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Posted by Jimbo7676

I live near J.R's restaurant in Norman, OK. It seems like he's there every once in awhile promoting the the place with a radio station. Maybe next time he's there I might go and get some BBQ. Maybe even get a picture or something.

Posted by dtran1212

for all you ass-kisser, i stand by my comment

Posted by WinterSnowblind


The next game is not going to use Euphoria, for a number of reasons.  The first one being, TNA isn't actually competition for them, but also, a physics engine like that wouldn't really be suited to something like a wrestling game, I can't even get my head around how it would work or why it would even be needed.  But more importantly, it would require THQ to actually put effort into the next game, and as has become painfully clear over the past 10 years, they're perfectly happy to shovel out the same old game year after year and let people buy it by the bucket load.

If you want to see improvements, stop buying the same damn thing every year.

Oh, and for you guys saying that this is news no one cares about..?  I don't care about PC gaming, and I know a few others who don't either.  I guess we don't need it on this site anymore.  REMOVE IT!!!1

Posted by lordofultima

This just in...the sky is blue!

Posted by Kazona

Umm.. yay?

Posted by AspiringAndy

I guess the games can't really get any worse :)
Some people here are really inconsiderate (cough,cough  dtran1212 ), I mean Jeff and the rest of the gang are putting up all of this stuff for free, so if your not interested in a particular feature that they put up, why bother reading it then start bitching on the comments?

Posted by dsplayer1010


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Very, very well said Lepuke

I've almost posted in this article too much now so err...J.R. is awesome!

Posted by Media_Master

WWE, o boy..

Posted by CowJoMonkey_927

Good ol JR. Wrestling wouldnt be the same without him.

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Its been long since this series showed anything new.
They only introduce a small numbers of new features with every new release.

This game has the same problems as the tony hawk series, if they don't come up with some fresh ideas the series wont go far.

This only happens due to the lack of some real competition.
Hopefully TNA will have the same impact on WWE games as Skate had on Tony Hawk. 

Posted by DJDarkViper

SvR 2010 incorporates the Euphoria engine, in an effort to totally destroy TNA Impact. You heard it here first.

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Bah gawd, King, I thought THQ lost the WWE license!

*Vince Russo storms in wearing a THQ shirt*

Russo: "SWERVE!"

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This site has information about games. Wrestling video games are games.
Bitching that someone posts information about a game on a video game website is retarded.

There are a lot of trash games based on kid focused TV shows and various other lame cash-in subject matters that I don't approve of, but if said type of game had a news blurb on a games website, I would not waste my time to bitch about it being not news worthy. I simply skip or ignore the article.
Whereas some people may find Hannah Montana and various other sources of annoyance entertaining and worthwhile.

Posted by MKHavoc

I haven't played a WWE game since SVR06.  I think the series will only continue down hill.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Erm excuse me but since when was catering to an admittedly small audience a heinous act of horror?

Please keep your boring opinions to yourself.

Posted by carlthenimrod

I would love to play a good wrestling game. They are a blast with 3 other people. Unfortunately, the Smackdown series aren't good games and they keep pumping out the same crap every year. The thing I don't get is that there are good wrestling games out there but they are on the N64. It seems wrestling games get worse with time.

Posted by BestUsernameEver
dtran1212 said:
when will Jeff realizes that about 85% of people using this site including myself DON'T GIVE A FUCK about wrestling games!!!

hey Jeff, give us some worth-while news that we can actually care about
%100 agreed.
Posted by Death_Burnout
@dtran1212 Please pipe down!
Posted by dtran1212
when will Jeff realizes that about 85% of people using this site including myself DON'T GIVE A FUCK about wrestling games!!!

hey Jeff, give us some worth-while news that we can actually care about
Posted by BestUsernameEver

Why is this even posted?

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

On no... that sounds like the Jim Ross music

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when will Jeff realizes that about 85% of people using this site including myself DON'T GIVE A FUCK about wrestling games!!!

hey Jeff, give us some worth-while news that we can actually care about

Posted by Death_Burnout

Oh My Gawd!...Oh...My...Gawd! How is he able to stand!? is what i wanna know!


Posted by Milkman


Posted by Gizmo

WWF was so awesome back in the day, now it's insanely bad. That classic Triple H V The Rock rivalry was really entertaining.

Posted by gzl5000

Wow, they're actually recording new voiceover stuff for this one? I kinda thought they'd just re-use the old stuff like they always do. Who knows, maybe the people at THQ will even realize that the WWE stopped having one "face" announcer and one "heel" announcer around 2003 and that Jerry Lawler no longer screams "YES!" when someone does a low blow.

Posted by StaticFalconar

Same old shit.............

Posted by Gizmo

Jim Ross is wasted on WWE.

Posted by AlexMarra

Great caption under the picture, lol

Posted by TheHBK

Oh my god....did you see...that.  Ahh, to have that commentary come back for another year.  Maybe they should ask for help from the people that do NBA2k commentary.

Posted by grainger

i likes my jim ross

Posted by Jeff
Bawh gawd
Jim "Good Old J.R." Ross, the WWE's lead commentary guy for SmackDown!, posted an update on his blog with a brief mention of the annual work he does voicing THQ's wrestling products. And here is that update!
The next round of THQ voice overs is slated to start within the next week or so. It will be anxious to see who makes the roster for the next Smackdown vs. Raw video game. There has been some internal changes within THQ and it will be interesting to see if it affects the lines we read in announcer mode for the next game.
So unless he's going in to do commentary for the upcoming Legends of Wrestlmania game, that's your confirmation that we'll see a WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2010 at some point. Not that this should come as a surprise. I think it's pretty obvious that such a popular series would continue. More interesting, however, is the talk of internal changes. Could he just be referring to some personnel moves that have him dealing with different folks? Or is THQ planning something larger for its next SmackDown! game?

I'm going to guess that we'll find out sometime around July or so.