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Posted by Jeff
Expect to see the Sega logo on images like this one from here on out.
Last night, everyone was all "ooooh, we think Sega is going to publish High Voltage's upcoming first-person shooter for the Wiiiii!"

Sega must have seen the stories, which traced back to someone seeing a folder labelled "The Conduit" on the FTP site Sega uses to distribute assets to the media and said "oh, hey, I guess we should announce that." Because they totally announced that this morning.

The Conduit will ship to stores in Spring of 2009 and should be a technical tour-de-force of sorts for the Wii, as it will support both the upcoming Wii Speak online talkin' peripheral, as well as Wii MotionPlus for one-to-one wagglin'.
Posted by Jon_Rivera

I just hope it won't be the next Geist. Though the game was'nt horrible, it didn't come close to the FPS titles for the N-64. It was disappointing, so I am hoping SErvice GAmes (SEGA) can do this right...

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

To Sega: Please start publising games that some of us still care about (Shenmue, JSRF, Crazy Taxi... etc)
Signed: The sad bastards that still care.


Posted by OmegaPirate

That picture is filled with homoeroticism

Posted by LordAndrew

Hey, some people care about The Conduit.

Posted by Broken

This seems to be one of the few games worth caring about on the Wii for a while. Just hope it can deliver.
Unless u wanna play some party games that is!! lol

Posted by Media_Master

Hope its good

Posted by Irishjohn

It looked interesting when Ryan and Vinny went to see it.... although I suspect it will have a bunch of cool ideas that will contribute to the first really good Wii FPS sometime in the future.

Posted by John

My money was on EA, but SEGA is alright.

Posted by yellownumber5

This might be good for Sega.  This game looks to be good for the wii.  Ryan's showing of it at the Nintendo even left me impressed.  Gameplay configurability is GOOD and is left out of so many games these days.  If I had a Wii I'd be getting this one.

Posted by Mushir

Hopefully we won't need to use those annoying friend codes because SEGA is a publisher. Please SEGA, make the multiplayer good!

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

This could be an amazingly awesome thing for sega.

Posted by ScottEFresh

MY Wii is dusty and just got moved to the side for my printer.  With that said, I am extremely eager to see how this game turns out.  Could this actually use Wii controls well and actually make a nice looking Wiii game at the same time?  If it can manage it then it might be the first Wii game i've bought since last christmas.

Posted by Marzy

I'm glad SEGA will be publishing it, I just hope the game will be good. It's been looking really good so far though. With Motion-Plus support, the controls will hopefully be really good now and it's nice to hear it will have Wii Speak as well.

I can't wait to hear more on it.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Oh, I thought this was coming out this year.  This AND Madworld until 2009?  Great...

Posted by mrfluke
if sega markets this like how theyve been doing with the yakuza series  then the conduit is gonna fail :(
Posted by Milkman

I'm actually surprised that The Conduit took this long to find a publisher.

Posted by Arkthemaniac

Excellent. I'm pretty sure that SEGA will advertise this.