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Posted by Brad

As of yesterday, there's another gigantic box full of plastic musical instruments crowding the shelves of your local games retailer. That's right, Guitar Hero: World Tour is upon us, and Kentucky Fried Chicken is stoked about this launch.

Do not handle instruments directly after eating.

According to the web site, this box "brings all your favorites together for an over-the-top concert of flavor." Also: "Man, that’s a lot of food!"

I know there have been plenty of video game-related fast-food tie-ins in the past--Pokemon, Halo 3, etc.--but this one especially seems to be tapping into the World Tour release as some sort of cultural event or touchstone, no different from the latest Indiana Jones or Spider-Man kids' meal. That box of food is kind of weirding me out, actually.

While we're on the Guitar Hero tip, MTV Multiplayer has the most important bit of day-one information for World Tour.

Are you tired of bringing home a new music game, inviting friends to rock and discovering most of the good songs have to be unlocked?

In order to gain access to every “Guitar Hero” song on the disc, head to the “Cheats” section in the “Options” menu. Choose the prompt to enter a new cheat and toss in and press Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow.

Good to know! Lastly, Joystiq finagled a confirmation of Activision's DJ Hero game out of Neversoft's Brian Bright.

Didn't you say you're already working on another music game?

Activision's doing a DJ Hero game, and I can't comment on what we're doing. But... we're working on the future and next gen. If I wasn't excited about it I wouldn't be there.

Does the idea of plastic turntables on your coffee table do anything for you? I wanted to be all "Uh, remember Beatmania?" about this, but Jeff asserts that was just a standard rhythm game with DJ trappings, so maybe there's still room for this idea. I don't think there's room in my living room for it, though.
Posted by TooWalrus

Who Isn't stoked? After playing both this and Rock Band 2, I can safely say, this game makes Rock Band look like a steaming dump! Thank you Colonel Sanders.

Posted by Terrell

Jeff is right, Beatmania was just a standard rhythm game that happened to use a turntable like controller. But what they HOPEFULLY do with DJ Hero is make a rhythm game that makes you feel like you are a DJ or in the Hip-Hop lifestyle, much like Guitar Hero does with feeling like a guitar player, or whatever. All I know is that I'm excited for DJ Hero and very interested in what they do with it...

Posted by Affect656

I'm more excited about the KFC.

Posted by PLWolf

If chicken didn't give me the worst case of indigestion ever, I'd be all over that. lol

Posted by lordofultima

I whole-hearty disagree. This game still has the trappings of all the other Guitar Hero's.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Umm...KFC. There isn't one of those around where I live so that looks mighty tasty.

Posted by Milkman

I'm not all that excited about Guitar Hero but I am VERY excited about that KFC meal. Yum.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Sadness in a bowl becomes sadness in a two-handed box?

Posted by Carlos

I WANT it all please!

Posted by Pibo47

Only in America...only in America.....wow.....we are all fat asses now.

Posted by SpecialBuddy

Im want the box full of meat more than the game itself...

Edited by Shadowsquire

Bah I dont wanna have to walk 5 city blocks to get to a KFC. At least if i do it will burn off maybe a quarter of the fat I'll gain from eating that :P

Edited by DukeTogo

Col. Sanders is an unlockable character, you heard it here first.

"Man, that's a lot of food."  Is that really a PepsiCo tagline?  That's fucking surreal.

It is a lot of food too, I can put food away like nobody's business, but that can't be for one person.

Guitar Hero has slowly started to suck ever since the lack of an 80's edition for the 360, and it's gotten worse every release.  The editing tools are broken, the song list is questionable for anyone over the age of 19, and the instruments are reportedly so fucked up that you're better off just buying the disc and using whatever ones you've still got.  The number of songs shared between Rock Band and GH are getting stupid as well.  A solid 1/4 of the songs are in both (counting RB1 via import), so unless you just like the difficulty of GH, you're paying for songs you already have.

Posted by Media_Master
Posted by F1


Posted by Shak_0

Can I get some Game Fuel (or whatever that Halo 3 drink was called) with that? Seriously, why has gaming gotten so commercial over the past few years? Also, that pic is like pornography for your appetite.

Posted by kingmasters

fuck the guitar hero look at all that food

Posted by Blissett

Man I'm looking forward to this game more than any in a long time. None of my friends plays video games but I'm hoping this will be the bait that draws them in. Also, as a UK based member, I'm pleased to see a lot more tracks that I'm familiar with than in Rock Band 2. 

However, KFC sucks in every possible way. If the food came with an expansion disc containing the entire Beatles back catalogue, I still wouldn't buy it.
Posted by JohnDeadly

I don't even like KFC yet now I want that dam box of food. I wonder how much it costs?

Posted by Systech

This is just about the most disgusting use of advertisement for a game that I have ever seen. I like KFC, but this is just stupid as hell.

Posted by sublime90

Guitar Hero sold out!!!

Posted by MetalRocker

Well that helps to reinforce the idea of the fat lazy gamer

Posted by Usagi

That box of food is fucking repulsive!  If the ad is admitting it is a lot of food then there is a serious problem!

Posted by Gregomasta

I want that box.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I've managed to not buy any guitar-related game. No hero, no rock band. Nothing. So I'd be quite interested in getting a DJ Hero as long as the quality of music on it is good.

Posted by Abomstar

What a fitting tie-in, considering Guitar Hero: World Tour is a sloppy, broken, uninspired mess of a game.

Actually I take that back, not just because only a couple of those descriptors can even be used on fast food, but since KFC is actually delicious, and the more I think about it the more I want to be eating that meal right now.

But I needed a clever way to express my dissatisfaction with this game, and that's coming from someone who actually enjoyed GHIII to an extent, and its song list. Rock Band has officially won me over.

Posted by Packfan104L4

That and GHWT drums don't work in RB2 as promised.  Activision blows it again.  Horray to Harmonix for their DLC support!

Posted by Brackynews

What is this chickanery? ;)

Posted by mthe1337one

that is one heaping box of heart-attack

Posted by Torb

How much is that beastly box of friedness?

Posted by insanegamer

while i am playing guitar hero i can eat some guitar hero kfc.

Posted by grainger

i cant wait for acordian hero! :P

Posted by DJ_Lae

KFC avoids listing it on their site, but if you stick everything together in their little nutrition calculator that's a nice little 1600 calorie meal with 75 grams of fat. Everything your Guitar Hero World Tour player needs to keep their arteries lubricated for the quickest hammer ons and pull-offs.

Posted by Destroyeron

Don't care for music games, but I will take the KFC.