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Posted by Jeff
Now, can we stop messing around and get a Pocket Fighter HD Remix already? Kidding!
They certainly benefit by being able to put the game out on multiple platforms in the same week, but it's an impressive stat either way. Capcom's John Diamonon has announced that the company's recent digital release, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, has sold over 250,000 copies so far. He goes on to state that in addition to "shattering" the day one and week one records for a digital release, it'll probably break the 30 day record, as well.

Anyone know what those records actually are/were? Not that I don't believe the claim, but it'd be interesting to know what the new number two is.

Also, here's a quote from Diamonon that I found interesting:
It would be idiotic and quite frankly, irresponsible to attribute the success of this game to just one person.  That's like saying Boxer has better kicks than Chun-Li, it just ain't true. We'd like to thank everyone who poured their heart and soul to reviving one of gaming's most beloved franchises.  From the producer, Rey Jimenez, to the folks from Backbone and Udon, to the product development, business development and marketing teams at Capcom, HD Remix was a labor of love for everyone involved.  
Hey, who do you think he's talking about? Certainly not the ex-Backbone dude who's been going around giving interviews and post-mortems about the game, right?
Posted by FlappyHands

I still haven't got it yet =(
I will do though. Not super surprised it's done so well, really. People like them some Street Fighter.

Posted by Kodo_Beast

Bionic Commando Rearmed had strong sales as well, but I'm not sure if it's #2 now. It was roughly 130,000 units downloaded over 7 days.

Posted by Giolon

Perhaps you should read Sirlin's own words before casting aspersions, Jeff:

"Next though, I read some press on other sites saying how much of a struggle it was for me to make SF HD Remix. Yeah it was. But it was also a struggle for a lot of other people. And when I saw a site go so far as to say "I didn't get much help" in making the game, I feel I should say something on behalf of everyone else who worked on the game. Yes, I did have to fight for a lot of things and a lot of struggles were harder than they should have been, but EVERYONE helped on this game, from Backbone to Capcom to Udon to the fans.

Backbone's lead programmer deserves a lot more praise then he's getting. Again and again he delivered what he said he could even though he set the bar very high for himself. Another programmer helped me with gameplay changes and there would be no fake fireball, no Akuma super, no easier Zangief SPD motion without him. We actually had three producers and I managed to outlast all three of them as they left the company at various points, but the last one hardly slept as she made sure the latest builds were always ready for Capcom and that Capcom's issues were all addressed. Our tech director wrote much of the low level networking code himself. The UI team made awesome menus. Udon's Herculean effort involved them flying around the world to personally oversee and train the art contractors. Capcom coordinated the whole OCRemix effort for new music, not to mention publishing the game.

So even though it was a struggle and even though I had to fight for a lot of things (that probably made me pretty unpopular...), please know that of course I had help. Everyone sacrificed and suffered."

Source: http://www.sirlin.net/blog/2008/12/4/more-street-fighter-hd-remix-reviews-and-response-to-the-pre.html
Posted by spoa

Getting owned online has never been so FUN.

Posted by Landmine


Posted by Will

Its a pretty cool game, played quite abit with mates but not to much online, must get around to that sometime! lol :P

Posted by Duckbutter

he forgot to thank Street Fighter 4 for wetting everybody's appetites for this HD business.

Posted by StarwindX9

Digital distribution is a wonderful thing. I am glad to see some download only games sell well. Now if I could find the time to get back into Pixel Junk Eden...

Posted by TheGamerFix

I'm really annoyed because this game still isn't out on the European PSN  store and I really want to get it so I can get  all excited for SFIV! :(

Posted by kagato

This game is truely fantastic, even when playing on the dodgy 360 d pad you do kind of get used to it.  Bring on the SF4 pads lol!

Posted by Kore22

God Dammit, it still hasn't come out of the Australian PS3 stores.  Iwannitiwannitiwannitiwannit!

Posted by hyperslug

I've never played street fighter before, but i really love this game. It's just so solid

Posted by JoelTGM

FINE!!! I will buy this game.

Posted by The_A_Drain

I LOVE this game. It's everything an old school SF fan could dream of, I bought it and almost instantly had 200 achievement points and still played it for hours and hours, it's one of the fer 360 games i've played beyond getting all the points.

Posted by Tortoise

I've been checking the Europe PSN store every week for this, and it is still not out as of this week.
It is incredibly fucking annoying and is risking souring me on the whole thing.

Posted by Metamorphic

Waiting for my RROD Elite to get fixed and shipped back to me in order to buy this game. It has been already 2 weeks and they haven received the 360 :(
Well this is not the place for this.

This game is awesome. Played over my friends house. Will definitely buy it  when I get my 360 back.


Posted by TooWalrus

You dudes really should have thought about video game release dates before becoming European or Australian... nah JK

Posted by suneku

I still haven't gotten around to it yet unfortunately, eventually though.

Posted by Mourne

I bought it at $15, but I still consider it highway robbery. If they had put this out at $10, sales would've doubled--at least.

Edited by RazielCuts

It STILL hasn't come out in the UK yet! what is it like 2+ weeks now? I don't even get the delay difference, ITS A DOWNLOAD GAME!

Posted by JJOR64

I still need to get this game as well.

Posted by WickedCobra03

Bought it, and love it!  The ps3 controller is not a SNES pad, but IMO it is 10x better than the 360 DPad would be.

Posted by coffeesash

Imagine if they actually bothered releasing it in Europe!

Posted by PitifullPete

i think it was castle crashers. there was big news about that when it came outl

Posted by Coldbrand

I just got this and the game is like a work of art once set in motion. Not only that, but it does a spectacular job of recreating the arcade experience, and feels about as polished to the fighting genre as CoD4 does to the shooting genre.

Posted by foxhound421

i can't finish Fallout 3 because i keep playing this instead! it's a frikkin' stellar game and the new coat of paint is just icing on the cake. the re-balancing that Sirlin & Co. did is fantastic and just having a version of SSFIIT that works this well online is worth $15. i've been singing SSFIITHDR's praises to everyone who'll listen and i'm really glad to see it doing so well. they took one of my old favorite games and made it my NEW favorite game. at least until SFIV anyway.

Posted by ieatlions

im pretty sure number 2 is castle crashers.

Posted by Red

Wow. I thought it'd sell like 100,000 units, but I guess people like Street Fighter.

Doubt it'll sell at all when Street Fighter IV comes out though.
Edited by StaticFalconar

Dude, Sirlin made this, and anybody that follows the street fighter tourneys know this guy is hardcore and only hangs out with more hardcore players. Anybody that Doubts how much a following Street fighter has know this, a remix of an old street fighter nearly out beats the newest MK game. This just proves MK is fun, but SF is king.

Edit: If you cannot see the changes in this version right away, then you are a pure noob at the game no matter how long you have played. I'm glad for the increased AI, it gives actual training for people before they go online. SF is for the hardcore, go play MK if you want to see pretty animations and more wins than loses.

Posted by HTTenrai

Am I the only Street Fighter stalwart that hates this game? Don't get me wrong, it's balanced and pretty, but the damned CPU AI is STILL overbearing on the standard difficulty. I'm a goddamned veteran, and it shouldn't TAKE me 20 tries to beat the game with Ken, i.e. my best character. It never did before! I should not have to play a game on easy to win more matches than I lose.



Posted by Media_Master


Posted by The_A_Drain


umm... Yeah that's not true at all.

Yes it's still overbearing and psychicly predicts (IE reacts to within a single frame) a lot of your moves on higher difficulties, but at least it's not entirely broken like it was before (don't forget this is Super Turbo, other versions weren't quite so broken on the AI front, but in Super Turbo there was little difference between 1 and 8 stars)

So yeah it's still hard, but it's not as bad as it used to be. Also, beyond getting achievements, who plays Street Fighter solo? (Ok ok, I do as well, but when I can I play with opponents)

Posted by The_A_Drain

"If you cannot see the changes in this version right away, then you are a pure noob at the game no matter how long you have played. I'm glad for the increased AI, it gives actual training for people before they go online."

What are you talking about? They havn't increased the 'AI' at all. They've 'improved' it. And that doesn't mean increased difficulty, nor is playing agains the CPU decent training for playing against human opponents.

They made the easier difficulties actually work this time around (as opposed to being broken in the previous versions to the point where the compuer counters your every move even on 1 star) and the harder difficultied a little more balanced.

Posted by yellownumber5

It makes me happy that with a little TLC that we see a positive resurgence of classic games (like also Bionic Commando Re-armed).  Why not take a proven formula that was great 15 or so years ago and do it again, and make it even better?  For the GB staff and most its veteran gamer fans, nostalgia is a great way to score favor.  Remaking something that was done right in the first place to current day fidelity is always going to be a win, plus for the younger crowd it introduces great gaming that has already been around forever.

XBLA has had a lot of dud remakes or straight ports, but over the past year seeing overhauled versions of once great games of back then times is just... well... makes me happy.

Posted by dsplayer1010

So maybe this game will have some legs after Street Fighter 4 launches after all?

Posted by Rayfield

I am currently enjoying the hell out of this game.

I was a little concerned before downloading it after hearing negative comments about the 360 d-pad (one website described it as 'worse than cancer') but after I bought SF I tried it. Yes, its a little clunky but not as bad as some people make out. Bizarrely enough though, I find it easier to use the 360 analogue stick. Weird.

The game itself is great. Oh boy, there's a million old games that NEED to revival like this...

Posted by Gamezilla

Just downloaded this yesterday and I have to say that the game is definitely solid. It's true to the classic SFII in every way possible and the graphics are beautiful on HD. I'm still trying to get used to the controls, though. I haven't played a SF game in ages. While I was downloading it I had the classic fighting game fever going and decided to spend the rest of my Microsoft points on Ultimate MK3. I'm in 2D fighter heaven at the moment!

Posted by ocdog45

street fighter is top 5 of all time on my book.