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Posted by Jeff
Sony's weekly update for the PlayStation Store has come and gone, but not without bringing some new stuff to buy and mess around with.

You've probably already played the demo for The Last Guy just to see what all the fuss has been about. The full version of this Japan Studio release is now available for $9.99. If I may drop references to a game that no one has played for a moment, The Last Guy is essentially an update of the Demonstration Roundup minigame found in Work Time Fun for the PSP. But instead of rounding up angry protestors and helping them dodge police, you're rounding up survivors and helping them avoid zombies. As a big-time lover of WTF/Beit Hell 2000, I'm buying this game to support game development by the criminally insane. Here, once again, is the great developer interview that was posted on the PlayStation Network awhile ago:


The third booster pack for Warhawk is now available, too. Known as Operation: Fallen Star, it adds jetpacks. I think it probably adds some other stuff, too, but they had me at jetpacks, so I stopped reading. Also, Sony has added trophy support to the game. Sounds like now is the time for me to finally get all of these booster packs. You can buy the new pack for $7.99, but if you're like me and haven't picked any of them up yet, you can get a bundle of all of them for $15.99. Here's the trailer for the new thing. Can you jack warhawks using your jetpack? If not, they need to put that in.


Posted by Dolphin_Butter

I want The Last Guy!

Posted by Mattzz10

That dev. interview for The Last Guy was the most "unique" thing I have ever seen.

Posted by Coltonio7

I tried the demo for The Last Guy, PSN game of the year.

Posted by GalvanizedNails

only reason im jealous of PS3 owners. Awesome downloadable games and warhawk. Can Last Guy be downloaded to a PSP? Since like you said Jeff, the game is pretty much an update of that WTF minigame, I'm sure you could run it on a PSP.

Posted by MasterSplinter

I have heard good things about The Last Guy. Hopefully you review it, Jeff.

Posted by Elk

People didn't pay Work time Fun? WTF?

Posted by SolidKnight


Posted by RenegadeSaint

It's questionable as to whether the Warhawk expansions should have been included in the initial release, making the game the standard $60.  For people who bought this game, do you like this kind of prolonged release of material adding up to a full game or is it just annoying?  I don't have the game so I can't comment, but it all seems very odd to me.

Posted by BrainSpecialist

What the hell was up with the interview? that was whack.

Posted by Sharpshooter


WarHawk by itself is a great game, its no Battlefield 2 but its a great multiplayer shooter. But I think the way they're staggering the expansions makes the game more interesting. Aside for a new map all the expansions have included a new vehicle i.e. the APC with Broken Mirror  and the Dropship in Omega Dawn. They add a new element to the game play and in some (thought not all) cases require a change in tactics, and now this jetpack is going to shake up all the previous man on man tactics.

So in other words they refresh the game play and keep people playing and to me thats a really good idea.

Posted by zoozilla

That's it.  All games should be developed in the Himalayas!

Posted by brocool

I'am the last guy!

Posted by Cirdain

I guess it's all that Himalayain air making them crazy... i guess.

Posted by MattOnTheSite

Look at all that curry! And they didn't even mention the goat!

Posted by FCKSNAP

Namaste! I am Da Last.... Guy!

It's an OK game, sorta hard, but absolutely DO NOT play on a 480i TV, I couldn't see much with my bad eyesight until I moved my PS3 to the HDTV.

Posted by Tortoise

"I am of course the #1 Mathematician in all the Himilayas"

Posted by Bolt3

The interview is awesome! Completly off the wall.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Thanks for the news GB!

Posted by banned8921

I kind of want to play warhawk now i love jetpacks but i dont have a pc actually the last console I owned was a sega

Posted by deadgopher

The rocket packs in Warhawk are INCREDIBLE. Makes the game SO much more enjoyable than it already was. Incognito FTW!

Posted by Y2Ken

That was the most... outstanding developer interview I have ever seen.

I know feel obliged to buy this game.

Posted by Destroyeron

Not...exactly sure what just happened...but I think it was cool.

Posted by Valor79

That interview is much better if you imagine an angry curry chef holding a large butcher kinfe and a soldier with a gun pointed at the guys head just off camera. Then the way he strangely pauses between each line makes more sense... especially the way he stops, apologizes for the mistake, then talks more about how amazing the curry is.

Posted by Dark_Era

i have seen this interview a few times and it cracks me up every time, lol

Posted by awheaten

This is a very poor news post. However, I do agree with Jeff, if you don't have all the packs, then get all three bundle. The jet packs are far and away fun. Plus, you get an extra level which is very good.

Posted by Smersh

...guess this makes me THE LAST GUY!

Posted by PLWolf

Still have that interview on my PS3, it's so awesome. The Last Guy is fun, but hard as hell.
Now the Warhawk Pack? That's awesomeness personified. The Beauty of the trophies is they even work in non-ranked games. hehe
Nothing more fun than shooting down a Warhawk while flying around with a JetPack. Even better is running down a guy with a Jetpack, with a Warhawk. That's a Gold Trophy too, folks.

Posted by Doogie2K

I Want To Be The Last Guy