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Posted by luvcraft

What, no love for the REAL Street Fighter II pinball machine that Gottlieb made in 1993? :)


Posted by bobbyconover

Incidentally, the table that felt like a rip-off of Black Knight was actually an almost direct clone of Black Knight 2000, which was Black Knight's sequel/pseudo-remake. That explains why they seemed so similar. (The other two initial tables were clones of Star Trek: The Next Generation and White Water.)

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I like Pinball FX so I just got this and, yeah, somewhat disappointed.

Posted by Milkman

I admit the table looks pretty sweet but...eh.

Posted by John1912

Why is DLC alway so pricey.  I really dont dload anything becuase it seems so pricey for what they are offering.  If they charged 1/4 of what they do I might figure wtf, its cheap.

Posted by wrecks

I'm the lone Pinball FX fan, so i'll be snaggin it.

Posted by zoozilla

That's a lot for what seems to be a mediocre table.

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should be 80 points, then id consider about purchasing both the game and the table since im street fighter nuts. :P Also SF2HD needs to come out allready.

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Posted by Linkyshinks

Well I may well get it just for the simple fact it SF related, I could not care less about the physics. For a SF fan it's a nice novelty to add to the collection.

I got Alien Crush Wii Ware on Tuesday too ; /

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Yawn. Want SSF2:HD-R (Super Street Fighter 2: HD-Remix). Not this. Come on MS stop with the BS I mean WTF!!! I Got my MP here and I want to spend them on DL content.... ZOMG!

Sorry couldn't resist...

Posted by JJOR64

If I had the game I might get it.

Posted by YoungBuck

200 points is too much.

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Posted by Jeff
Pinball, Street Fighter style.
As promised, today is the day for Street Fighter II Pinball FX, a new downloadable table for Pinball FX, an Xbox Live Arcade pinball simulator released last year by Zen Studios.

I didn't much care for Pinball FX upon its initial release. The three tables weren't so hot, and one of them felt like a rip-off of Black Knight, a classic table. Also, the ball physics don't feel right--everything feels a bit too bouncy.

The Street Fighter II Pinball FX table doesn't really do too much to change my opinion of the game. When you fire it up, it immediately starts blaring a kind-of-shoddy remix of the Street Fighter II main theme at you and it doesn't stop, regardless of what other sounds are happening around the table. There are a few ramps and features, like a set of drop targets that are meant to represent the car-breaking bonus round from the fighting game, and a little Akuma figurine that straddles one of the ramps. But aside from that and some dot-matrix displays and sound effects, the premise is a little thin.

Obviously, stretching premises too thin by putting them on pinball tables isn't exactly new, but I think I prefer the old Street Fighter II pinball that Gottlieb did with Capcom back in the early '90s. They should have just tried to license that.

If you're interested, you can snag the table for 200 Microsoft points. Of course, you'll also need to own Pinball FX, which is 800 points.