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Posted by deadgopher

Pretty much an exact clone of my gamer rage.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

"BWAH?! How is that fair?" lmao i know excatly which part of the game that was, because that was my exact reaction the first time it happened to me.
yeah, this game is way too hard. i'm still tempted to play it just so that i can master it, but wipeout hd tempts me otherwise. and wipeout is very persuasive.

Posted by kboy

This guy I work with called Mega Man 9 "masochism for gamers." I still have yet to play it, but I would imagine this is how my sitting with it would probably sound. Mash some other words against the good ol' "F word" and throw a couple "goddamn its" in there and that's probably what you'd hear from me.

Posted by Linkyshinks

What the hell do you expect using those controllers

Posted by Scarabus

I hate those damn flying scissors too.

Posted by Gazimaluke

I still say the old Mega Man games wasnt hard to beat if you compare to other games for the NES. Waiting for MM9 on XBLA.

Posted by shapeshifter

Haha nice! The Megaman series can frustrate the crap out of anyone...

Posted by Fleppie

hahah, that was awesome! So regonisable, controller taking flying lessons. AWESOME! I am not alone...

Posted by EndlessMike

Proof that they shouldn't make new games to play like old games for a reason. They were fun back in the day but they're just frustrating now. Even going back and playing the old games is really frustrating.

Posted by elektrixx

Haven't we all been in that situation.

Posted by elektrixx
Lilarcor wrote:
Is that Alex's voice? Shouldn't he be in Boston?

Are you his mother?
Posted by DRooPZ

"Thats cause you aint no good at megaman son"

This Game is really Hard, but its been a while since ive played a game with this level of challenge and no check points or saving Really brings me back.

Howard dean at 2:58 Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Posted by waza

the demo turned me off
won't waste 10$ on a game i won't be finishing the first level

Posted by Rossuron_X

"Scissors" <-- Best quote ever.

Posted by vhold

Megaman is all about trial, error and memorization.  That pretty much means it has to be annoying.  Of course, also quite rewarding if you have the paitence to put up with it.  Which.. I don't anymore.  Back when I had no money and my parents bought me two games a year.. yes, definitely :)

Posted by drifter13x

I DL'd the demo and deleted it after 10mins of play out of fear it would exit my PS3 and proceed to kick my ass in real life.

Posted by skywing

at least jeff has a smoke detector in his house. thats good.

Posted by Ruisu

Yup that's Mega Man Alright. Mega Man 9 is Mega Friking Hard the trial felt somewhat easy but damn 3 hours in an only beaten 1 boss.

BTW how many times did you drop that Dual Shock Jeff? It was a white Dual Shock right?

Posted by joslop500

Well, Mega Man is hard, what can I say?

Posted by CleverLoginName


Posted by coonce


Posted by Alex_Murphy

Heh, nice. It also would have been cool to see a little box in the corner showing the gameplay and what's killing him.

Posted by Replica23

Nice one. :)

Posted by sp1der1976

We've all been there

Posted by hazelnutman

I wish I had your self-control Jeff.

lol @ the end

Posted by sdauz

hhaha megaman beats gersman!

Posted by LiverKick

Jeff, watch out for your blood pressure, dude.  You're gonna get a stroke playing that game.  Good that you walked away from it.  I don't know the fascination people have by playing games that make them frustrated. 

Posted by DondonIcon

In Mega Man 9, game beats you.

Posted by Enigma2099

i'm sorry, but watching this video makes me think that they just made Mega Man ONE all over again... if I wanted to frustrate myself that much, I'd tie my hands behind my back and watch porn...

Posted by Krelle

I felt the same as you Jeff. I hated Megaman9 for about an hour. Then, somehow, I got better at it.

Posted by SpikeDelight

Scissor- Hooooh.

Best line ever.
Posted by LouChou

Mega Man makes Ninja Gaiden look like a game of lacrosse. Now, I've never played lacrosse, but I would imagine it's easier than Mega Man. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you play lacrosse you're probably good at Ninja Gaiden, and bad at Mega Man... ?

This is what I get for trying to talk 5 minutes after waking up...

Posted by JackSukeru

Can't wait to get my ass handed to me by this game. Now for some Mega Man 2 to warm up.

Edit: Played 9 yesterday and beat all eight robot masters. I'm glad to se that while it's hard it's not punishing in the same way as some other games I've played recently (Castlevania: DraculaX Chronicles).
Actually, I would put it on my "Fun Hard" list of games. Games that are challenging, but not because of bad control or cheap enemy attacks that steal away half your health bar.

Posted by Erdie

Haha, I remember loving the Mega Man games.  All I did was download the demo and ended up dying 7 times to make it to the boss (which they didn't let me battle, of course.)  I used to be fine with that back in the day, but now I've got too many other games competing for my time, and playing the same stage over and over made me lose interest all too quickly.  Went right back to playing Resistance.  (I'm new to PS3, cut me a break!)

Posted by Hef

I want a white dualshock

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Don't worry Jeff, Mega Man 9 hates me too, but I believe it to be a love-hate relationship. The light will shine through soon.

Posted by Heroclix0rz
"Want good proof that your gaming skills have gone completely soft in this era of regenerating health and constant checkpoints?"
Posted by noesmano

Loving Megaman 9, but yeah, it's a hard game.  I've managed to kill the 8 robot masters in 1hr 58mins, but goddamn!  Wily''s Castle is so horrific!  Four levels, each with a boss and if you get a game over you start the whole castle over again!!  Madness!  I haven't got to Wily yet.

Posted by kappamerc

'Thats cus you aint no good at mega man son...' - Best line of the video haha...

Great thing to say to someone whose about to throw their controller through a wall :D.

Seriously though, very hard game.

Posted by ctuck

This game isn't hard at all... once you play it enough times to have all the patterns burned into your brain and then get a stroke of luck and don't screw something up.

Piece of cake.... the wily level's are attrocious, I spent 6 lives on one room.. SIX DAMN LIVES AND COUNTING!!!!! Hell, and thats AFTER I found out you could freeze the magma beams with the concrete blast.
Posted by Metron4

Man, I must be a masochist. I didn't even want this game until I watched that video. Now I have to have it.

Posted by creamstatic
CHU-CHU-CHU-CHU-CHU-CHU "OH JEEEZZ!" "chueow chueow chueow chueow
CHU-CHU-CHU-CHU-CHU-CHU "OH GOD!" "     chueow chueow chueow chueow

LOL! This is why I never play megaman games.
Posted by xDLGx

Not sure if I should get the game on 360 or PS3 yet. Will be interesting to see how it is to play. I used to go through the first three Mega Man games like they were nothing, when I was a kid.... Start the morning by finishing one of them before going to school. I'm pretty sure that my Mega Man platforming skills have gone waaaaaay downhill since I was 8-9 or so and Mega Man 9 will be impossible :-P

Posted by vegetashonor

Lol at 3:00...Man, I understand you frustrations. Its just one of those games where the creators are sitting behind a desk and laughing during its creation. Lines like, "I can't wait to see how mad people get here!!!" and "What if we made it so THIS MANY things could kill you on this part." were uttered maniacally. Lol.

Posted by RetroIce4

Howard Dean On the Loose!

Posted by NickNorman

Ha HA! I'm THE GREATEST! ... HUUUUHWAAAAAAAAAA ... Great, great, great, GREAT!


I can't wait for this to come out Tuesday for the XBLA.

Posted by dofuss

Just played 2 and 9 back to back having never played 2 before... 9 is just harder...

Posted by F1

This game is like crack. I like it...

Posted by Link

Bloody awesome video Jeff!

Posted by skudfisher

I didn't know Eraserhead played Mega Man...