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Posted by Ryan
Artist's interpretation
I recently had the pleasure of taping an episode of Geoff Keighley's Bonus Round for Gametrailers, alongside Kotaku blogger extraordinaire, t-shirt tycoon, and admirably committed trucker-hat enthusiast Michael McWhertor and Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. This was my first legitimate interaction with Big Mikey P, and it confirmed my standing suspicion that he is a video-game information monster. He also knows all kinds of stuff that you and I do not. I think that--unlike your average member of the enthusiast press--his job as a financial analyst wouldn't benefit so directly from breaking specific details about upcoming games, so developers and publishers likely end up telling him all sorts of awesome secret business.

I myself, however, am a member of the enthusiast press, so I'll snatch up whatever breadcrumbs Pachter drops. During the taping of Bonus Round, Pachter let slip that Ubisoft would be changing the time-frame of the freshly confirmed Assassin's Creed sequel from 1191 to “several hundred years in the future” or more specifically, “sometime in the 1700s.” While the time change was presented by Pachter as fact, he went on to speculate that the French Revolution could be a potential setting. It's an interesting prospect, and like the original Holy Land settings, it's a time and place that hasn't been exhaustively explored by other games. I understand why people were hoping to see the series head to feudal Japan for some ninja action, but I personally find the mental imagery of an Altair surrogate wearing a powdered wig and being all “sacrebleu!” to be way more compelling. Whatever Ubisoft ends up doing, I just hope they can come up with a less anticlimactic ending for the sequel.
Posted by StarwindX9

viva la revolution... err Assassin Creed

Posted by borgmaster


Posted by SleepyDoughnut

awesome awesome awesome!
even though just the mention of pachter gives me some trepidation about this.
But still, that would be so original and genius and fun and, for redundancies sake, awesome!

Posted by BlackCoffee

hmm okay, well yeah ill see what jeff says in the review

Posted by Milkman

One of the major reasons Assassin's Creed worked the first time was because you were assassinating actual real people from the time period. Now, I happen to know there was no assassin's running on rooftops during the French Revolution. But, hey, if Ubisoft could make it work, fine by me. But I'm not sold just yet.

Posted by Thrawn1

that..........doesn't seem to fit with the gameplay of the original. i'll be more convinced once i see a screenshot of the assassin in his 18th century outfit.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Considering how cut-throat the whole revolution was, and how closely tied it was to the American Revolution, it should be a rich and interesting setting.  Just hope they take full advantage of it.

Posted by lamegame621

I really want to see the continuation of this series. The story was really compelling to me. Not the crusades part specifically, but the whole templars vs. assassins in the future (present day) thing

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Didn't Napoleon die under mysterious circumstances? I wanna see Altair circle strafe around Napoleon.

Posted by papercut

could work, plenty of people to kill in the french revolution

as long as i dont have to do the same three side quests to get to an assassination im good.

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I don't believe anything Michael Pachter says. The Bonus Round would be a much better show without him! Look forward to some Ryan Davis on the show though.

Is the topic '09 games?

Posted by daniel_beck_90

I knew there is something special about Assassin's creed , from the travel back and forth in time and blur conspiracies to terrific gameplay and mind blowing graphics . I am really glad that they decided to change the time frame once more .
I think Assassin's creed franchise is a living breathing example of a true current generation game , a game that push aside the barrels that were previously surrounding gaming and let NEW Ideas flow in , I am just glad about this News .

@Ryan : thank you very much for the wonderful news , I think you along with Jeff are getting more and more popular in media , I am really happy about it .
Hope to see a day where Giant Bomb is the most credible gaming website on the net

Posted by TekZero

French Revolution?  Absolutely brilliant.  I loved the first game and getting the second one just might be a no brainer.

Posted by Mjolnir

I had never even considered that period of time as a possibility, which perhaps makes this that much more intriguing. I like it.

Posted by AndrewB

I have to agree with the comments so far; that it's hard to imagine an assassin running across rooftops in a French revolution era. However, I do hope they can find a way to make it work, because I really love games that take us to untreaded ground in time periods that are hardly covered.

Posted by DoctorTran

When I think about it... that makes a lot of sense. I'd totally dig a game set during the french revolution, or some other time.

Posted by TekZero
CleverLoginName said:
"Didn't Napoleon die under mysterious circumstances? I wanna see Altair circle strafe around Napoleon."

Napoleon died in exile years after the revolution.  In fact he didn't even become Emperor until after the revolution.
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Actually, I think I would prefer feudal Japan. That would be sick. I will however buy Assassin's 2 one way or the other, and both would be good. I really liked the original, and the ending really left me thirsty for more Assassin's.

Posted by ocdog45

that game was dope enough so i don't care how the game ends. it did piss me off though.

Posted by Thrawn1

the one thing that saddens me is that we have to say goodbye to Altair.

Posted by BiggerBomb

Awesome? Yes!

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@ milkman

Three Musketeers, Guy Fawkes (English I know), Sharpe (again, English, but very much part of that milieu).  That time period was full of intrigue, backstabbing (both figurative and literal) and killing to achieve one's wishes.  Imagine something akin to the Thief games, but 3rd person with all the AC stuff.  Feudal Japan is too obvious a move and quite frankly has been over done by Tenchu and other japanese games over the last decade.  Ninja games are a dime a dozen, but a French ninja, that's original.

The games biggest hurdle will be how the character looks.  It's not often a game with a very familiar character you see all the time on screen is replaced.  The series revolves around (spoilers) the family tree of this assassin, so you're not Altair, but his distant decendant 600 years later, but it still will probably deal with the dude that was in the machine from the original and his story.  So it will be interesting to see how people will react to it, since the last time this was tried was MGS2 with Raiden being the new protagonist, and that didn't go over too well.

I loved AC and even though the game wasn't perfect, it had a very unique feel to it.  I've said before I love it when a game makes you feel like you're actually in a living world and you feel like you're going there when you boot the game.  This was one of those games.
Posted by MrSkids

I really don't know why but I just wasn't compelled to finish the first games.  I normally am a sticker for playing games through but I just didn't push through on this one.  Might be time to finish it!

Posted by yevinorion

Oh man....whatever they decide to do, if they put the level of effort they did in the first one it'll be fantastic. This is looking to become my favourite game series ever (sorry Legend of Zelda).

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Ah ça ira, ça ira, ça ira. Les aristocrates à la lanterne.
Ah ça ira, ça ira, ça ira. Les aristocrates on les pendra !

French revolution song. Thank you.
Posted by Blair

Aesthetically pleasing, bad gameplay and marginal storyline...fix up the story and monotonous tasks and maybe you've got a game worth playing.  Setting seems really cool, but to compare this series to the Zelda franchise is just inappropriate.

Posted by Sanj

Oooh, nice scoop Lil' Ryan D...wow that makes you sound like a rapper.

Posted by Jayge_

Pachter might know a lot, but he's still an idiot. There is a difference between knowledge and intelligence, and Pachter clearly only possesses the former.

Posted by AutomaticSnake

viva la france?

Posted by SubTact

Nice, I can't wait for the Assassins Creed sequel.  When the whole genetic memory premise was revealed before the first one came out, I speculated that the sequels would be set in different periods of time, with there being one that took place in the future (this was before I knew the game does take place in the future, so it would be present day Desmond) and be cyberpunked out.  This setting sounds extremely interesting, but I still can't wait for the one that takes place in our future: cybernetic hand with a retractable dagger ftw!

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Damn I cant wait for the sequel, this idea for the setting is good but I wouldnt mind it if it were modern day setting.

I however dont want it to be in ancient Japan

Posted by Valke

Hmmm, this could certainly make for an interesting storyline. As mentioned before that time period in France was full of plots and backstabbing which will work in very well with the Assassin's Creed storyinline

Posted by code305

this is going to be worth the wait

Posted by Kazona

That sacrebleu part nearly made me piss my pants laughing

Posted by MachoFantastico

Loved the first, was unfairly critised in my view. But can't wait to hea more about where the series is going.

Posted by ColMustard

didnt many of you see this coming...? the game clearly suggested that the Main Characters lineage was important and Altair was one peice of the puzzle.  It sounds awesome if you ask me.  If they queer the ending again though, their may be a revolution!

Posted by LiquidPrince

As long as it's still cool.

Posted by pause422

Its nothing but a rumor as of now honestly, everyone shouldn't take this as the absolute truth. Pachter is full of bullshit, and thinks he knows a lot but he doesn't. Anything he says can't be taken seriously.

Posted by TekZero

Great pic.

Posted by HistoryInRust

I'm also going to mourn the loss of Altair, but this is a novel setting, and I'm completely sold if the mechanics are similar. 

Posted by Mr_Bump

I'm trying to care - really, I am! But the first game was such a limp squid, I just can't get any excitment juices flowing at all...

Posted by Robot_Vampire

Sounds like a good time period to set the game in and like you said, it's not a period that has been excessively used like WWII. However, I hope they find some way of bringing Altair back in the game even though it is set a few hundred years later, be a shame not to because Altair is the face of Assassin's Creed.

Posted by Kush

I'm honestly not surprised by this...but I'm far more interested in I Am Alive than another AC game.

Posted by Systech

This is a much cooler setting to me that has yet to be fully explored. Wow, I am actually interested in Assassin's Creed now.

Posted by pause422

Because this is 100% true and fact right? I don't get why everyone is accepting this for absolute sure. Pachter is full of bullshit, and nothing more.

Posted by wefwefasdf

Ooh! That sounds pretty cool. :)

Posted by Jimbo

Hmmm, my money was on South America / Conquistadores with you playing another of his ancestors who happened to be some kind of Jaguar Lady.  1700s though... how about Piratey Caribbean goodness?

Posted by mcdrew77

The French revolution could be a very intertesting setting for a new game. It a time period not yet exhausted by game makers. Feudal Japan has been done enough already.

Posted by dietmango

Hmmm....nice this should be interesting to see an assassin in the 1700's. But I was looking forward to more of Desmond and Stillman. Oh well...