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Posted by AspiringAndy

Your rich!

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Yeah, you totally could have fooled me if they were just small images like the thumbnails. I need a new PC/laptop this year. I've had the one I am using now just over a year but it's really budget-y. The silver and standard black versions of that look good too.

Posted by Rocker500

Wow...just wow....

Posted by JonDavis


Posted by sloppyjoe

wait.. it that a blade runner dvd? epic win.

Posted by Gearhead

For a second I thought you actually met Patrick Stewart. Lies.

Posted by sloppyjoe


Posted by psychomode

that is a ridiculous amount of stuff. D:

Posted by Spencer

First off, the 56k warning was a joke.  Anyone using a phone line should be shot.  So anyway, I stacked up all of the stuff I bought last year on my desk and myself a little sick.  This is what happens when you have a job but no bills to pay.  I tried to make the names on the boxes as clear as possible.


I also bought a new PC this year.

It glows!

In addition to all of that, I met a couple of awesome people in NYC yesterday.  These are best viewed as thumbnails, because they totally are not made of wax.

Patrick Stewart!
George Clooney!