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Posted by Tiwi

best idea ever!
Napoleon is Altair's grand,grand, grand,grand, grand,grand,grand,grand,grand,grandson (put thought into the grands 10 of them ca.600 years)
and the creed is actually the revolutionaries, and in the end you end up owning France.
Running through the streets with Napoleon. A gnome with a funny hat.
yey! viva la revolution !

Posted by kozmo7

Oh man, I really hope the main character has a wig. My dream of a having a Zulu-esque game is almost realized!

Posted by L

Let's hope it's more variable after a few levels.

Posted by hanktherapper

I enjoyed the first one even though it was flawed. I am looking forward to this and hope they have a better variety of missions for each level.

Posted by LiquidPrince
TrueEnglishGent said:
"I loved this game, but it will continue from the cliff hanging ending of the original.

One of the best games of 2007. For me it was the best."
Posted by MachoFantastico

I loved this game, but it will continue from the cliff hanging ending of the original.

One of the best games of 2007. For me it was the best.

Posted by TyrellOCP

i loved Assassin's Creed and am so glad they're definitely making a second, especially in france; imagine climbing over all that amazing architecture

hopefully there'll be some more creative missions and assassinations so this game can be epic!

don't fluff it Ubisoft

Posted by pedantics
@ Spike Delight

if you read properly, it was mentioned DURING the taping. hardly a secret told in confidence.

and RYAN wrote the article

Posted by LiquidPrince
FLStyle said:
"I'd want a decent explanation of Assassin's Creed after the bad ending, before jumping onto a new test subject and a new ancestor's memories to unlock."
You didn't get the ending...?
Posted by dsplayer1010


Posted by FLStyle

I'd want a decent explanation of Assassin's Creed after the bad ending, before jumping onto a new test subject and a new ancestor's memories to unlock.

Posted by SpikeDelight

That's kinda weak Jeff, Pachter told you guys a secret and you have to go telling the whole internet? :/   Interesting setting though if it's real. I hope it doesn't use guns now, it would probably ruin the gameplay.

Posted by DualReaver
dagas said:
"So Altair was the one who assassinated Napoleon by slipping Arsenic into his wine for several years?"

Actually, Altair is the one who gave Napoleon that STD, so they'd treat him with arsenic.
Posted by LiquidPrince
dagas said:
"So Altair was the one who assassinated Napoleon by slipping Arsenic into his wine for several years?"
COOL. Although, it might not be Altair sadly.
Posted by MordeaniisChaos

If your going to photoshop Altair into the painting, atleast make him the same color as the damn painting =p

I still haven't beaten the game! I got it, CoD 4, Mass Effect all at the same time, and I was still working a bit on Bioshock, so I never had much time to play it. And I eventually got so frustrated by how easy it was to bump into ANYONE, and have guards on you when you had to sneak aruond for investigations. Can't wait for some more official stuff though! French revolution would be pretty cool, it could bring some relaly interesting things to the table.

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So Altair was the one who assassinated Napoleon by slipping Arsenic into his wine for several years?

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The idea of playing during the Terror, actually makes me really interested in Assassin's Creed; even though I hated the first game.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Glad to see you getting out there Ryan, proving Jeff aint the only one ;)

As for Assassins creed, i love the idea! i personally was hoping for some medieval action, almost Robin Hood-esque sorta, but this seems still cool.

Posted by Scooper

The Assassin's creed sequal will actualy take place in the DC Universe I'm told.

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Posted by dtran1212

i just hope they make it better than the first one

Posted by TomA
Posted by Irishjohn

I don't know if I liked Assassin's Creed enough to play another one.... I would hope they'd do something to make it more than one cool thing. 

Posted by dietmango

Hmmm....nice this should be interesting to see an assassin in the 1700's. But I was looking forward to more of Desmond and Stillman. Oh well...

Posted by mcdrew77

The French revolution could be a very intertesting setting for a new game. It a time period not yet exhausted by game makers. Feudal Japan has been done enough already.

Posted by Jimbo

Hmmm, my money was on South America / Conquistadores with you playing another of his ancestors who happened to be some kind of Jaguar Lady.  1700s though... how about Piratey Caribbean goodness?

Posted by wefwefasdf

Ooh! That sounds pretty cool. :)

Posted by pause422

Because this is 100% true and fact right? I don't get why everyone is accepting this for absolute sure. Pachter is full of bullshit, and nothing more.

Posted by Systech

This is a much cooler setting to me that has yet to be fully explored. Wow, I am actually interested in Assassin's Creed now.

Posted by Kush

I'm honestly not surprised by this...but I'm far more interested in I Am Alive than another AC game.

Posted by Robot_Vampire

Sounds like a good time period to set the game in and like you said, it's not a period that has been excessively used like WWII. However, I hope they find some way of bringing Altair back in the game even though it is set a few hundred years later, be a shame not to because Altair is the face of Assassin's Creed.

Posted by Mr_Bump

I'm trying to care - really, I am! But the first game was such a limp squid, I just can't get any excitment juices flowing at all...

Posted by HistoryInRust

I'm also going to mourn the loss of Altair, but this is a novel setting, and I'm completely sold if the mechanics are similar. 

Posted by TekZero

Great pic.

Posted by pause422

Its nothing but a rumor as of now honestly, everyone shouldn't take this as the absolute truth. Pachter is full of bullshit, and thinks he knows a lot but he doesn't. Anything he says can't be taken seriously.

Posted by LiquidPrince

As long as it's still cool.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Loved the first, was unfairly critised in my view. But can't wait to hea more about where the series is going.

Posted by ColMustard

didnt many of you see this coming...? the game clearly suggested that the Main Characters lineage was important and Altair was one peice of the puzzle.  It sounds awesome if you ask me.  If they queer the ending again though, their may be a revolution!

Posted by Kazona

That sacrebleu part nearly made me piss my pants laughing

Posted by code305

this is going to be worth the wait

Posted by Valke

Hmmm, this could certainly make for an interesting storyline. As mentioned before that time period in France was full of plots and backstabbing which will work in very well with the Assassin's Creed storyinline

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Damn I cant wait for the sequel, this idea for the setting is good but I wouldnt mind it if it were modern day setting.

I however dont want it to be in ancient Japan

Posted by SubTact

Nice, I can't wait for the Assassins Creed sequel.  When the whole genetic memory premise was revealed before the first one came out, I speculated that the sequels would be set in different periods of time, with there being one that took place in the future (this was before I knew the game does take place in the future, so it would be present day Desmond) and be cyberpunked out.  This setting sounds extremely interesting, but I still can't wait for the one that takes place in our future: cybernetic hand with a retractable dagger ftw!

Posted by AutomaticSnake

viva la france?

Posted by Jayge_

Pachter might know a lot, but he's still an idiot. There is a difference between knowledge and intelligence, and Pachter clearly only possesses the former.

Posted by Sanj

Oooh, nice scoop Lil' Ryan D...wow that makes you sound like a rapper.

Posted by Blair

Aesthetically pleasing, bad gameplay and marginal storyline...fix up the story and monotonous tasks and maybe you've got a game worth playing.  Setting seems really cool, but to compare this series to the Zelda franchise is just inappropriate.

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Ah ça ira, ça ira, ça ira. Les aristocrates à la lanterne.
Ah ça ira, ça ira, ça ira. Les aristocrates on les pendra !

French revolution song. Thank you.
Posted by yevinorion

Oh man....whatever they decide to do, if they put the level of effort they did in the first one it'll be fantastic. This is looking to become my favourite game series ever (sorry Legend of Zelda).

Posted by MrSkids

I really don't know why but I just wasn't compelled to finish the first games.  I normally am a sticker for playing games through but I just didn't push through on this one.  Might be time to finish it!