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Posted by kennybaese

The first two roommates I had in college were both huge WoW players. Like crazy stay up all night so I can get the new items that hit the store at two in the morning people, and no, they never got up and went to class in the morning. But I had to, after listening to mouse clicks and putting up with screen flashes all night.

And thus, I refuse to even look as WoW, if for no other reason than that I could easily see myself turning into one of those people.

Posted by sdodd02

Click the magical link jeff!

Posted by Midgar

When I came into work this morning I had the same e-mail.

Posted by Killsone

Lol dont do it Jeff its not worth it WoW isn't that fun after level 60 its just boring but hey maybe that'll change when WotLK comes out but ill never find out because i still won't go back

Edited by Osiris

After almost 300 days of gametime, I decided not to continue play this game. In the end it's routine and grinding... But the feeling of cooperation and friendship in this game, is amazing and is also it's true power probably.

Posted by joeyc

Personally I'd rather be out mingling with women than sitting alone in a dark room staring at my computer screen every night. But hey that's just me.

Posted by McBain

The people who are telling you to "give in" clearly aren't your friends.

Posted by LoneStranger

I got the SAME THING.  I was tempted.... but then I remembered how much life it sucks out of you.

Posted by DukeTogo

They send that mail to folks that never got to 60 and bought BC.  You have to have the game and BC to get the new expansion, so trying to foist an expansion on someone who can't go there yet is even too much for them it seems.

The reason they are currently encouraging people to get to Outland and beyond faster is because the lack of experienced players in the old content has caused most of those dungeons to get skipped.  It's not at all uncommon for a player (especially an alt) to level to 58 and head to Outland without ever grouping or doing an instance.  I'd love to see the old content get updated with new wings or Heroic difficulties with new loot, but it's hard to imagine a company going back to update old content when it involves just as much work to create something new.  No MMO has ever gone back to old content and freshened it up to my knowledge, it's par for the course that old world content gets abandond.  You could argue that bringing the old Naxxramas raid into the new content qualifies as making something old new again.  Most people never saw Naxx, so retconning it into the expansion is a good way to reuse content that will be new for most.

I'm not in agreement with this move since the results have already shown themselves in the huge number of players that dont have a damn clue on how to play their toon or what to do in a group.  Before, you learned all of that early on with all the instances you did leveling up, now that you can bypass that you've got 70's pugging heroics and Karazan that don't know basic stuff like crowd control, aggro management, and even the rules on rolling for loot.

Blizzard has made it clear that they focus on the new content with support simply because the "harcore" players are their bread and butter, so making sure there is plenty of new stuff means they'll keep playing.  The folks that are casual and play on and off don't really care what's new since they'll never see most of that content, but they still enjoy doing their thing and now they have another ten levels to work through along with more professions to play with.

Posted by xionpunk

I played the poor man'z MMO - Anarchy Online. It was actually pretty awesome.

Posted by JoelTGM

Meh, I played that game and got to 70, then quit because it was pretty boring then.

Posted by DJ_Lae

I got the e-mail too, and I had a level 60 dude on the original game and skipped Burning Crusade entirely. I replied to the e-mail with a concise "Fuck you, Blizzard."

Posted by demonbear

Oh come on Jeff, everyone knows you have Gaming A.D.D. You're not about to play any mmo anytime soon, admit it.

Posted by PLWolf

So happy to have not ever got sucked into this whirlpool.

Posted by TheHBK

Fight it, clense yourself before the new Star Wars MMO comes out.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I tried WOW for a few weeks and didn't get it.  IT IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!

Seriously, just play normal games, or if you do do MMORPGs, do it for a few weeks, not years on end.
Posted by Swick

Join us Jeff... it's bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss.

Posted by DrRandle

Stay back, Jeff! It's a trap!

Posted by Nets


Posted by McPaper

Mark as Spam. Go play something fun, not addictive.

Edited by darkjester74

Admiral Ackbar sez:  "IT'S A TRAP!"

Just got the same email.  If I wasnt already tied up with Warhammer and a stack of other fantastic games I might have thought about taking them on their offer.  As it stands right now...pass.

Posted by Spankmealotus

"HEY MAN SKIP ALL THIS STUFF WE MADE BEFORE (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS AWESOME) AND BUY THE EXPANSIONS ALREADY." they won't do because It takes away from the immersion of the game. Same reason they don't have instant travel when you take a flight path. Kinda like people's arguments about Fallout3 how it's better if you don't use the fast travel option. I personally do, but that's beside the point.

Posted by Aaox


Posted by ThomasP

Sneaky mind trickery.

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by idiotic_genius1

I got that e-mail too.
Personally I bought WoW a year ago, played my free month and then cancled my subscription. Its gonna take more than 10 free days to make me come back. I won't fall for your trap Blizzard!

Posted by BlackHawk53

Just got the email today. Man, so tempting but I don't think I could go back to WoW at this point in time in my life. To damn busy.

Posted by Dane

Guild Wars Ftw!

Posted by Babble

I never got that email, but I have been seeing all these blog posts about midnight releases... I hate to say it, but I think I may be tempted. Must resist!

Posted by jakob187

Yes, they lowered the mounts to 30 a while back.  They also made them super cheap as hell at 30 and 60...and word has it they are going to reduce the epic flying mount cost.  =  /  Remember, once the guys that worked their asses off to get the stuff have got everything, they have to make it easy for the lazy and uncommitted.  That's fine and all, but I don't think they should be allowed to be on the same playing field, because it has really reduced the play experience over time.

Which leads me to the whole part about skipping everything and starting a character at 60...

With the big focus on PvP now, you would have fresh 60s that wouldn't have any clue how to play the character class, and they would get stomped so much.  Those first 60 levels, now, are just tutorial levels essentially.  What they need to do is rework the old world to maybe be smaller because of the war and lower the level cap, because 80 is pretty high (but then again, let's look at EQ...lol).

Doesn't matter to me, honestly, because I'm done with the game for the most part...
Posted by smileyt

I received the very same email.  But it got the delete.

Posted by dsplayer1010

Delete it now, and walk away from the computer.

Posted by zityz

Blizzard is trying to get jeff back ever since he's been tainted by the waaargh. Don't do it, the Waaargh is where its at.

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