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Posted by Jeff
Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling, Infinity Ward's liaison to the wonderful world of the gaming community, posted up some pretty wild stats for Call of Duty 4 on his blog. Take a look at this stuff...

As of Jan. 3rd we hit 10,006,606 unique users who have ever played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Xbox 360 and have connected to Xbox Live at least once after playing.

That number got us curious as to how many of those 10 Million+users finished the F.N.G. mission, or beat Airplane on Veteran (among other things). Well, it turns out:

71.1%, or 7,111,508 people have completed F.N.G.

That’s more than the entire population of Hong Kong (which is 7 Million).

68.8%, or 6,886,509 people have completed Cargo Ship.

This is the same number of adults in the US who were morbidly obese in 2005.

46.5%, or 5,654,643 people have beaten the game on any difficulty.

This is more than the current population of Finland!

2.8%, or 283,632 people have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty.

The population of Stockton, CA is 280,000.

So if you’ve beat Airplane on Veteran difficulty, then congratulations. You’re in a very elite club. Considering less than 3% of players have been able to do it.

Now keep in mind, these are only players on Xbox 360 (who have also connected to Xbox Live at least once). So there are more than this playing Call of Duty 4, we just can’t track them. For PS3, we pulled MP-numbers only, and it looks like theres approximately 4,381,276 unique users playing PSN (not including SP-only players).

Here are some men with guns, so you understand what I'm truly talking about.
Not listed: the percentage of bolt action rifle shots that hit center mass.

Those are some really extreme numbers. 10 million on one platform is no joke. Of course, that doesn't directly translate into sales, as some of those users must have rented the game or picked it up used. And there are plenty of users who aren't connected to Xbox Live at all, so they can't be counted.

What's interesting to me is that 71.1 percent completed the "F.N.G." level in the game. That's the very first thing you do in the single-player campaign. That means close to 30 percent (MATH!!!!) of the people they're able to survey never even touched the single-player side of things.

It'd be interested to see an apples-to-apples comparison between 360 and PlayStation 3 on these numbers, but since COD4 is a pre-trophy game, they're only really able to get multiplayer stats. 4.3 million unique multiplayer users on the PS3 ain't no joke, man.

I wish more developers would release these kinds of stats. I'm totally fascinated by stuff like this.
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Wait a second... people live in Finland?  That's the real news here.

Posted by YellowChu

That's crazy...and I feel like I NEED to get COD4 now.

Posted by Karmum

Interesting, and I hated that Airplane mission, I had to spend at least 200 tries on that thing.

Posted by MrMiyagi

That's crazy!

Posted by PLWolf

That is fascinating stuff. Makes me want to go home and fire it up to continue my quest to get 100% Achievements.

Posted by NateDogg

Woo! I'm part of that 3% :)

Posted by borgmaster

that's pretty interesting numbers there, and you're right about how more dev.'s should do this.

Edited by dtran1212

ha, i just got off of COD4 like half an hour ago, that game is fucking addictive

Posted by MadMatr07

The "Mile High Club" achievement was the only one for the game I couldn't unlock. Despite how many times I tried.

Posted by Pibo47

I AM ONE OF THE 2.8%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by MasterSplinter

So I am elite?!?!? ZOMG 1000/1000 HOLLERZ!!!

Posted by Kush

It's nice to see stats like this...It's also a bit weird seeing "Mile High Club" referred to as the Airplane mission. I never really thought of it as anything else until reading that little piece.

Posted by alConn

I beat the airplane mission on Veteren on my PC, which totally counts even though it isn't on the 360.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I feel special to be part of that 2.8%

Posted by SmugDarkLoser

I'm a 2.8%.  Yay!!!! 

Posted by Shane394

Sweet.... I did the Mile High Club! Oh wait, so did everyone else on this site. Damn.

Posted by AlexGREAT75

2.8%???  I thought more people have gotten the Mile High Club achievement by now. I'm proud to have gotten that achievement, however I am ashamed I only have about 600 gamerscore from the game.

Edited by goodwood

"2.8%, or 283,632 people have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty.

The population of Stockton, CA is 280,000."

Actually the population is a lot higher now  asians are taking it over but we are also the forclosure capitol so it might actually be down too haha.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Whoever it is that hasn't played the single player campaign is really missing out.

Posted by wiII

I'm in the 3%, yay.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Ah, I hate you 3%... I tried Mile High Club for an hour and a half till it was painful to move my fingers out of the form of the controller.

Posted by Jensonb

Yeah, this stuff fascinates me too.

Posted by JamesM

Top three percent! YEAH!

Posted by Peacemaker

It feels pretty good to be in that 2.8 percent. It was definitely a very touch thing to do.

Posted by roushimsx

Less than half of the people that played the game beat it. That's just sad. :(

Posted by GalvanizedNails

woo hoo! part of the 2.8%!

Posted by TeaRunner

i am ELITE! Still I think 280 000 was a HUUGE number of players able to pass that level on veteran! Just think about it; every one of those players have had to complete the game on veteran up until that point, and the game is NOT easy on veteran!! I had to play that part of the game for 4 straight hours perfecting my strategy, never loosing focus, getting frustrated by loosing each and every time...until I at last capped the head of that last terrorist with my gun. Oh so satisfying! Seeing 280000 going through all that blood, sweat and tears for completing it is nothing less than astonishing!

Posted by Civraz

I really should try Mile High Club on veteran. Haven't done that yet...Beat the game though

Posted by AvD

1000/1000 here

Posted by PowerSerj

Damnit, now I need a CoD4 fix.

Posted by JoelTGM

Those are some crazy stats.  I didn't know that many people have played COD4.  I'm in the 2.8% hah, and I did it only using a pistol, that was freaking hard.

Posted by AthleticShark

Part of that 3% for the win!

Posted by TheHBK

Of course those of us here are gonna be in the 3%, we are just that into games.  But this is of course just recording the people that have logged into xbox live with COD4. I know a couple people that have done this but dont go on xbox live so their achievements are not recorded.  Also, my brother has done this but he is on a PS3 so it doesnt get recorded.  Of course, with the law of averages, I am pretty sure 3% is accurate, just think that it means more players and such.
But seriously, 30% dont get past the first mission?

Posted by chuckimus

Gray color type on a black background... geesh.  Just nasty.  Change your colorsets already.   :(  

Posted by spiceninja

I beaten the game on Veteran and gotten all the achievements in the game other than the Mile High Club one. I just cannot beat that level on Veteran it's next to impossible.

Posted by NoDeath

I want to know how many people beat the whole game on veteran, or at least have the full 1000. I'm glad to be in that 2.8%

Posted by giyanks22

Wow that's pretty impressive.

Posted by Media_Master

thats one way to play

Posted by Meteora

Damn, that stat is impressive. I'm just shocked at how many people haven't finished the game yet; they are missing out on the other half of what makes COD4 great.

Posted by Shadow
Posted by Methdragon

not only am i shocked at how many people havent finished the single play but how many people havent even started it. 

Posted by H3ADSHOT

I am one of the elite 2.8% :)

Posted by H3ADSHOT

I got 1000/1000. :)

Posted by Heron

What about the percentage of people who have completed all 1000 points in this game like me.
gamertag: heron noleto

Posted by musdy

Need more time with MHC!!

Posted by Ottosmann

Pretty interesting.  It would be cool if they did this for all games.

Posted by Caddy

I am also in the 2.8% :D Woohoo!

Posted by Azteck

So close to being a part of that elite club!

Posted by ysselzor

wow amazing i tried the mile high club mission so many times also the thing that makes it tough for me is the fact that you get barely any time to run thought the plain and kill every one in your way and then shot the guy in the leg so he drops the hostage  
I am going to give it more trys

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