is just all about more brutal in your face wild racing, this is more about speed and style and massive jumps. 
Posted by Jensonb

I'm really looking forward to this :D

Posted by MayorMcCheese

I always felt like i missed out on Motorstorm but this game looks similar so i might get this

Posted by TheGamerGeek

What was up with the end of the video?

Posted by Ubergeist

Wacky ending.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

How about the AI? If Moto GP 07 had any flaws it was in the AI.

This game looks fantastic, it really does. I'm so excited!

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