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Posted by BlazeHedgehog

A few hours ago I completed an article for the website I work for entitled "The Blog Sega Doesn’t Want You to Read". A teaser:

 Maybe you’ve heard of this story before, and maybe you haven’t: Back in 2006, an anonymous Blogger by the name of “jpeg” appeared, claiming to be somebody within the game industry. He made various posts about both his personal life and his job (like any normal Blogger), though never anything terribly specific. That all changed in early 2007, when he made a post about NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. He spoke on a great many things; he confided that he did not have much faith in the game, despite what he considered the best efforts of Sonic Team. He knew of the game’s troubled development, which he used as a segway to discuss the internal workings of Sega and how it related to Sonic Team, claiming that he knew Sonic Team, personally, “on a professional level”.

Given the deliberately anonymous nature of his blog, though, not many people knew whether to believe him.

A month after writing his post about NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, “jpeg” deleted all of his blog posts and bid farewell to his Blogspot users. Thankfully, however, the internet never forgets.

Why was his blog so important? Read on. What's most impressive to me is that about 40 minutes after I posted this, somebody posted it on gaming news superforum NeoGAF, and through GAF, it's getting wider coverage among other websites. I'd really suggest you give it a read.
Posted by Vinchenzo

Pretty well-written and had some interesting tidbits of information. Alas, nothing mind-blowing and I still think Sonic Team should just die, regardless of the influence that Sega of Japan has.

Posted by jakob187

Damn fine read, sir, and it definitely helps to shed light on a lot of problems that people may not be aware of.  Granted, a little more source linking and referencing might've been nice to see as well...just for curiosity's sake.

If the team isn't interested in working on Sonic games anymore, there's a simple answer to it...albeit an extreme one that will make them lose their jobs:  just quit.  Ever since Sega and Sammy combined forces, the company has been flailing like an old man's nutsack.  Have they honestly put out one solid game in any recent memory?  Sonic Team alone can't seem to even make a game properly functional half the time.

Hopefully, they will restructure yet again and go the direction that we have recently seen with someone like EA.  Those guys used to be the same way, where they just didn't care and knew they could make some dough.  However, with the recent influx of original IPs we've seen getting greenlit, it's safe to say that they are setting themselves up for one of the biggest and possibly most critically acclaimed years they've had since the days of Road Rash II, Desert Strike, and Mutant League Football.

Posted by Balls

Woah, seriously? I just don't even know how to think about that now. Nice work!

Posted by Willy105

We are all a bit smarter now. Thanks Blaze.

Posted by xShR3Dx

Uhg fuckin Sega needs to get there shit straight like they did way back.

Posted by Linkyshinks
Posted by DryvBy

And out of the blue, I write this:

Ahh, a fellow Gaffer! I'm writing on this blog only 2 years too late.