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Posted by Jeff
The key to making people interested in science has nothing to do with Creature Creators and evolution. It has everything to do with creating epic devices that seemingly have the potential to kill us all, and then having scientists spend all their time talking about why it won't actually kill us.

It's completely perfect, then, that a contest has been held with the hopes of renaming the Large Hadron Collider to something a bit more dramatic.

So I present to you: Halo.

The name came in from hundreds of people to London's Royal Society of Chemistry, which held the contest. The catch is that the RSC isn't exactly working on the LHC itself, so they're going to formally suggest the new name to CERN and the Institute of Physics.

CERN spokesman James Gillies gave the Telegraph the following stick-in-the-mud quote:

"We're flattered that the RSC should take such an interest in our public image, and we find the name Halo to be apposite. However, the LHC will not be changing its name."

Dude, come on! Name it after the big ring from the video game! You know, the big ring that was really just a huge death ray? Hitch your wagon up to a death machine! Start calling the thing that starts it up The Index! Years of bad, jokey posts from dorks like me about how they'll need to keep space marines out of the test chamber depend on it! Also... does this mean that the Flood are going to invade Earth soon?

[Originally seen on Geekologie.]
Posted by Aaox

Yay! Totally name the thing Halo! IT KILLS GALAXIES! 

Wait... NO!
Posted by scottp


Posted by The_A_Drain

Screw that, if the LHC was named after such a mediocre franchise I would no longer be interested in science.

Posted by Riicochet

I hate the video gaming community sometimes....the second most submitted name was "black mesa".

It just screams a retard in his basement typing away at full force, acne and all with a huge smile saying "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!"

I R SO SMART!!111one

Posted by p4ddym1607

What is wrong with the name it already has?

Posted by lamegame621

*sigh*..black mesa? ...my God..did no one suggest UAC? Gamers these days.

Posted by snide

"Dantooine.... they're on Dantooine."

Posted by SuperJoe

"Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

Posted by breton

God am I glad they rejected it. The first time I read about the name change I let out a huge sigh.

Posted by grainger

discombobulator would be a much better name!

Posted by Kohe321

Hahaha thats funny. Like they would agree to call it Halo.

Posted by Fade2Gray

Naming it 'Halo' in-and-of-itself would have almost certainly caused a rift in the fabric of reality leading to the death of all man kind if for no other reason than that the thing probably runs on the Mac OS.

Posted by Sharpshooter

correct me if I'm wrong but isn;t it one of the signs of the apocolypse if a major science experiment gets names after a videogame by a bunch of chemistry nerds?

Posted by roofy

i was under the assumption that it was going to be renamed.
kinda funny.
does anyone even know what this machine does?

Posted by RHCPfan24

I wish they did.  That would be really cool.  Nice jokes, Jeff.

Posted by The_A_Drain


It's a particle accelerator, where have you been the past ten years?! They've been building it for ages and it has the potential to create black holes. (Well, kinda)

Or you could just google it, jeese.

Posted by MrKlorox

Just think, in an alternate universe this thing did get named Halo and did destroy the planet on which it existed. Two close shaves.

Science: SLOW THE FUCK DOWN! You have until 2011 to obliterate existence... throttle yourselves, sirs.

Posted by calf_exercises
Posted by OzzerOzby
Posted by zoozilla

Naming it Halo would quite possibly be the worst possible thing they could call the LHC.  Except maybe other than the "Large Hadron Collider".

Posted by tresor

Microsoft should just buy the LHC and rename it, it only cost $5 Billion to build...

Bill Gates could buy one with the change from his car!! :)

Posted by EndlessMike

Large Hadron Collider is already an awesome name.

Posted by Xenos_19

Naming it Black Mesa would of been soooo awesome, but halo is kewl too

Posted by Hyruling

The Borealis???