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Posted by Silver

The latest update to the PlayStation Store includes a promotional video for PixelJunk Eden from Q-Games, apparently taken from a larger pre-Spike Video Game Awards program.

In it, multiple Q-Games employees and prominent video game critics are interviewed and tell us about PixelJunk Eden and other games from Q-Games.

Including a video game critic from Giant Bomb.

How does this get past the proofreaders?
Posted by YukoAsho

That's just BEAUTIFUL!  I can't believe that got past anyone....

Posted by GiantGUS

That's spelled right. He is a doppleganger of Jeff.
Someday we will se the Gertsmann X Gertzman duke it out in a wrestling match with shotguns.

Edited by KamasamaK

I saw that video also and thought about making a post, but I was clearly beaten to it by a long shot. It's that damn Keighley, I tell ya. He's always calling him by the wrong name, and I guess Jeff is too embarrassed to correct him or something. Or maybe Jeff just think it's hilarious too. Perhaps it's an inside joke.

EDIT: It's too bad this was a private blog post.

Edited by Silver

He thought that it was "awesome." I accidentally deleted the original version of this blog entry when I realized that Q-Games, not Q Entertainment, developed PixelJunk Eden, and with that, Jeff Gerstmann's comment disappeared.

Posted by OutOfBounds9000

Im speechless.

Posted by natetodamax

I lol'd