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Posted by Lukeweizer

Good to know Jeff is actually human.  

Posted by YukoAsho

It's not you not being able to handle it.  The game just harkens back to the time when games makers were fumbling to figure out what worked.  If you were like me, beating Megaman 1-3 was an excercise in the purest of frustration, and we probably only endured it because, in those days, we didn't see a lot of games.  Nostalgia messes with you that way, but the reality is that the good ol' days just weren't that good.

Posted by WholeFunShow

Just do a barrel roll.

Posted by Bewildered_Ronin

Hey, at least you're willing to admit it! I've seen a lot of people whining, "this is too hard! they need to patch it and make it easier!" No, they don't. YOU, the player, need to man up and try harder. I don't know where or when this idea that everyone should be able to beat a game came from. Also, I used to remember games having the following settings: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard. Nowadays what you have are the following: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard. In other words, what used to be considered "Easy" is now considered "Normal", and it shows. There's no shame in admitting that such-and-such setting or so-and-so game is too hard for you. Not everyone should or can beat every game on all settings, and they shouldn't be able to.

Anyways, if people think Mega Man 9 is hard, I suggest you go back and play the original arcade version of Ghosts 'N' Goblins. Or you can play Super Ghosts 'N' Goblins, which is a bit easier than the arcade version, but still blisteringly difficult.

Posted by AgileNate

LOL what makes it funny to play games like that, that get you mad is hearing the same song over and over form the start.. When watching it gets wicked funny.

Posted by FMLA

Just thank God the 8-bit music is catchy...especially the gameover screen music, cause thats when your pissed off the most!

Posted by GordonFreeman1500

yeah this game will make ya mad, but i still love it

Posted by Player1

This is exactly why I won't touch this game with a 10 foot pole. 

Posted by guttershark


Posted by NL_Buddha

Don't I know this feeling so well!!!!!!!!!! F**king elephants !!!!!!! God I hate those damn elephants!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Linkyshinks

4999 Screws Exploit might help ya Jeff.

Posted by Cyops

I know it's not nearly the same, but boot up Mega Man 8 and go to the first part of Dr. Wiley's Castle with the freaking rocketboard. That will get you warmed up for Mega Man 9 from what I'm seeing. And while you're playing it, just think, Mega Man 9 is more than 8 levels of this kind of hell. Then go stand in a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say "REALLY?, do you REALLY want to do this?" 

My vote is to get the screen captures, buy soundtrack, and screw the playing the game. 

Screen captures= Free
Soundtrack= $10
Not giving yourself an anurism= Priceless!
Posted by retrorex

This is a game that separates the old school hardcore from the checkpoint/respawn/save on the spot era. This is not for everyone.... People who played the original games migh appreciate this more, sometimes the frustration makes it addicting (sadomasochism?). But anyways, thinking about it, back in the day people, eve thou the games were very hard, they were determined to finish it. Why? Maybe because Mega Man 2 years ago was priced maybe more than $50 at retail, so you had no other choice that play that game and finish it before your parents could afford another game. NOw people play it, and skip it, "oh, well only 800pts", still 800 points are very worth it. But the thing is, when some gamers have all this games available, easy to access they just skip it and go to the next one, when years ago (unless you were rich) maybe you could get new games on your birthday, christmas, or some special occasion were you earned it. So getting MegaMan 1, 2, or under your xmas tree was a tree, and you needed to suck on it, cause that was it, so people were determined to finish it no matter what... because thats what the train brought to you. I downloaded the game before going to work, and I think its cool, because I re-started playing Mega Man2 two months ago, and haven't finished (mainly becuase my NES restarts randomly on the Willy's headquarters, yeah no emulators, just the real deal nes controller, game which has a loose pice inside and system). Now playing this game, they followed every rule of the NES limitations (not all of them actually) but yeah this game is a treat, gonna play it after work. NIce video Jeff, you looked like my aggressive cousin bakc in the late 80's were he would attack his mother because he was killed in Space Harrier. Good o'l days.

Posted by LordelX

Calm down Jeff. Try a different stage. Hornetman is not a good place to start. It's all about Galaxy Man at the beginning. But yeah...those scissors are a bitch.

Posted by Zuul

It took me 4.5 hours the first playthrough. The second only took 45 mins...

Edited by Cubical

Jeff has been playing noob games like gears of war/halo 3 to long I finished mega man 9 was not that bad.

And when I finshed it, It was slight harder than mega man 1. Hell

IF he is playing the xbox 360 or ps3 version that could be half is problem the controlers suck I cant finsh those.  the wii remote or classic controler is the only way to do it. or get a nes/snes controler adpater

and I stil laugh when people say the Xbox ninja gaidens are hard, noobs don't know what hard is until they do something like mega man 9..

Posted by OldManLollipop
Posted by falling_fast

I recognize that voice from the nintendownload xpress

Posted by jackelbeaver

megaman games are fine if you go into them expecting to die until you find a level you can beat. if a stage kicks your ass twice move on to the next one. don't feel ashamed.

you're supposed to find the couple of stages that aren't too difficult and the boss master thats a little predictable so you can start getting weapons and item parts. That's what Megaman 2 did so well and why it's so memorable. It guided the player naturally through the boss stages without the player realising it. The other games you have to make a concious decision to figure it out, it doesnt happen naturally like in 2.

Posted by jackelbeaver

Also seriously concreteman's stage is one of the hardest ones, you basically need magma man's weapon to beat his elephants, and its recommended to bring something like gravity man into splash woman's stage. you can also buy items to guard against things like spikes for a few hits as well.