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Posted by Xymox

Have you checked out Jam Legend yet?

It's pretty much a browser based version of rock band. Well right now it's in beta and only the guitar works, so I guess it's more like Guitar Hero right now.  Personally I didn't find myself liking or recognising any of the bands or songs there but the gameplay is pretty solid - and I've ended up playing pretty much all of the songs anyway. Can't wait for this site to improve further. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

You make really good music posts.

I tried Frets and there was a Guitar Hero clone out there that I liked a bit more, but the production values were lower.  If the latter kept high scores I'd prefer it (I first heard the song Code Monkey through that game), but I'll check out Jam Legend and see what's what.

Posted by HHAP

wow, thanks for the heads up!  Really liking it, though I'm upset it's not entirely free.

Posted by Scooper

I came in here expecting a link to a book about the greatest recipies for fruit preserve.

Posted by Xymox
haha XD
Posted by xyzygy

Can anyone verify if this works for Google Chrome?

Posted by Xymox
I use chromium and it seems to work fine. And just now I visited the site in explorer 6 and it gave me a message saying I'm using an outdated browser, and that I should upgrade to google chrome, firefox 3.5, explorer 8 or safari 4. So I would assume there should be no problems running it in chrome :)
Posted by xyzygy
@Xymox: Weird, because when I go into the site it tells me the hit the buttons as i see them coming down... but there is like, nothing there. I will check my version of flash and all that stuff.
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82% on Canon Rock. On easiest. Pretty impressed with myself.
I've noticed that sometimes it tends to stutter, which makes me miss notes ¬_¬

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This is pretty cool. Just got 98% on Canon Rock, and I know your being sarcastic. I hope.
I just noticed this weird illusion where things seem to stretch away from you after you play.