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I'd say it'll take place in the caribbean and the new player character would be dressed like a pirate. This way if they were going with mulitpule cities again they could have them on seperate islands and have the player travel between them via a big pirate ship that the player is the captain of.

Posted by giyanks22

Sounds cool

Posted by ToRo

sacrebleu! lol

Posted by oraknabo

I don't see any reason not to expect 16th century feudal Japan. There were clear hints that the sequels would involve South America and Japan.

Posted by NormanOfTorn

The first Assassin's Creed is one of the best game on Xbox 360 and I expect the second one to be nothing short of that.

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I'd be really interested to play a new Assassins Creed.  If they put in a decent amount of stuff to do, unlike the repetitive original, it would be awesome.

Posted by atejas

Altair better not use a fucking musket.

Posted by harrison25

hopefully the gameplay, controls, objectives, and AI are far superior to the first game.

ASScreed has such potential...

sad face.

Posted by CreamyGoodness

viva la assasine'.  i lol'd at the picture,  he just standing there.

Posted by The_Icon

This sound so cool!

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Since I played AC I just can't wait for the sequel. It's very interesting that they're changing the setting to this period in history. I'm buying it on day 1 :)

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My prediction, same character but different accestor.

Posted by Bill_Hickz

I loved the first one as long as the art direction is as stellar

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As long as the missions aren't repetative, I LOVE the universe Assasin's Creed has created and don't care what timeline they use.  Still just for the fact the "real" time line is still set in the near future it can give a large forgiveness to whatever or any past timeline given.  Everything from the past is presumably tied into what will be AC3 and those pasts tied into our future.  The first game was done so very well if it wasn't for the repetative missions and worthless flag hunting.  Cross my fingers its better the second time around, still its a good universe regrdless.

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I really want to see what happens in the future, since he got his eagle vision back we could be looking at some future fighting

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I'm going to remember this post when AC2 comes out and we'll find out that it involves cavemen and stealth bone club action.

LOL Pachter.

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I still want at least one of the games in this trilogy to be set in the modern day, we need to continue the story from the first!

Posted by Aurelito

I hope they do it right this time. AC was terribly loose on the actual history.

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There's a lot more to change than just making a less anticlamactic ending for me.

Why not put less focus on the climbing which, by the end of the game was tedious and just plain boring. The story and narrative of the game should be more linear, as their 'open world' was just a boring space filled with people with annoying voices which it didn't help to do anything but want to stab them in the neck. Pleeeeaaase Ubisoft, make your next game less crap.
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NAZAR3NE said:
"Thrawn, Assassin's aside, considering that combat in Creed is one of the things that makes it great, the French Revolution fits quite we'll. Also, who's to say that we won't still be playing as Altair and Desmond? I'm curious as to what the artifact has done to Altairs mortality... And what will happen to Desmond.

lol, I'm getting flashes of The Highlander..."
I love this post. 

It gives me hope that Altair might actually stick around.  Probably the best thought I've had all day.
Posted by xplodedd

I liked the original assassins creed, but it did have some problems..hopefully this will fix them.
but yeah, its ubi.. not expecting too much to be updated.

Posted by SilverArrows

I have mixed feelings about this. A new setting would be great, but I thought Ubi left the world of AC very much unexplored.

They put a lot of work in making that world look as good as it did, and I thought they didn't fully utilize it.

Posted by RodneythePom

French Revolution is a great idea, or even the Russian Revolution.

Posted by MasterNinja49

Sounds cool, but if the gameplay is as repetitive as the first i'm not getting it.

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That is great news. Imagine being chased by a handful of French Imperial Guard with muskets. :D :D :D

Or, sitting on a roof with a musket waiting for a target to come by.

This would be a welcomed change for me.

Posted by cleavage_horror

Hmm, this won't resolve the cliff hanger ending will it... >_>

Posted by NAZAR3NE

Yo, lol, stop diss'n  the PachMan!

Posted by NAZAR3NE
Thrawn, Assassin's aside, considering that combat in Creed is one of the things that makes it great, the French Revolution fits quite we'll. Also, who's to say that we won't still be playing as Altair and Desmond? I'm curious as to what the artifact has done to Altairs mortality... And what will happen to Desmond.

lol, I'm getting flashes of The Highlander...
Posted by TheGamerGeek

Wait, A-Creed in the 1700's?...that better not happen or I'll officially put this on my pass list.

Posted by RagingLion

Finally!  This is the news I've really been waiting for ... even if it's just rumour at the moment.

Completely agree with Duke Togo's comment - a great immersive world which I loved the first time round, but the changing of the character's garb (even with a similar basic character) will be a big thing - will they be able to maintain the continuity having made Altair so iconic in the first game?  I was with Jimbo in thinking it could be South America around the time of the Mayans or something (based off of the runes you see at the end - though maybe that was just generic allusions to the depth of the Templar conspiracy).

The problem with Mayan/Aztec civilization .......  not too many densely packed settlements for good rooftop travel, same goes for the middle ages for those people wanting that period.  1700s France though could be perfect for that.  Political intrigue, soldiers in the streets - sounds a plausible and really interesting setting to me.

Posted by elbow

"but I personally find the mental imagery of an Altair surrogate wearing a powdered wig and being all “sacrebleu!” to be way more compelling"


Posted by nboyd383

I wasn't "hoping" for a feudal japan setting- in fact I don't like ninja ideas... feels overdone... despite not being done much- its just the last game set itself up so well for it mentioning Yona Guni (a feudal japanese place) and all. Aswell as time and circumstances of this. I'm surprised they would go in another direction after leading up into another with the last. Its almost like its lost Unity with the transitional elements of the end.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

He should reconsider changing his attire if he wants to blend in with the crowd.

Posted by gold_n_eye

Wait a minute, after beating the first one, I was sure the next Assassin's Creed was going to take place in the future?

Posted by solidpython

The idea of an 18th Century French assassin intriegs me!

Posted by RHCPfan24

I want to be the guy (or woman) who kills Marat.  That would be awesome:  just stick him with the blade when he is in a bathtub. 



Posted by Aaron_G

Really excited.

Posted by Phished0ne

That sounds badass...it as always rumored that the sequal would be in another time-frame, but everyone assumed it would be in the far-future of the "real-world" sequences of the original.

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its like Where's Waldo? hahahaha

anyways, hopefully the game is actually more fun than the original, i never beat the original because the gameplay became so repetitive and boring i couldn't take it anymore. 
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DualReaver said:

Why, do people keep alluding to the Napoleonic era? Woldn't the "Terror" be a much more interesting setting, and be far easier to actually center an actual game around?

I also thought of the "Terror" when i first read this story. It fits in with the themes of revolution that the first game contained.
Posted by Jedted

This is great news!  Maybe we'll finally find out everything Abstergo was planning.

Although Altair probebly won't be the main character that doesn't mean you won't still play as Desmond in the future and play as one of his other ancestors while in the animus.

Posted by Rasgueado

Assassin's Creed 3. It's now present day, and your character reveals that he wanted to be captured and put into the animus. It was the *only* way to get close enough to the *real* enemy, and make the big kill. With this assassination... you'll finally end the war!

You heard it here first folks.

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Maybe, you could play as that chick who stabbed that guy in the bathtub; that newspaper fellow, I can't remember the name of.

Posted by Tiwi

but, there is definitively more blending under the revolution than in 1700 century Japan.
and as a matter a fact 6 people where actually assassinated by an unknown assassin during the revolution.

Posted by DualReaver

Altair's spirit would embody the guillotine, dur.

Posted by Gizmo

I loved Assasins Creed at first, got half way, meh, I dont want to play this anymore.

Posted by ch3burashka

The French Revolution Period is much more well known than 10th century MidEast. I don't see where they'd insert the character. Being an assassin felt right in the first game, but the revolutionary period is more sophisticated and less exotic. I don't see this happening.

Japanese ninjas is much better.
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Why, do people keep alluding to the Napoleonic era? Woldn't the "Terror" be a much more interesting setting, and far easier to center an actual game around?