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Posted by Jeff
Winner, Albion's "Mr. Mustache" Award, 2008-2009
Microsoft and Lionhead have revealed plans for a new piece of downloadable content for use with Fable II. There will be two packs--a premium piece that will go for 800 points and a free version that will let your co-op friends in on the action in cases where one player has paid for the content and one hasn't.

The key piece of the offering will be a new landmass called Knothole Island, and weather will be a key feature out there. The lore behind it states that an ancient civilization lived there and created magical artifacts that can control the weather. Three new quests, each with its own dungeon, will be added, as will six new weapons, potions that alter your appearance, and additional customization features. The pack will also add 50 new leaderboards to the game.

This gets at my big issue with campaign-oriented downloadable content. I'm not the sort of guy who goes back to games to experience some sort of out-of-the-way addition that doesn't really factor into the main story. But I still haven't played Fable II yet. That means I might just be able to experience it all as one big, new thing, which sounds way more appealing.

Of course, this means I'm faced with the decision of trying to play Fable II as soon as possible or deliberately holding off, but considering I still have to play Dead Space and I just got into the new Banjo last night, I think I'll be able to make Knothole Island a part of my Albion experience.

How about you? Any interest in returning to Fable II to see a handful of new things?
Posted by Simsfreak14


Posted by License_To_Bill

I played through Fable 2 and found too many things to hate about it. I think I'll pass.

Posted by PLWolf

I'm all for returning to Albion for this and will get it day one. Besides, I've spent most of my time on side quests and just messing around in the world, with odd jobs and buying property, that I haven't even finished the Main Quest yet. So bring on Knothole Island, I'm ready or will be by then.

Posted by bman3737

I'll probably download this when it comes out.  It largely depends if my wallet has healed up yet from the past two months of onslaught, but if not I hope I can squeeze some more out of it.

Either way I think this will be a cool experience, but I have heard that there is a temple or something along those lines that can bring your loved ones back to life, so if you picked "The Family" like me, than you might be disappointed.

Posted by Icil

Hmm, I don't know. To me, Fable II ended when my character got the legendary pistol and was kicking ass way too easily.

Posted by FotherMucker

I'll probably get this when it comes out. I don't see the harm with having a crack at Fable II once more.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I read about this earlier on the main Fable II site and i personally think this is great value for money AND i'll take anything to extend Fable II's life!

Posted by BiggerBomb

Seeing as how a certain poster hereMilkmanruined the story for me in trivia, I don't know whether it is worth getting into such a story driven game.

Posted by niall077

I would kick so many chickens for a PC port.

I loved Fable: the lost chapters on pc 

Posted by Aaron_G

I am ready for more Fable II.

Posted by Psynapse


I was so first :P

Posted this in the forums about 2 hours ago...

I is Winnah!!!

Posted by LeBart

Nice to see a real expansion instead of some crappy (horse?) armor.

Posted by IncredibleBulk92

You know what?  I will buy this.  I always feel like a sucker buying DLC that's announced for close after the launch of a game but I really do enjoy Fable 2's world and the bizzare characters that live there.  I'll probably wait for the DLC to come out until I do another play through.

Also, 50 leaderboards?  Why?
Posted by TrulyAlive

Depends when it's released.
I just finished Fable II but I don't get paid until Thursday.
And even so, I have christmas shopping to do, so I might not be able to buy any new games until I get paid for my second job a week on Friday.
Man, this shit gets confusing.

Posted by Jaded

This'll be a Day 1 purchase for me. I finished the game with one character and am about a third of the way through with a second, but really taking my time there and chasing achievements and stuff. Loved the game, and I hope this is the first in a long line of DLC.

Posted by Dimsey

I don't know if I'll get it day one or anything, but I'm all for extending Fable 2's length. I liked it well enough so I'll be glad to return to it when the DLC arrives.

Posted by RawShark

Fable 2 wasn't nearly long enough for my liking. This might convince me to part with my cash =/

Posted by AllThatBacon

Pretty neat. I'd download it if I had the game.

Posted by Milkman

I won't be returning to Fable II for this. However, my advice to you, Jeff, play Dead Space first and then Fable II.

Posted by papercut

no story, no go

Posted by mjwickstrom1

I wouldn't consider this a huge announcement, but it is a nice edition to the game.

Posted by HatKing

Well the game pretty much acomplished what it wanted, it got me to hate it.  Seriously the big choice at the end, if you are a good character they want you to regret it, mission acomplished Fable 2, but however regret isn't a feeling I'm looking for when playing video games.  I own the game so I might give this a chance, but honestly I probably shouldn't.

Posted by Rio

Always have time to return to Fable, this sounds fantastic.

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Releasing downloadable content so close after the release of the game always makes me wonder why they haven't just put it on the disk, and it's usually one of two reasons:
1)I wasn't good enough to be part of the main game.
2)They want to make more money by selling it seprately.
Either cases render me completely unintrested in whatever they have to offer, and from the look of it this downloadable content for Fable 2 is clearly no exception, it's no "Shiviring Isles" that is.

Posted by Kohe321

Not yet done with fable 2. If this is good I might pick it up :)

Posted by Kohe321

Not yet done with fable 2. If this is good I might pick it up :)

Posted by Artemis_D

Can't wait.  Love Fable II, but I'm hurting for more content.

Posted by oobs

mm not sure..have finished the game...started again to get a different ending...i shall see..what is on offer..

Posted by RHCPfan24

I have only started Fable II and have a bunch of other games I could play now.  My suggestion is to wait for Fable II and play your other games, Jeff.  Besides, Banjo and Dead Space are awesome.

Posted by RyShe

I rented it the first time i played it now im going to have to get it for christmass!

Posted by keyhunter

If it's free, I'll get it.

Posted by Gameboi

I absolutely adore this game, and want to see it do well. Getting the packs for certain.

Posted by Rayfield

I finished the game a while ago but have always planned on going through it again. Now there's more reason to. I'll probably download it.

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Homes

I haven't started Fable II so I will def pick this up with all the M$ points I get for Christmas!

Posted by LeenPonyD

i haven't returned since i finished Fable I on Xbox 8 hours after i purchased it. and some new island on the second one isn't going to change that fact.

i'll just take more Fallout3 content, thank you!

Posted by zoozilla

So, you could hypothetically see all that there is to see on the island without paying for it if you join a friend's game and he has the additional content?

Run-on sentence?

Posted by Valke

As started before, this Isn't any monster announcement. To me, this is pretty par for the course when it comes to DLC for these type of games. Although at some point I may venture back to Albion for a second play-through as an evil character and this may be worth it then. For now...meh

Posted by daniel_beck_90

No DLC for me  thank you very much

Posted by TaintedSun
zoozilla said it. I'll wait for a friend to buy it. I'm poor and I want Mirror's Edge, so...
Posted by tmontana1004

Wow you people can never be satisfied.

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Posted by Jimbo_N

Already played through it twice. Totally going back in.

Posted by TomA

Ya i will probably get this, and i don't usually buy solo player DLC.

Posted by Freki

Great news!

While not perfect I'm still really enjoying it and I'll gladly pay for a couple extra hours :)
Posted by ZombiePie

I don't know, I mean I loved Fable 2, but I played it to death and don't find an island and some clothes enticing enough to put down the money to buy.

Posted by AspiringAndy

Finally I am totally getting this!
I'm so glad that they actually decided to add DLC

Posted by ArbitraryWater

At least Molyneux isn't promising that this is the greatest thing ever like he often does. I was expecting something like dog armor.

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