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Posted by RenegadeSaint
Posted by Bruce

I was playing Chrono Trigger on my PSP (Homebrew says "Hi!") and I was really into it. Once I got to the time traveling portions where I had the option to travel all over, I accidently saved and started the final boss battle.........never played it again.

Posted by Brandy

Jak II, MGS, Beyond Good and Evil, Stretch Panic - man you did so well! Great games all around. Beyond Good and Evil is a fantastic experience - I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. And I'm actually really excited to see someone else that's familiar with Stretch Panic; I found it hilarious and definitely worth playing.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

@Bruce:  That's tough.  As great as save states can be, it sucks when they go awry.  Perhaps it was karma for bootlegging the game. :P

@Brandy:  Thanks!  I'm really looking forward to BG&E and Stretch Panic looks extremely interesting.

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Great vlog, and good haul.

Posted by brukaoru

Even if you can't play them all right now, you'll have a bunch of games to play in the future. That's my own plan for all the games I have, anyway. :P 10 hours a day, that's pretty crazy, I think I would go insane if I had to study that hard.

Good vlog!