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Posted by Media_Master

looks nice...

Posted by Punkyblue

Can't wait to play this, it's so festive!

Posted by herrbasan

I've played through it 3 times. With each time i found more content. This game is pretty rich, and it doesn't  get boring even if you know the story. There is just enough to do. The addon will make it just a little richer. So i do welcome it. But i'd prefer a complete new storyline in a sequel, or another game with that engine.

Posted by TFG

I'm in the same boat as Jeff, I haven't gotten a chance to play it at all yet. Well, I don't have a 360 but I was thinking of getting one soon, with a copy of this game.
It seems like a pretty viable part of the story. Not the  main story, by any means, but the general story, or the overall experience story.

Posted by DrRandle

I just finished Fable II over the weekend and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to add this content to give me something to do for an additional playthrough, when I basically make Wario. All good, corruption, and lots of pies.

Posted by SubTact

I definitely check out the new content.  With Fable 2, Fallout 3 and Gears of War coming out back-to-back-to-back weeks, I only played through once (and not too thoroughly, I have some quests remaining and collectibles to get) and just started a new character.  I was definitely planning on going back to it, and playing through the story at least two more times.  But I really enjoyed Fable and played through it 4 times, so I might be the exception to the general opinion.

Posted by Bucketdeth

I don`t like the idea of paying for extra content that could have been added into the game, when most all pc`s addons are free, but some games are worth it, maybe this one will be.

Posted by Dryker

Definitely buying. The more Albion the better.

Posted by yevinorion

I definitely will go back to Fable II for this. Here's to hoping it comes with new achievements!

Posted by Marsimus

Yay!!! more stuff to explore!

Posted by TekZero

I never played Fable 2 as it looked too much like Fable 1.  I have no interest.

But  Yay... DLC!

Posted by FalcomAdol

With all the games suspected of having downloadable islands (Crackdown, Burnout Paradise, GTA IV), I think this is probably the last game I would have expected to deliver one.

Posted by marcusfriendly

This looks like it could be good but Fable 2 wasnt nearly as good as I had hoped.

Posted by fbasque78

I bought Fable 2 when it came out and I rushed into it since there was so many games coming out. I will probably play it again and be evil in it. I may as well get the new DLC since i have 800 MS pts lying around for such a long time.

Posted by Beechbone

I only started playing it not long ago and I'm not really far in the game so maybe I'll just go and play Gears 2 at last and wait for F2 DLC or check out Knothole Island the secend playthrough.

Posted by MrSkids
This news is good news.  I have really enjoyed playing through Fable 2 and I can totally handle more of it right now.  Seems worth the money too, if the content is up to scratch.
Posted by I_am_Lono

OH! I am so going to pay for content that has been released one month after the release of the game! Oh awesome! I can't wait to play this stuff that should have been included in the original release of the game, but was only released as a fantastic example of why DLC is a rather elegant way of making us part with cash for content that was held back!!

I am stoked!!

Posted by Lies

I'd like a reason to return to Fable, although this isn't that large, I'll probably buy it.

Posted by CapnCloudchaser

I haven't stopped playing Fable 2 yet, on my third character now. Gonna need to force myself to stop soon!

Posted by Aaox

I'll wait to see what Jeff says.

Jeff's always right!
Posted by ArtG

Little too much for what you're getting. Might pick it up when the DLC gets a bit cheaper.

Posted by AdSapien

I'm still hooked on managing my real estate investments and will still be playing when the DLC hits, I'm sure of it.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

At least Molyneux isn't promising that this is the greatest thing ever like he often does. I was expecting something like dog armor.

Posted by AspiringAndy

Finally I am totally getting this!
I'm so glad that they actually decided to add DLC

Posted by ZombiePie

I don't know, I mean I loved Fable 2, but I played it to death and don't find an island and some clothes enticing enough to put down the money to buy.

Moderator Online
Posted by Freki

Great news!

While not perfect I'm still really enjoying it and I'll gladly pay for a couple extra hours :)
Posted by TomA

Ya i will probably get this, and i don't usually buy solo player DLC.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Already played through it twice. Totally going back in.

Edited by Birdwalk
Posted by tmontana1004

Wow you people can never be satisfied.

Posted by TaintedSun
zoozilla said it. I'll wait for a friend to buy it. I'm poor and I want Mirror's Edge, so...
Posted by daniel_beck_90

No DLC for me  thank you very much

Posted by Valke

As started before, this Isn't any monster announcement. To me, this is pretty par for the course when it comes to DLC for these type of games. Although at some point I may venture back to Albion for a second play-through as an evil character and this may be worth it then. For now...meh

Posted by zoozilla

So, you could hypothetically see all that there is to see on the island without paying for it if you join a friend's game and he has the additional content?

Run-on sentence?

Posted by LeenPonyD

i haven't returned since i finished Fable I on Xbox 8 hours after i purchased it. and some new island on the second one isn't going to change that fact.

i'll just take more Fallout3 content, thank you!

Posted by Homes

I haven't started Fable II so I will def pick this up with all the M$ points I get for Christmas!

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Rayfield

I finished the game a while ago but have always planned on going through it again. Now there's more reason to. I'll probably download it.

Posted by Gameboi

I absolutely adore this game, and want to see it do well. Getting the packs for certain.

Posted by keyhunter

If it's free, I'll get it.

Posted by RyShe

I rented it the first time i played it now im going to have to get it for christmass!

Posted by RHCPfan24

I have only started Fable II and have a bunch of other games I could play now.  My suggestion is to wait for Fable II and play your other games, Jeff.  Besides, Banjo and Dead Space are awesome.

Posted by oobs

mm not sure..have finished the game...started again to get a different ending...i shall see..what is on offer..

Posted by Artemis_D

Can't wait.  Love Fable II, but I'm hurting for more content.

Posted by Kohe321

Not yet done with fable 2. If this is good I might pick it up :)

Posted by Kohe321

Not yet done with fable 2. If this is good I might pick it up :)

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

Releasing downloadable content so close after the release of the game always makes me wonder why they haven't just put it on the disk, and it's usually one of two reasons:
1)I wasn't good enough to be part of the main game.
2)They want to make more money by selling it seprately.
Either cases render me completely unintrested in whatever they have to offer, and from the look of it this downloadable content for Fable 2 is clearly no exception, it's no "Shiviring Isles" that is.

Posted by Rio

Always have time to return to Fable, this sounds fantastic.

Posted by HatKing

Well the game pretty much acomplished what it wanted, it got me to hate it.  Seriously the big choice at the end, if you are a good character they want you to regret it, mission acomplished Fable 2, but however regret isn't a feeling I'm looking for when playing video games.  I own the game so I might give this a chance, but honestly I probably shouldn't.

Posted by mjwickstrom1

I wouldn't consider this a huge announcement, but it is a nice edition to the game.

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