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Posted by Dalai

I guess I should make one blog post this week that's actually meaningful, Sweep!

And yes, Nintendo did save Christmas.  5 million consoles sold from any company in one month is insane!

Anyway, back to 2009.

2008 was a pretty good year for games, but for Wii-only dudes like me, the year was pretty weak.  Sure, No More Heroes, Brawl, World of Goo, and the Strong Bad episodes kept me going throughout the year, plus Spore (which I bought even though I don't have a PC that can play it, imagine that), but overall, it was a slow year.  I'm hoping 2009 will be the year I finally return to some classic core gaming and I've made a list (yeah, another list) of games I am hyped and psyched for in 2K9.  And yes, there are some PC games here... I'm moving on up in the twenty-oh-crime with a new PC so I get my hardcore on.

Here's my list of games I'm going to be playing in 2009 come hell or high water.

The Sims 3

I am a huge fan of the series, but I made a decision to skip The Sims 2 and its 8 expansion packs and God knows how many Stuff Packs.  I'm a bit OCD with expansions... I must buy them all for the full experience.  The Sims 2 was a big leap, but The Sims 3 is going to be a behemoth in the PC world and I am totally hyping the seamless world aspect of the game.  My only worry is the potential for even more expansion packs and more crap packs which means a bigger hole in my wallet.


I'm beginning to think that SimCity is dead... and I don't count SimCity Societies and SimCity Creator as canon.  I am anxiously waiting for SimCity 5 to come out by the Maxis crew now that Spore is out of the way, but for the time being, Monte Cristo is taking the city-building sim helm with CITIES XL.  If you're a fan of SimCity, you really should look into this game since it's the first true city simulator to come out in years.


MadWorld will be my first major Wii purchase since Okami nearly 8 months ago so I'm really excited for it.  MadWorld is going to be my No More Heroes of 2009, which means it will satisfy my thirst for blood, and there appears to be a lot of it.  I love the style, the violence, and the humor of MadWorld... and I'm convinced that it will be my Wii game of 2009... unless another unannounced game squeaks out this year.

Wii Sports Resort

Disc dog, dude!  If it's anything like Wii Sports, I will love playing Wii Sports Resort after a night on the town.  Yeah, it's just a bunch of mingames, but Nintendo still does it better than anyone else and thanks to their motion peripheral, I can finally fully utilize my firsbee skills in video games.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge might be a 2008 game, but I'm looking to pick this up for the PC this year.  Of all the games to come out, Mirror's Edge looks the most intriguing.  Shooting is fun and all, but sometimes it's not enough... I just love the parkour.  It looks like the PC version might end up being the definitive version, too... greatness.

And that unannounced Zelda title, too.  Maybe.  Plus, I'm sure there will be many more I will look forward too.  Considering the majority of my game purchases last year weren't mentioned in 2007 or earlier, I'm sure this list will grow in no time.

A man can dream, can he?
A man can dream, can he?
And that's it for... oh wait, the ramblings.  Alright, some minor notes.

My rant from a few weeks ago is still lurking in the shadows thanks to the BSHAF podcasters.  Episode 17 starts off with my crazy topic which has certainly caused all of us to think about the opinions of other people.  Basically, stupid was the word thrown out quite often during the podcast and I must agree with the main argument that an opinion can't be wrong.  I don't consider myself a huge BSHAF fan just yet, but I did enjoy the past few podcasts and I hope next time I start some shit, they'll pronounce my name correctly.  If you haven't checked out BSHAF yet, check it out.  Now!

WarioWare: Smooth Shit!
WarioWare: Smooth Shit!
And I must also address this again about WarioWare... I like WarioWare.  I really do like WarioWare.  In my opinion, it doesn't have 2007 Game of the Year potential... but that's just Dalai talking.  Moving on.

And then there's this comment from Monday's blog/forum topic.

Sweep said:
"haha Dalai the point of a blog is for you to express and explore your own opinion first, not to just state a fact and then ask people to discuss it amongst themselves. This seems better suited to a forum post than a blog. Although I assume you linked it to the forums anyway... either way - i clicked the link to find out what YOU think, not what other people think."
He's right about that.  This week was a bit more hectic than most and there was little free time to really slap something down on the blog the past several days, hence the half-assed topics.  That particular day (and most of this week for that matter), I had a terrible case of writer's block and instead of taking a day off from writing whatever pops in my noggin, I just jotted a sentence or two about a topic which was irrelevant and unnecessary.  Plus, I didn't even put in my two cents.  Seriously, if there's anybody that knows how to eloquently write a blog that's poignant and personal, it's Sweep.  I need to learn how to take a break from blogging if there's nothing to blog about.

That's it.  I'm done for the week.  Later!
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Posted by Mike

Posting to unpin from General.

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Posted by Sweep

hehe, the Sims. Sooner or later technology is going to overtaking real life. At that point it will be the Sims playing YOU!!!

Great blog Dalai :)

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Posted by AndrewGaspar
Sweep said:
"hehe, the Sims. Sooner or later technology is going to overtaking real life. At that point it will be the Sims playing YOU!!!

Great blog Dalai :)"
Some Scientists think we ARE Sims. o.O
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Posted by RHCPfan24

Ok, that is a blog. Good job. And, yes, don't make fun of WarioWare again....Jeff will be watching.

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Posted by Dalai
Sweep said:
"hehe, the Sims. Sooner or later technology is going to overtaking real life. At that point it will be the Sims playing YOU!!!

Great blog Dalai :)"
Only in Soviet Russia, Sweep.  And thanks.
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Posted by Claude

I can't wait for Wii Sports Resort, looks like fun.

I disagree that an opinion can't be wrong. If someone has their facts wrong, backing up an opinion, than their opinion is baseless and wrong. I couldn't get the BSHAF to download, but I'll listen later.

Nice blog Dalai, good luck with the new PC and once done... enjoy.