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Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan

I'm glad I created the Goldman page, even if it's just for this video to be stored here forever.

Posted by SeriouslyNow

I have made a creature to rule over MANKIYND!

Posted by Shadow

I'm bumping this because...um...uh...I'm bumping this

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by SheikYerbouti_Strikes_Back

Jennifer Hale, Tony Jay, Fred Tatasciore... eat your hearts out.

Posted by empire_man

I know he's the villain, but it's really hard to hate him.

Posted by smokeH

Gotta love this site haha, nice post mate!

Posted by get2sammyb


Edited by CraigAA1028

I'll never know whether its just a voice actor who doesn't care or a machine. Maybe it's good we never know.

Posted by kagato

I think the bad acting helped this game get a kind of b movie vibe, much the same as the original resident evil on psx.  I know it wasnt done on purpose but it still makes me chuckle when playing through the collection on wii.

Posted by Gizmo

"My friends from the AMS, it's me Goldman."

Posted by Sunjammer

Our new ruler! The empeeer!

Posted by Red

This guy's my best friend.

Posted by general_midi


Posted by MacGyver

Goldman, the anti-drug.

Posted by Theory

I'm not your Friend, pal!

Posted by MeatSim

Oh man lol.

Posted by Duckbutter

this is a good time to praise the greats of voice acting: Getaway series, Mafia series, GTA series, ICO series, Jak n Daxter series, ummm i think thats it.

Posted by Wrect

Now I feel all tingly.

Posted by crooked

This dude sounds like hes using the bathroom and trying to do voice overs at the same time .

Posted by ToxicFruit

woow that is like when you write a text in a computer and then let it read it .

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Oh, my gosh, its like, a reallllllllllllllllllllly bad anime/muppet show/Wayne impression

Posted by MattyFTM
Ryan said:
"You are a jackass, Jeff."
You've worked with him for ages, and you've only just worked this out?
Posted by nick_verissimo

its kinda like a zombie john wayne with downs syndrome.

Posted by GrimReaper29045

I am definitely gonna make windows sounds out of these.

Every time I shut down, "Goodbye friends"

Posted by SunKing

"FRIENDS!...mankind committed a sin...to protect the LOIFECYCLE! I have made a creature to rule over MANKOIND!"

So many actors nowadays could learn from Goldman's acting ability. Always add an 'OIF' sound at the end of your line to intonate emotion.

Crazy nutball.

Posted by Red

I wanna see him in Mass Effect 2.

Posted by Slippery

It's been a while hasn't it... my friends from the ams

I don't care if you try to get in my way or not.

Posted by vidiot

Am I the only one that had flashbacks to John McCain campaign speeches with all the "Friends"? :P

Posted by Weltal

"Hurm hurm hurm"

Posted by Atomic_Tangerine


I also love the part where he says "Mankind."  Instead of sounding evil or imposing or even threatning, he just sorta sounds like his tounge is swollen...

Posted by ArclightBorealis
Posted by TwoOneFive

That can't be human. 

Posted by Gnat


Posted by Crono

usually you only get this caliber voice acting from an animated feature film

Posted by floodiastus

"don't come, don't come" :)

Posted by Junpei

If you liked that I recommend Castle Shikigami 2 for PS2. At least HotD tried to have a story...

Posted by Mattalorian

Hey, I know that dude from Typing of the Dead (House of the Dead with a keyboard. No, I'm not joking.)
I'm a HUGE fan of poor voice acting in games, and as such, I'm bookmarking that video.

Posted by ImperiousRix

People of the YAY-M-S...
Look at your left...
Look at your right...

Posted by DavidSnakes


As a straight male, I would gladly have gay-sex with Goldman

Posted by Snipper_138

Thats fuckin hilarious

Posted by John1912

it sounds like one of those programs you type words into and it says what you typed.

Posted by ThePrince

This   is    awesome... Friends

Posted by MCXCI

John McCain, is that you my friend?

Posted by JaredA

I would love to listen... BUT MY SPEAKERS DON'T WORK:(

Edited by Death_Burnout

Dude Goldman was a classic!

Yes that is the genuine voice destro.

The voices practically made House of the Dead 2 what it is.

Suffer Like G Did!?!?

Posted by MikeFightNight


Posted by jsd

i loved this game, and goldman was a big part of the reason why!

Posted by bigdaddyjack21


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