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Posted by Brad

Have you seen Retro Game Challenge from XSEED? I just found out about it recently. You might glance at it and write it off as another DS-based collection of old 8-bit NES games. But man, you'd be wrong. These aren't actually old NES games! Observe.


What this game is, is a bunch of faux-8-bit games that attempt to capture the spirit of that era. They're all wrapped up in a weird metagame that has you bouncing from one game to the next, attempting to complete specific challenges--almost Xbox Live achievement-style--in each one before moving on to the next one. Sounds pretty clever and inventive to me, and it's all based on a Japanese television show that uses basically the same concept.

Retro Game Challenge is out next month. Look for it!
Posted by Bucketdeth

Looks interesting, If I still had my Ds I might have picked this one up, maybe  I will if I get a DSi.

Posted by AndrewB

Also sounds kinda WarioWare-esque; not that that's a bad thing.

Posted by TechnicallyProficient

So it's basically 9volt's level in WarioWare except with longer bursts of gameplay and fake-ass games?

I guess the quality depends on the nature of the fake-assness.

Posted by raggedglory

I love how the copywrite is 2007.  How retro

Posted by DJ_Lae

That 3D head is the creepiest thing I've seen in a good long while.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

LOL, I love it! Can't wait!

Posted by CarolynP


Posted by Scooper

Old games are rad.

Posted by LordAndrew

I actually knew about it prior to the announcement of its North American release. I'm way amped for this game.

Posted by TooWalrus

Yeah, it's like 9-volt's stage in Wario Ware, looks awesome.

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Hmmm, looks interesting.

Posted by TeflonBilly

Sweet, I never thought this would be released in the west.
Saw it on the 1UP Show ages ago and was very intrigued.

Posted by ArbitraryWater


Posted by ArclightBorealis

Now I am DEFINETELY keeping an eye on this one. Seems too good to pass up.

Posted by OldManLollipop

2009 was seeming kinda boring, and then BAM, this.

Posted by Kraznor

Oh, THAT is why I haven't found this, it isn't even out yet. Yes I've heard of it and I've been scanning store shelves looking for it.

Posted by bshirk

This game might be worth picking up.  The 8-bit era is where many of my favorite franchises started, but for me, I wouldn't call it the "Golden Age of Gaming," as the ad so boldly proclaims.  The 32/64-bit era was my favorite, with the 16-bit era a close second.  Some 8-bit games still play well like Mega Man and Mario, but others look and feel rather stale today.  I loved the 16-bit era, because it had amazing gameplay and 2D graphics that still hold up today.  Some of the early 3D efforts look like crap in comparison, but that's understandable, since it was the beginning of a new age.

Posted by hyperslug

Game like this are why i seriously consider buying a DS instead of a psp... you dont get stuff  this awesome anywhere else!

Posted by Snail

That guy is even scarier than Dr. Kawashima.

Posted by HartKnight

My brother has had the import version for awhile now. I'm probably going to pick it up.

Posted by Farmer

"Golden Age of Gaming"?

Posted by Linkyshinks

It looks cool.  I like the concept also.

Posted by halatsinator

*nasally nerd voice* i liked this game back when it was called arino no chosenjou you n00b.

in all seriousness though, I'm so happy to see this come to North America!  Can we expect a review?

Posted by Abram03

This looks great!  Now if they'd just release on it on XboxLive or something . . .

Posted by MocPac

Is DS microphone simulated cartridge blowing confirmed?

Posted by strangeling

This one's been on my radar for a while now.  I'll be picking it up.

Posted by MacGyver

i want to play this, the ds needs a new creative spark anyway.

Posted by AlucardaLaCarte

I always thought of 16-bit as the "Golden Age." I mean I know it obviously came second, but there were just soooo many games that are unimpeachable.

Posted by Media_Master

not gonna get

Posted by TGB

I struggled through the Japanese version and it really is as awesome as it looks, each game is very representative of the different eras of the Famicom. Glad to see their taking a chance and bringing it stateside.